Birth Methods – On Water Birth, Cesarean Section, And Co.

Birth Methods

You should consider beforehand what type of birth you are most comfortable with. Of course, you can never predict with certainty how a birth will go.

You have to prepare for sudden complications and remain flexible. In your considerations, you should always assume that everything will go well, otherwise, you will cause yourself unnecessary stress.

Active Birth

An active birth refers to birth in which the pregnant woman is in motion a lot during labor and until shortly before delivery. Standing, turning, and squatting have a positive effect on labor.

Women who give birth in a squatting position use the effect of gravity.
The woman is in control of what is happening and does not feel like a patient, as she can move in the way she is most comfortable. Some clinics have a variety of movement options for the woman, such as exercise balls, birthing wheels, beanbags, and floor cushions.

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Traditional Birth

As in the past, women lie on a bed with their legs up and spread on footrests or on their side with one leg up. If the baby’s heart tones need to be constantly monitored or the doctor needs to supervise the birth, the method is still used today.

Assisted Birth

For example, if a forceps or suction cup birth must be performed, a hospital birth is especially necessary. Also, if labor drags on for a long time, medical intervention is usually required.

Cesarean Section

In birth or delivery by cesarean section, the baby is born through an incision in the uterine wall. However, only two-thirds of incisional deliveries are really necessary. A planned cesarean section is sometimes simply unavoidable or simply desired by the pregnant woman. However, the cesarean section also brings pain.

Water Birth

The water birth method is becoming more and more popular in recent years. The warm water has a relaxing effect on the pregnant woman and reduces the pain of childbirth.
It also often avoids tearing the perineum. Waterbirth is still a method that is performed very rarely, but many women take advantage of the relaxation in the warm water at the beginning of the birth. The water is particularly gentle for the newborn because it remains in its familiar element.

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Only when the face touches the air, the baby begins to breathe. However, care should be taken to bring the baby’s head directly out of the water. The water should be at body temperature, and the birth progresses best when the cervix is already 5 cm open. However, doctors advise leaving the water in the third stage of birth, because the warm water can be responsible for heavy postnatal bleeding and also retention of the placenta.

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