Birth Sayings: 25 Beautiful Sayings As Congratulations On Birth

In your family or friends there has been a new baby? Now, of course, you are looking for the perfect birth sayings that describe this event appropriately. After all, you want to create a beautiful card to welcome the little treasure properly in this world. We have compiled 25 of the most beautiful birth sayings for you.

This Is What Matters In Your Card For The Birth

As long as you congratulate the happy parents from the bottom of your heart, there is little you need to consider or can do wrong with a card congratulating the birth.

However, make sure that your words come from the heart and that you don’t write a standard text. Personal congratulations are much nicer and will touch the parents even more. With a nice saying to the birth you can round off your card wonderfully and underline your personal message.

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Small tip: If you integrate personal data about the baby into the card, make sure that they are correct. A misspelled name or a mistake in the date of birth, are not meant badly, but it would still be nice to avoid such mistakes. Of course, the gesture of the card counts first, but still, parents will be happy if you really know the name of their treasure.

25 Beautiful Sayings For The Birth:

Children’s laughter sounds, feet patter,

arms and legs wriggle,

on the arm, no, the other, no, the leg

your future will not be boring!

(Amalia von Wendlingen)

It is a miracle, says the heart.

It is a great responsibility, says the mind.

It is a lot of worry, says the fear.

It is a tremendous challenge, says experience.

It is the greatest happiness, says love.


A little bit of mom,

a little bit of papa

and a lot of miracles!


When love becomes life,

happiness gets a name.


A child, what is that?

Happiness for which there are no words,

Love that has taken shape,

a hand that leads back to a world..,

which one has long forgotten.

(folk wisdom)

There will be hands to carry you

and arms in which you are safe

and people who show you without questions

that you are welcome.

(Khalil Gibran)
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The jewel of the sky is the sun,

the jewel of the house is the child.

(Chinese proverb)

Three things have remained for us from paradise:

the stars of the night,

the flowers of the day

and the eyes of children.

(Dante Alighieri)

Four feet, large to medium small,

walked alone for a long time.

Now soon, at every turn,

two tiny little feet go along.


Two things children should get from their parents: Roots and wings.

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Who says there are only seven miracles in the world,

has never experienced the birth of a child.

Whoever says that wealth is everything

has never seen a child smile.

Whoever says this world can no longer be saved,

has forgotten that children mean hope.

(Honoré de Balzac)

A baby is the beginning of everything:

Miracles, dreams, and endless possibilities.


A child is love made visible.


So many dreams, so many wishes,

so many hopes, so many questions,

so much feeling … such a small person.


There is a magic in every beginning,

that protects us and helps us to live.

(Hermann Hesse)

A baby is a gift from heaven:

It still carries the radiance of the sun in its face,

the shine of the stars in its eyes,

and the smile of the moon on its lips.

(Barbara Schiebel)

Sometimes the smallest things

take the biggest place in our hearts.

(Winnie the Pooh)

When dreams take shape

And wishes become life,

then you can call it

a miracle.


What a wonderful secret is the entrance

of a new man into the world.

(Leo Tolstoy)

Not only is the child born through the mother,

but also the mother through the child.

(Gertrud von le Fort)

As long as children are small

give them deep roots,

when they are older

give them wings.

(Indian proverb)

What can be more beautiful

than a little new life!


A child is what makes the house happier,

love stronger, patience greater,

the nights shorter, the days longer

and the future brighter.


The happiness of a child begins

long before it is born,

in the hearts of two people

who are very fond of each other.

(Phil Bosmans)

God has commanded his angels

to watch over you day and night,

wherever you go.

(Psalm 91:11)

Every beloved person is the center of a paradise.


We hope the birth sayings were an inspiration for you. After birth, other milestones quickly await the new little earthling. Therefore, we have also compiled sayings for baptism, school enrollment and confirmation for you. You will find inspiration for all important occasions.

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