Boppy Nursing Pillow – The Product Test

Product Description For Boppy Nursing Pillow
For every mother, breastfeeding is not only a process of feeding the child but a very important time of intense bonding between mother and child.

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A breastfeeding pillow should contribute decisively to making breastfeeding relaxed and, above all, comfortable for both mother and child. To ensure that these requirements are met, a nursing pillow has a number of researched properties. One of these important features is the inner lining made of hollow polyester fibers. They ensure that the nursing pillow is compact but still has enough softness so that the child does not sink too deeply into the pillow during breastfeeding.

In addition, this guarantees that the pillow does not change its shape even after prolonged use. Due to its ergonomic shape, the Boppy nursing pillow offers the advantage of adapting well to the mother’s body. This allows breastfeeding without the need for a bent or leaning position.

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The positioning pillow has a removable cover, which is also suitable for washing machine and dryer. Another advantage of this nursing pillow is that it can also be used for older babies in prone position, in elevated supine position or simply as a sitting aid.

Product Details Of The Booby Nursing Pillow

  • The ergonomically shaped nursing pillow can adapt to any body shape.
  • The inner lining is soft and compact and dimensionally stable and is extremely durable.
  • The cover is removable at any time.
  • Cover and pillow can be washed and put in the dryer.
  • The nursing pillow can also be used as a nest for the baby.
  • It gives older babies support in the prone position. This is important to strengthen muscles.
  • For older babies this nursing pillow can be used as a sitting aid.
  • The nursing pillow is available in different printed covers.

Customer Reviews Of The Bobby Nursing Pillow


The nursing pillow is very well received by customers and gets good reviews. On average, it is rated 4.8 stars out of a total of 5. This is quite a positive result. It is recommended by many mothers as the best breastfeeding pillow.

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Due to the good reviews, lactation consultants and midwives also recommend this breastfeeding pillow to mothers. Very good is also rated especially the firm filling, with which the baby does not slip away.

The positioning pillow is very dimensionally stable and is still large and firm enough even for larger babies. It is immediately ready for use and thanks to its compact size can also be used well times on the road.


There aren’t really any negative reviews for the nursing pillow. One customer had ordered the pillow after trying it out on a friend and was thrilled with it. However, the breastfeeding pillow she ordered had a kink in the middle of the filling. It was not properly filled at this point and then always buckled during breastfeeding.

Another customer had imagined the pillow softer. Although she has not yet used it for breastfeeding, she finds that it is too unyielding for snuggling in.

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The Boppy nursing pillow was rated five stars by 90 percent. This is a result that is really very impressive. The positive rating and recommendation on many midwives and lactation consultants are also to be noted as very good. The breastfeeding pillow has a relatively firm filling and thus prevents the baby from sinking in while breastfeeding. In contrast to a long breastfeeding pillow, it does not have to be placed correctly to get the right height for breastfeeding. As a small disadvantage, one can note that it is not quite as cuddly as other breastfeeding pillows due to the firm filling. But in return, it can be placed around the nursing mother very quickly and is immediately ready for use. Therefore, the Boppy nursing pillow gets a clear recommendation to buy for all who are looking for a firm and good nursing pillow.

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