Why I’m Not Afraid To Breastfeed In Public

[tps_header]Have you ever been traveling alone on a plane trip with an infant that is supposed to take 2-3 hours, sitting in the middle between 2 strangers? And then your baby starts to cry right before takeoff because she is hungry and upset?

Why I'm not afraid to breastfeed in public - moms from all over talk about how they feel and what they do to make themselves comfortable and unafraid!

Do you breastfeed in public?

Traveling with an infant is never fun – you can’t control their eating and napping schedules and they are usually cranky.

I breastfed both my daughters for about 6 months and then bottle fed them. So I did get to experience the awkwardness of breastfeeding in public more than a few times. At first I was nervous, and didn’t go out much. But after a little while, I just needed to get out of the house! And when you’re in public and your baby is hungry, you don’t have much choice but to breastfeed in public.

That little question earlier? That was me about a year ago. And my baby was really hungry and upset and wanted to nurse the entire flight. I’m sure it was awkward for my seatmates too, but luckily they didn’t say anything to me. And I’m sure they were much happier sitting next to me quietly nursing than next to a screaming baby for a few hours.

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Advice and Stories from Real Moms

Here is what other moms have to say about breastfeeding public.

Breastfeeding in public

On demand feeding

Nurse often and on demand. When your baby is hungry (and you can see them rooting and/or searching for the breast), feed them. Often the cries are the last sign of a hungry baby. Don’t try to set a feeding schedule just yet with your baby and nurse when they want to nurse. – Kori from Kori at Home

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I am too shy!

I am OK with it, but I have never done it. I am too shy myself! Plus as the mom of twins, I had to do some bottle feeding anyway, since it was too hard to provide enough milk for them on my own and I worked full time.) – Lauren from Mom Home Guide

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Avert your eyes

I feel very strongly that it is much more reasonable to ask someone to avert their eyes than it is to feed in the bathroom, attempt to schedule an on-demand nurser, get a baby to take a bottle, or cover them with an uncomfortable cover. – Tiffany from The Crunchy Mom Next Door

It’s the same as anyone else eating in public

I feel the same about breastfeeding in public as I feel about eating in public. It is something we all do all the time. I don’t go hide under a blanket to have my dinner, nor do I run to the restroom if I need a quick snack. I also don’t watch other people eat in restaurants. I don’t know why people feel the need to watch me feed my baby just because I’m doing it with my breast. – Katie from A Mother Thing

Use a scarf as a nursing cover

Another great alternative to a nursing cover or nursing shirt is an infinity scarf. These things are so amazing — not only are they a fun way to dress up an ordinary outfit (new mom clothes aren’t always the greatest), they make it super easy to get a little privacy for nursing in public! – Ana from Mommy’s Bundle

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Nursing Cover Options

Some moms can just whip it out in public, but some are a little more discreet. I love having a pretty but useful nursing cover.

 Nursing Breastfeeding Cover Scarf Chalier Privacy Breast Feeding Cover Nursing Cover for Breastfeeding Qunqi Star Breast Feeding Nursing Cover (Gray)


Hard for an overproducer

I wish I could’ve mastered it. I overproduced milk and was constantly dripping everywhere and spraying my baby in the face – so I didn’t do it unless I absolutely had to. Kudos to moms who have it down! – Valerie from Occasionally Crafty

A baby’s gotta eat

I think it’s 100% up to the Mom and what she’s comfortable with. But at the end of the day, a baby’s gotta eat! – Nikki from Play Learn Every Day

Thank you Moms!

This is just another example of choosing what is best for you and your family. People will take offense at almost every parenting decision there is. But when it comes to a hungry baby or breastfeeding in public – I’ll choose to feed my baby all day long.

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13 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Afraid To Breastfeed In Public”

  1. I used to be so nervous with my first baby that I think I never nursed in public, but with my second one I just didn’t care any more ! And it’s funny, because I was also wrote a post about it, and where I was analizing why as a society we get to be upset with public nursing 🙂 Personally I think it’s because of the oversexualization of women’s body, and because of the generation of never nursed people, not used to the sight. And it’s very cultural too. Because et the end, baby needs to eat 🙂

  2. I have been exclusively pumping since my son was born and he never took my breast. I think if he would have, I might have done it in public but would have tried to avoid it at all cost. I don’t frown upon it, I just don’t like being exposed to other’s and would do anything to avoid that. The moms that choose to do it are brave and I commend them! Although it is natural and shouldn’t be a big deal, it is and I couldn’t deal with the stares or mean comments.

  3. I was awful at breastfeeding in public with my son. It was hard enough just being a first time mom and figuring things out. With my second, I almost had to as we were out of the house so often. Having experience under my belt, it was a lot easier. Now she’s 9mo and I try not to because she gets so distracted. I prefer a cover for my own privacy & comfort, but she wants to pull it away and look around (plus de-latch while doing this). So I’m back to searching out a quiet, private spot (my car, dressing room in a store, nursing room if available, etc) for those “must feed” moments when we’re out and about.

  4. I do not breastfeed in public, but I am not against those that do. I just happen to be super organized(Im super OCD) and I breast pump so I always have a large supply of bottles at my disposal, but if my child was hungry I would in a heartbeat!

  5. I totally BF in public and have never had a bad experience with any stranger. When I started, I think I worried more about what someone might dare say to me, and I spent too much time worrying about a cover or being discreet. Now I know that the most discreet thing is to just get your kid on the boob! They’ll quiet down, be still, and if you focus on them you’ll be just fine.

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