Breastfeeding Pillow Test – For A More Relaxed Breastfeeding For Mother And Baby

Nursing pillows have the advantage that they can be used to provide relaxation during breastfeeding and also relieve the mother’s body.

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The breastfeeding pillows are divided into several types. There are long nursing pillows, which have the shape of a banana and are simply wrapped around the body during breastfeeding. Then there are breastfeeding pillows in the shape of a crescent or horn-shaped. However, it can not be said which shape is better for the nursing mother. This decision must make each mother individually because for one is this form more pleasant while another swears by the other form. For all breastfeeding pillows, however, it is important to find out exactly what the differences are before buying. What differences there are, we want to show here exactly.

Long Nursing Pillows And Pregnancy Pillows

Here in Germany, especially the long nursing pillows are very popular and in demand. These pillows are also called side sleeper pillows or positioning pillows. They have the advantage that they are very long and therefore they can be wrapped around the whole body in a very comfortable way. This ensures that when breastfeeding the back is relieved or even when sleeping the back is supported accordingly.

These long breastfeeding pillows are also in high demand and are popular among pregnant women because they make it possible to sleep comfortably. The head can be supported, the back is warmed and the spine finds relief. But also the legs, often a problem zone during pregnancy, can be supported. In the course of pregnancy, when the belly grows, these pillows are very pleasant for sleep. But not only do pregnant women find pleasure in the long nursing pillows, but also people who suffer from back problems.

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After birth, such a pillow is then used during breastfeeding. In which the mother wraps the pillow around herself, the height of the baby can also be adjusted during breastfeeding. This prevents tensions that occur very often in mothers, especially during breastfeeding. The breastfeeding mother can relax much more with the help of a nursing pillow and the bond between mother and child becomes even stronger. Also for the baby itself such a breastfeeding pillow is a fine thing, because it can also be used as a cuddle nest for the baby.

Half-moon Shaped Nursing Pillows

If you choose a breastfeeding pillow in half-moon shape, you will get a more compact pillow than the banana-shaped breastfeeding pillow. The advantage of such pillows is that they can be quickly folded over and are therefore ready for immediate use. You simply put this pillow around your hips for breastfeeding and you’re good to go. This form of breastfeeding pillow is, therefore, more compact, because it is usually more solidly filled. This of the advantage that here the baby gets more support when breastfeeding. But they also have the advantage that you can take them with you everywhere and there are models which even have a bag with them for transport. These crescent-shaped pillows can not be converted into a nest for the baby, but it is longer to use, because even older baby with this nursing pillow can still be breastfed comfortably and easily. But it is also good for training the back muscles of babies. In the prone position it gives the baby enough support and so the back muscles can be strengthened in this position. Once the baby starts to sit alone, these nursing pillows can also be used as a sitting aid. Another advantage of these breastfeeding pillows in half-moon shape is for babies who often spit up. When reflux occurs, the baby can be placed in a slightly elevated supine position and thus prevent spitting up.

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EPS – Beads

The filling plays a very important role in all breastfeeding pillows. One of the most important questions to ask yourself before buying a nursing pillow is which filling it should have. There are many different nursing pillow fillings on the market, all of which have different properties. The commonly used foam beads, also known as polystyrene, come in different sizes. Small beads, or micro beads, are 0.5 to 1.5 mm in diameter, while larger beads, or standard beads, measure 1.5 to 2.5 mm. In general, the smaller the better here. Above all, they have the advantage of being just as small as sand fillings, but just considerably lighter. And especially if you need such a nursing pillow every day, this advantage cannot be denied. These microbeads made of polystyrene also convince with their long durability, they are anti-allergenic and above all hygienic. In addition, they are very quiet, so when you turn the pillow, you actually hear almost nothing. If you want to put these pillows in the washing machine, you can do this without any problems. However, the prerequisite is a large washing machine, because these pillows are quite large as a rule. This should therefore be taken into account when buying.


As a rule, most nursing pillows are filled with EPS – beads plump. Nevertheless, it may happen that this filling sometimes gives slightly. For this reason, many mothers find this filling not firm enough for breastfeeding or as a sleeping aid. But if you pay attention to good quality, you will have few problems here. It is also recommended here that when buying such a nursing pillow, you find out whether the pillow with an EPS filling can also be refilled. For this purpose, some pillows even have a specially developed device that makes such refilling quite simple. The beads for refilling are easy to purchase almost everywhere.

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Another nursing pillow filling is polyester, which is quite similar to EPS beads in its properties. This material can also be used by allergy sufferers without hesitation, is low odor, soft and quiet. Nursing pillows with polyester filling are pleasantly light and quite stable in shape. Most of these pillows are filled with hollow polyester fibers. Polyester hollow fibers have a down-like texture. They are very soft, low odor and quiet, so there is no rustling. PES hollow fiber is suitable for allergy sufferers and can be washed and tumble dried. Since polyester does not absorb moisture, these pillows dry very quickly. Nursing pillows with PES hollow fiber filling are dimensionally stable and particularly well suited as positioning pillows.

Twin Nursing Pillows

If you are expecting twins, you can of course use a normal nursing pillow. However, in this case, it is recommended that you rather purchase a twin nursing pillow, also called a multiple nursing pillow. This twin nursing pillow supports the back and shoulder area by providing the optimal drinking height. With these pillows, you do not have to lean towards the babies to breastfeed, they are already in a comfortable position.

To The Large Nursing Pillow Comparison Table

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Nursing Pillow

Advantages Of A Nursing Pillow:

  • It helps mothers support their babies and themselves during breastfeeding. The infant is placed in a comfortable breastfeeding position without the mother having to strain to get her child into the right position.
  • This also prevents possible consequences of incorrect breastfeeding position, for example sore nipples.
  • Nursing pillows are designed in such a way that they can be placed around the waist, thus providing important relief to other parts of the body, such as the back, neck and arms, especially because the mother does not have to hold her baby.
  • It can also be used later on to help develop the baby’s motor skills by positioning them on the nursing pillow in a supine or prone position.
  • The nursing pillow can already be used during pregnancy by side sleepers for a good night’s sleep.
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Disadvantages Of A Nursing Pillow:

  • A nursing pillow needs to be washed or cleaned often for hygienic reasons.


With the nursing pillow cover should first of all not pay attention to the color or pattern. Certainly, every woman also has her own preferences here, but the material with all its properties should be looked at first. In addition to the pleasant feeling when lying on the pillow, it should be remembered that the cover must be washed. When breastfeeding, something can always go wrong and so the cover must be put in the washing machine in the best case.

Covers made of cotton are characterized by the fact that they are skin-friendly and robust. The material can be washed in the washing machine without any loss of quality. Allergy sufferers are also well served by cotton. Covers made of microfiber or polyester have the advantage of being pleasantly soft. They do not lint much and retain their shape even after prolonged use. Some types are even breathable. The material can be machine washed at 60° without hesitation. Nursing pillow covers made of plush are soft and cuddly on the skin and therefore very popular with mother and child. It should be noted here, however, that they are not always allowed in the washing machine or lose their shape after repeated washing. In addition, plush dries again quite slowly.

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