Build Sandbox Yourself – It’s So Easy

It’s finally getting warmer and children are now spending more time in the garden again. Having their own sandbox in the garden is a special highlight for the little ones. Skilled parents can build the sandbox themselves, because it’s actually not that hard. In this article I show you how to build the perfect sandbox for your child – cheap, fast and easy.

Build Your Own Sandbox – The Advantages

Of course, a child does not necessarily need a sandbox, but it offers a lot of fun and variety. Building sand castles, “baking cakes” or just shoveling in the sand – children just love to play in the sand.

Sandboxes are already available at good prices in hardware stores, sometimes with seating or a roof. But skillful parents can also easily build the sandbox themselves, according to the needs and wishes of their child. This way you can perfectly adapt the sandbox to the space in your garden and only the materials you choose will be used.

im Sandkasten spielen
playing in the sandbox

Where Should The Sandbox Be Placed?

Of course, this depends on the space available in your garden. However, it is advisable to build the sandbox as close as possible to the terrace or the house, so that you can always keep an eye on your child. A place under a tree is also ideal, because children should not be exposed to the sun for too long. However, this also has disadvantages, as leaves quickly end up in the sandbox. Alternatively, you can place a large parasol next to the sandbox. If you are particularly skilled, you can of course integrate the sunshade yourself when building the sandbox.

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Building A Sandbox Yourself – This Is How It Works

The Material

First of all, you have to decide what material the sandbox should be made of. My recommendation is an untreated wood – this is harmless to health and also integrates nicely into the environment. The wood used should therefore also not be impregnated, otherwise toxic substances could get into the sand when it rains. Since especially small children like to try some sand, this should therefore be avoided.

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How To Build The Frame

The sandbox can be easily assembled with wooden boards or posts. Wood also provide the opportunity to enhance the sandbox with small details, such as carvings or even a seat. A well fixed wooden post vertically in the middle with a sail on it, quickly transforms the sandbox into a great sailing ship. So there are no limits to your imagination.

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My tip: The house boards should be at least 20 cm wide and 4 cm thick to ensure high stability. The length of course depends on the size and shape of the sandbox.

The frame of the sandbox should be at least 40 cm high. The sand layer should be at least 20 cm high, so that children can play well. With a high frame you prevent a lot of sand from falling out of the sandbox.

For the frame, as many frames that were previously joined together in a square are now fastened on top of each other as necessary. Connect them with wooden triangles or wide wooden strips.

selbstgebauter Sandkasten
homemade sandbox

A Sandbox – More Than Just Wood And Sand

The wood forms the frame of the sandbox. But this also needs a bottom, because otherwise sand and soil will quickly be mixed together. However, it must be noted that rainwater can drain away well.

There Are Two Options For The Sandbox Floor:

  • Gravel
  • Paving stones

First, the sandbox is filled with a layer of gravel. On top of this, a water-permeable fleece is placed and stapled tightly to the frame. This allows the rainwater to be well secured and the sand cannot be mixed with the gravel while playing. It also prevents smaller animals or weeds from spreading in the sandbox. The other option is paving stones, which are also placed underneath the fleece. Between the paving stones should be sufficiently large gaps, so that rainwater can drain away well.

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The Sandbox Cover

You cannot avoid buying a sandbox cover. There are several reasons for this: Cats like to use sandboxes as a toilet and soil the play area. A good cover will prevent this.

In addition, the cover prevents too much water from accumulating in the sandbox. This allows bacteria to multiply particularly well.

The cover must be large enough for the sandbox and should seal it as well as possible. It should also be adequately secured so that it can withstand stronger winds.

However, the sandbox must not dry out either. Therefore, it is recommended to water it from time to time with a watering can until the sand is so moist that it sticks very easily.

How To Make The Sandbox Individual

As already mentioned, the advantage of the eignes built sandbox is that you can give free rein to your imagination. You can build a roof for the sandbox yourself, add a seat, a sail or many other great details. For the assembly of individual parts, brass countersunk screws are recommended. Since they do not protrude from the wood, your child can not hurt themselves.

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Building Your Own Sandbox – These Are The Mistakes You Should Avoid

Since this is a toy for your child, there are a few things to watch out for in the sandbox as well. Buy wood that does not splinter too much. In addition, you should avoid sharp edges or protruding screws as much as possible. Your child should never play in the sun for a long time, a roof or sun protection by a nearby tree or a parasol are important in any case. Especially with small children, an adult should always be nearby. The right toys are of course a basic requirement. Here you can find out what you should consider, especially for the very young.

Fun With Your Own Sandbox

A sandbox in the garden offers a great change for children and helps especially the very young to develop their motor skills. Especially now that it’s getting warmer again, so it’s worth surprising your loved ones with a great individual sandbox. Have fun building your own sandbox!

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