Bullet Journaling Intimidates Me (And 4 Other Reasons I’m a Bad Person)

Look, I don’t have a lot going on for me. Sure, I’m a mom and I have 3 kids who seem to survive each day with minor issues and they get fed and clothed…all the big, important things. And, sure, I used to have a corporate job and now I’m working as a blogger making as much (or more) than I made when I wore a suit every day. But, I’m still a bad person. Mostly because Bullet Journaling Intimidates Me. But there are 4 other reasons, too. Just FYI.



Bullet Journaling Intimidates Me

(And 4 Other Reasons I’m a Bad Person)

  1. Bullet Journaling Intimidates Me. I am happy to take a calendar and a list for each day and write out my to-dos for things. That is, if I had things to-do that required all that kind of organization. But, I don’t do more than that–and it’s all on random sheets of paper that are used that one time for that one thing then off I go. If it gets more complex than that, I kind of panic and shut down. But I am jealous of those of you with more. Very jealous. Sorry.
  2. I Forget Things–Every Thing. Maybe this is where bullet journaling would help me? I don’t know. I feel like it might. Hence the random sheets of paper that get discarded after a task. I’ve been out of potatoes now for 2 weeks. Thanks, weird-bullet-journal-intimidation.
  3. My Kids Don’t Wear Matching Socks. And this fashion faux-pas is not intentional by any means. I’m just ridiculously bad at finding matches and, although it would help if I folded socks ever, I just give up after 2-3 seconds. And I don’t fold the socks laundry because (wait for it)–I get intimidated by the large piles of clothes in the middle of my bedroom floor. There. I said it.
  4. My Toddlers Co-Sleep With Me. Both of them. And they still have pacifiers. And I never REALLY weaned them because they eat those silly applesauce pouches constantly and those are just basically giant bottles. And I let them bully me into keeping those things with their crying and upsets if I try to take these things away. Also, I’m a bad mom.
  5. I Don’t Clean My Own House. Even though I am a Stay-at-Home-Mom. I will choose to go without in order to pay for the nice lady to come to my house and clean-up after me. I am really good at vacuuming every day, for about a week a year. Then I am the most forgetful, lazy person on the face of the planet.


Or, maybe this is a safe place to admit this: I’m not a bad person. Nope. Just kind of normal. Nothing special–just me and a little quirky, but aren’t we all?

Real bullet journaling with all the swirly-curly-pretty-stickers-and-OMG-I’d-love-it-if-someone-did-that-for-me-but-I’m-not-going-to-do-it-ever? I’ll save that for my adult coloring books.

It just may not be for me. Just because my mom never let me or my brother have pacifiers and we were weaned at 6 weeks and never asked for a bottle again (not really, but my mom loves to exaggerate on that point, I think–sorry mom), doesn’t mean I have to be exactly like her. I can be me.

And, in that way, I’m my own Bullet Journal. I’m my own fun unicorn stickers and calligraphy at the beginning of the month. And I think I kind of love it. So, I’m going to let Bullet Journaling Intimidate Me. Because that’s just, well, me. LOL!

About the author:

Chantal is a nerd on a mission of mom-hood who wants to live in a world where unicorns are real rainbows can be walked over and the Stormtroopers never find those suspicious droids they were looking for.

Discover how to add a little nerdy to your momming with Chantal at NerdyMamma.com. You can also follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

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