Bus Driver Wanted!

In the meantime, they are driving through all the cities, drawing everyone’s attention with their bright colors: the new long-distance buses in green, blue or yellow. With them we can travel from Trier to Hamburg from Dortmund to Dresden or once around Germany. The long-distance buses even travel across borders. To Amsterdam in Holland or to Vienna in Austria. Unfortunately, Germany lacks people who want to and can drive these buses.

By Bus Through Germany

There have been long-distance buses in Germany for three years. Following the example of America, where large buses travel far across the country, politicians in Germany gave their permission three years ago for long-distance buses to travel in Germany as well, taking people from one large city to another large city. The long-distance buses cover many hundreds of kilometers. In fact, many people use such long-distance buses. Almost 300 different Bus lines exist now, but unfortunately not enough drivers to drive them. This is a problem especially for the new long-distance bus companies, because if there are not enough people who know how to drive a bus, they have to work harder to find people who know how to do it. The bosses from these companies also say that they then have to pay the bus drivers more money.

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Discovering New Cities

To drive a bus, the driver needs a special license. This allows him to drive these large and heavy buses all over the country Europe drive. With this, people can get to their acquaintances and relatives for a cheap price. Or they can see interesting new cities they didn’t know yet. In the past, people used to travel such routes by train, but because more and more people wanted to travel, the long-distance bus companies invented their bus lines in Germany as well. In America, a lot of people take long-distance buses because America is a very big country and it takes a long time to get from one end of the country to the other.

Explanation of Difficult Words:

Long distance buses are buses that go very far away.

Trier to Hamburg is once from south to north across Germany.

Amsterdam is the capital of Holland.

Vienna is the capital of Austria.

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America is a large continent in the west.

Politicians are the people who decide on new rules in a country.

Bus lines are the routes that a bus travels.

Europe is the continent on which Germany is located.

Photo: Wavebreak Media Ltd / bigstockphoto.com

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