More Relaxed With Cannabidiol: A Natural Support For New Parents?

Children and toddlers can quickly push you to the limit. New parents in particular have to withstand enormous stress, restructure their lives, cope with sleep deprivation and endure uncertainties. No matter how great the joy of the baby’s birth, the next period will truly not be a bed of roses. Many parents are looking for ways to reduce their stress levels, not only to improve their own well-being, but also to better care for their child. Stressed parents usually have stressed children, which in turn puts a strain on the parents, which in turn can affect the children, and so on and so forth. But how to provide relaxation and balance in these circumstances?

CBD Oil – Stress Relief In Drop Form

For inner turmoil, tension, insomnia, and anxiety, CBD oil can provide relief. CBD stands for cannabidiol, an active ingredient extracted from the hemp plant. It is currently mostly sold as a dietary supplement and is said to be able to help with numerous illnesses and ailments. Various studies suggest that CBD can be used to support cancer, epilepsy, skin diseases, rheumatism and psychoses, for example. In lower doses, cannabidiol provides gentle relaxation and more serenity. However, the active ingredient is in no way intoxicating or narcotic, so you can neither get “high” nor “stoned” from CBD. Therefore, products with CBD are freely available and legal as far as acquisition, possession and consumption are concerned.

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CBD oils, which are available in various concentrations, are particularly popular. The oil is dripped directly under the tongue; the effect sets in after about 15-60 minutes and lasts for several hours. Those who do not like the taste can also drip the oil on some bread, a piece of sugar cube or the like and consume it afterwards. Alternatively, CBD is available as a capsule. This form of ingestion is particularly convenient for on the go, but it usually takes a little longer for an effect to occur, since the active ingredients can only be absorbed delayed in the stomach and not already through the oral mucosa.

Are CBD Products Safe?

CBD is usually well tolerated, but side effects can of course not be ruled out. Drowsiness, dizziness, diarrhea, a dry mouth and dizziness can occur, especially if the dosage is too high. Therefore, it is advisable to start with a very low dosage and slowly increase as needed. This is the only way to determine the optimal individual dosage.

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When buying, one should definitely make sure to purchase CBD products exclusively from reputable sources. High-quality CBD products are free of pesticides and additives and come from organic cultivation. In addition, the hemp should have been grown and processed within the EU. It is also important that the manufacturer is certified and the products are regularly tested by laboratories. Unfortunately, there are also low-quality products on the market that have been deemed harmful to health by consumer protection, for example because their THC content was too high. This is the psychoactive substance for which cannabis is so well known. However, if you pay attention to the quality characteristics mentioned, you can assume that you are getting a safe product

CBD In The Breastfeeding Period?

So far, there are hardly any long-term studies dealing with the effects ofCBD during pregnancy and breastfeeding . CBD itself is probably not problematic, however, the products contain a very low THC content. This is low enough that it has no effect on adults, but whether it affects unborn children and infants is not certain.

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Alcohol breaks down in breast milk just as quickly as it does in the mother’s own body. So when she is sober again, she can give her baby the breast without hesitation. In order not to get out of the breastfeeding rhythm, pumping should be done beforehand if necessary and the breast milk contaminated with alcohol should be poured away. When THC is ingested, however, traces of it remain in breast milk for several days. So even if CBD is taken only once, the infant may absorb traces of the active ingredients it contains while nursing in the following days. Whether the THC content in CBD oil and co. is sufficient for this, however, is simply not yet sufficiently researched. Therefore, nursing mothers should first consult a doctor if they want to take CBD.

Especially when mothers suffer from postnatal depression or anxiety, they are often faced with a difficult decision: This is because antidepressants, the classic treatment for these conditions, cannot be taken while breastfeeding. Accordingly, they must decide whether to stop taking medication or to wean their child and forgo this special bond. CBD products can potentially provide similar relief as antidepressants, while being more natural and gentle. So it’s always a matter of weighing whether the benefits are worth the risk. The professional advice of a medical professional should definitely be sought. Any interactions with other medications should also be clarified with the doctor or pharmacist

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Other Ways To Relieve Stress

There are a variety of relaxation techniques to help find inner peace and promote resilience. These include autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation, guided meditations and the body scan technique, for example. With regular use, a significant improvement in well-being can usually be observed. The individual sessions do not have to be particularly time-consuming. Even 5-10 minutes a day have an effect.

Exercise is also an important factor in reducing tension. After the postpartum period, i.e. about two months after the birth, gentle home workouts, yoga, swimming, Nordic walking and cycling are all possible ways to exercise . Going for a walk is also wonderful to clear your head for a change and relieve stress.

And of course, you should never forget: You are not alone. All parents struggle in the beginning and have to adjust to the new load first. It’s never a shame to ask for help and seek support.

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