Childbirth: Methods To Relieve The Pain Of Contractions

It doesn’t always have to be an epidural, or other painkiller – there are also natural ways that can help contribute to the pain relief of labor.

1. Change Of Position

Sometimes it can help to change position. Remember that there is no ideal position for giving birth. Mobility is key here, so twist and turn in whatever way is most comfortable for you at the time.

2. Massage During Birth

Often underestimated, but effective for pain relief. Many women find it helpful to have your partner massage your lower back. You may not want to be touched during childbirth either, but you should try it. Massages during childbirth, can cause the release of endorphins that help relieve pain.

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3. Warmth

A warm grain pillow, or a hot water bottle, are suitable for relieving pain in the back. The heat pad can also be placed in other, painful areas.
An episiotomy pad with a warm cloth that the midwife places loosens the muscles and can help prevent an episiotomy.

4. Water Birth

A bath in warm water (maximum 37°C), can make labor more bearable.
The muscles become softer and the pelvic floor more elastic.
Many women find this particularly pleasant.

5. Breathing

Breathing is one of the most important ways to get through the pain of childbirth. Direct your attention primarily to exhalation.
Breathing in will come naturally to you. You can make a sound when you exhale. By breathing, you are yielding to the pressure that the baby is exerting.
This will allow you to counteract tension and thus pain.

6. Pelvic Movement

Sometimes it helps if you sit on an exercise ball, for example, while circling your pelvis. The swinging of the hips, also gets your baby moving.
It not only relieves pain, but also helps your baby slide through the pelvis.

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TENS stands for “transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.” This is a small device that delivers electrical pulses. It is applied to the skin through four electrodes. You can control the intensity yourself.

8. Love Can Relieve

Even if this is no guarantee for less pain, it can help. For some women, it is good to have someone they can trust with them during labor to care for and support them. It should be a person who does not panic easily and who is confident enough to stand up to the clinic staff.

9. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is often used by midwives to relieve labor.
It involves inserting needles, at designated points, into the skin for about 20 minutes.
These points are located on the energy lines of the human body. The needles are so thin that you hardly notice them. The good thing is that acupuncture has no negative effects and is said to make for an easier birth.

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10. Smells And Aromas

When you are confronted with smells you don’t like, it can increase the pain. Pain, after all, has a lot to do with mental state.
The opposite happens with a pleasant scent.

11. Eating And Drinking

In a weak state, the pain may seem stronger to you.
That’s why it’s important to eat and drink enough.

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