Children Hairstyles For Boys: Haircuts From Cute To Naughty

The hair on your little boy’s head is getting longer and longer and is already falling unattractively into his face? While you might simply add a barrette or ribbon to the hair of a girl, such accessories are not available for little boys.

Soon you have to decide: Let the hair grow first or go to the hairdresser? Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but also depend on the hair structure of your child.

Children’s hairstyles for boys are already an issue when the first strands fall into the face and disturb. Depending on the hair growth, this can already be the case with one-year-old boys. Which boy hairstyles fit your child and are now trendy, you can read here.

Children’s Hairstyles For Boys: Cut Hair Or Let It Grow?

The selection of children’s hairstyles for boys today is so large that the decision may be difficult. First of all, however, there is the question of when a haircut for boys makes sense. The answer: It depends on personal taste and the hair of your boy.

Long Hair: Natural And Wild

If you cannot (yet) bring yourself to give your child one of the shorter boy hairstyles, the decision is made for long hair. However, it’s a long way from baby hair to one of the cute-looking long hairstyles for boys.

Long boy hairstyles are especially suitable for children who have a slightly wavy to curly hair texture. If the hair grows longer, waves and curls for boys always look bold and cute.

Due to the stronger hair structure, the hair also does not fall into the face so quickly. Whether the children’s hairstyles for boys with longer hair always have to reach to the shoulder, it remains to be seen. Allowed is with hairstyles for boys, what pleases parents and child.

You can save the haircut at the barber with the longer hairstyles for boys and thus also the costs. Longer children’s hairstyles for boys are therefore also recommended if your child is not yet a visit to the hairdresser.

However, a long mat does not have to remain completely untreated. Because long hair is somewhat easier to cut than short children’s hairstyles for boys, you can also play hairdresser yourself at home if necessary.

All you need is a comb, a good pair of scissors and a little dexterity. Especially with curls it is hardly noticeable whether mom has cut the tips or the professional.

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Short Hair: Accurate And Chic

A shorter haircut is one of the most popular children’s hairstyles for boys. Many parents who take their son to the barber for the first time are thrilled with their child’s first, real hairstyle.

While in the first years of life it is often initially about taming the hair, from school at the latest, many kids are already focused on the appearance. But which children’s hairstyles for boys are suitable at what age?

Cute Children’s Hairstyles For Little Boys

There are many great haircuts for little boys. However, for the first visit to the hairdresser, a haircut that only keeps the contour clean and gives the hair shape is recommended. Depending on how your son does at the barber shop, you can venture into a more elaborate hairstyle on your next visit. These haircuts and hairstyles for boys are recommended in the first years of life.

Contour Haircut

For the first child hairstyle in life, contour haircuts are recommended for boys, because the little ones will hardly sit for long when the cutting begins. With these haircuts, only the contours are carefully trimmed with scissors, so that the ears and neck are free and the hairstyle looks neat overall.

A good hairdresser needs about ten minutes for such a cut, depending on how calm the child remains while cutting. For one and two year olds, this cut is quite sufficient to achieve a certain effect. Once the baby curls are gone, you will be amazed at how “grown up” your child looks all of a sudden.

Shape Cut

The barrel cut, also known as facon cut, is the classic hairstyle for boys, but also for big men. It is one of the most popular children’s hairstyles for boys, because it fits many face shapes and is uncomplicated.

All variants of these hairstyles for boys have in common that the hair is kept short in the neck and sides and becomes longer and longer towards the top hair. For this haircut, your child will have to sit a little longer in the barber’s chair, because the barber will adjust the hair length exactly and smooth out any unevenness.

For the exposure of the neck and ears, a trimmer is used from time to time. Here you just have to try out how your child goes along, because shortening with the machine tickles a bit.

Pot Cut

The pot cut as a haircut for boys evokes bad memories for many adults: in the past, children were really put on a pot at home and the hair was shortened all around. Accordingly, the result also looked.

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Today, however, the pot cut is a good variant of children’s hairstyles for boys, when it should not be quite short but also not quite long hair. In a pot cut, the top hair is left long to about the ears, which also involves bangs.

The sides and nape of the neck are shortened. This type of kids hairstyles for boys looks cute especially on smaller boys and is easy to maintain.

Peppy Kids Hairstyles For School Age Boys

If your child comes to school, the styling of the hair is already rather in the foreground when it comes to the desired boy hairstyles. Maybe your son finds the hairstyles of friends great or wants to look like a certain pop star.

Children of the same age from film and television can also be role models in terms of boys’ hairstyles. Sometimes it’s even dad who serves as an idol for trendy boy hairstyles. More elaborate children’s hairstyles for boys require a little more time at the hairdresser, but are also more individual.

Which children’s hairstyles for boys we can recommend from school and how they look, you can find out here.


The undercut is the trend hairstyle of recent years. After many grown men already wear this haircut, it is also popular with cool boys. In principle, the undercut is a variant of the aforementioned barrel cut.

However, with the undercut, the sides are kept even shorter and the top hair is much longer in comparison. The strong contrast is the heart of this hairstyle and makes the wearer visually almost “adult”.

To further emphasize the contrast between short sides and long top hair, a sharp edge is sometimes shaved at the transition. Depending on the length, the hair on the top of the head can be styled sideways, upwards or backwards.

Short Wispy Head

A short, paced fuzzy head already looked great on Justin Bieber in his childhood days. With this hairstyle, the hair on top of the head is paced through and blow-dried to the front. This looks cheeky and cool at the same time.

In children’s hairstyles for boys with this cut, there is no fixed specification for the hair length, they can be worn shorter or longer. An advantage if you do not want to go to the haircut with your son at fixed intervals.

First styling products for children’s hair are also worthwhile for the short fuzzy head: a little gel or wax will model this haircut and keep it in its casual shape.

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Fringed Long Haircut

A fringed long haircut is perhaps the most casual of children’s hairstyles for boys. If your son may have already taken a liking to a fuzzy head, a hairstyle like the ones worn by the Sufers in Australia is the next step to longer hair.

This haircut for boys only needs to be refreshed at longer intervals if the hair has really become too long. In the surfer hairstyle, the long hair is cut in a fringy way so that it falls loosely.

Like many long children’s hairstyles for boys, the surfer hairstyle is not very practical – during sports, the hair can interfere and fall into the face. However, a hair tie can help here and a cool hair band also holds the hair back – this is also how famous footballers do it.

Washing and drying hair also takes much longer than with shorter children’s hairstyles for boys. For this, however, the fringed long haircut does not need to be blow-dried, but develops its natural look by drying in the air.

Tips For The First Visit To The Hairdresser

When children visit the hairdresser for the first time, it’s an exciting time for everyone involved. We have tips on how to make getting a haircut from a professional a breeze.

Finding The Right Hairdresser

It doesn’t have to be a professional specifically for children’s hairstyles for boys who cuts your child’s hair. However, a certain child-friendliness is a prerequisite, because the little ones will notice if the hairdresser can’t or won’t adjust to them.

If you feel you are in good hands with your own hairdresser, ask him if he also cuts children’s hair for boys. Maybe your child has already been to one of your appointments and got to know the salon. Then the first ice is broken!

Another option is to look specifically for a children’s hairdresser. Such salons are particularly attuned to the little customers and take time for the respective girl and boy hairstyles. As a funny gimmick, these hairdressers often have their own chairs and seating for children, such as motorcycles or cars.

Clarify Appointment And Price Beforehand

Making your first hair appointment with a child on the spur of the moment involves a number of dangers. On the one hand, the child does not know what will happen to him and on the other hand, you yourself may not be properly prepared.

If you make an appointment in advance, you can clarify open questions about children’s hairstyles for boys directly with the hairdresser and also ask the price. For the very first haircut, the price will probably be a few euros, but with more complicated children’s hairstyles for boys, the time and effort required will increase. The prices for undercuts, barrel cuts and the like are therefore often based on those for adults.

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Discuss The Hairdressing Appointment At Home

Even if your child does not yet understand everything – before you let him cut one of the chic children’s hairstyles for boys, you should explain the upcoming to him. Ideally, you have already been to the salon together. But even if not, you can explain to him in simple terms where to go and what happens at the hairdresser.

Stay Calm At The Hairdresser

If you are there, you should take your time and that of your child. The hairdresser will advise you whether it is better to take your child on your lap or whether he or she can already sit in a high chair or booster seat.

In any case, you should stay with the child and possibly hold the child’s hands gently if you have a little fidget. Many kids think it’s great that they can sit alone in a chair like the grown-ups, but get a funny children’s cape for it.

By the way, children’s hair is usually cut dry. If you fear a hair washing drama at the hairdresser, you can relax now.

When the cut starts, you can talk to the child normally. If the child becomes restless, distraction is also a good idea, so that the hairdresser can cut one of the children’s hairstyles for boys.

If you got a small reading book or picture book in advance, it will certainly be more interesting than the clatter of scissors. Something to nibble on or a few gummy bears will help over the last few minutes when the children’s hairstyles for boys get their finishing touches. Once the cut is done, praise also does a world of good.

And If It Doesn’t Work Out?

If your child doesn’t want to have his hair cut despite all the preparations, you should definitely not force him to do it. A good hairdresser will not ask you to hold your son when he cries.

Just stay calm and try to understand your child’s fears. If it doesn’t work out on the second or third try in the barber’s chair, simply postpone the subject of children’s hairstyles for boys for a few weeks.

As a rule, you will not be charged for a failed appointment. Even children who initially have no desire to children’s hairstyles for boys from the hairdresser, eventually get used to the process. Just try it again later.

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