Children Hairstyles For Girls: Romantic Braided Hairstyles And Sassy Haircuts

Oh, how beautiful, the hair grows! Almost every girl mom is delighted when her daughter’s hair grows beyond the ears and eyes. With increasing age, more and more children’s hairstyles are possible for girls. Do you already know the most beautiful hairstyles and haircuts?

Children’s hairstyles for girls have long since gone beyond the ponytail or the Pippi Longstocking braids. You, too, have probably already followed on Pinterest or YouTube how many great ideas for children’s hairstyles for girls there are currently.

From the elaborate braided hairstyle to the peppy bob, girls can wear anything today! The only question is often: Who can braid the hair so beautifully? And: Is this haircut really practical?

We give you tips for the most beautiful children’s hairstyles for girls from baby to schoolchild.

Baby’s First Hairstyle: Barrettes, Braids And Hairbands

Some babies are born with real hair, others are still bald. At some point during the first or second year of life, however, the time has come and the first strands fall into the eyes.

While you might go to the hairdresser now for a boy, you’re probably looking for tips on simple hairstyles for your girl. Hairstyles and hair accessories are mostly a matter of getting used to for babies.

In the beginning, it may be enough to fix the small strands of hair with barrettes and hair bands. For this purpose, there is a wide range of accessories for children’s hairstyles for girls in stores.

Slightly smaller hair clips and soft hair bands with elastic are recommended. The latter, by the way, also suits babies who do not yet have much hair. If it’s grandma’s birthday or Christmas is just around the corner, try a hairband with a bow or appliqués.

This way, your baby girl is guaranteed to be the star!

If the hair is already a little longer, the first braid is also a good option for simple hairstyles. The hair tie should be small and soft because the hair is usually still fine.

Avoid hair elastics that are held by a metal clasp – these can press and damage the baby’s hair. Likewise, hairpins made of metal and large grippers have no place on very small children’s heads.

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Children’s hairstyles for girls should also be uncomplicated in the first years of life and not be a source of danger.

If you want to try out one of the cute, simple hairstyles for babies, comb the hair upwards from the face with a soft brush and gather it into a braid on the top of the head.

Tip: Have you heard of the handy mini hair elastics from the drugstore? They are available in transparent, light, dark and colored, packed in 100 or more pieces.

The mini elastics have nothing to do with household elastics but are very fine and soft – perfect for baby’s first child hairstyle for girls. Wrapped twice around the braid, they hold every strand, no matter how fine.

After wearing them, you can simply pull them out of the hair or cut them with nail scissors. They are disposable hair elastics. If you want to use them more than once, they tear easily.

At Kindergarten Age: Braiding Hair Or First Girl’s Haircut?

If your girl is already so big that she is going to kindergarten, her hair structure has usually already changed. You can now foresee whether your child will keep rather fine hair or will get a real mane.

Either way, you now need a good solution for everyday life. Children’s hairstyles for girls at this age should be practical and quickly done. Many moms (and dads too) start braiding their kids’ hair now.

Another variant is to get a cool girl haircut at the hairdresser now. Need help deciding?

Braided Children’s Hairstyles For Little Girls

When it comes to braiding hair, practice makes perfect. Maybe you’ve seen great pictures of braided kids hairstyles for girls on the internet that you’d like to copy.

But pay attention to the length and structure of the hair in the example. If your girl has completely different hair, you should rather stick to simple hairstyles for girls.

Recommended children’s hairstyles for girls to braid are:

  • French braid
  • Braided pigtails left and right

How Does A French Braid Go?

To make a French braid, comb your child’s hair well and dampen it slightly if necessary. Now divide the hair at the top of the head into three sections.

First, place the right strand over the middle strand, then the left strand. In the next step, always add about the same amount of hair to the sides. Braid to the ends of the hair and fix with a hair tie.

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If strands fall out, you can tame them with hair clips.

Tip: This type of children’s hairstyles for girls holds best when the hair is not quite freshly washed.

How Do Braided Pigtails Go Left And Right?

For braided pigtails on the sides, first make a center parting with a comb. Now tie one-half of the hair loosely with a hair tie. Now you can braid the hair on the other side.

Start behind the ear and place the outer strands alternately over the middle of a total of three strands. Wrap a hair tie around the end of the braid and repeat the procedure with the second half of the hair.

Tip: If you are still inexperienced, you can fix the braids with mini hair elastics behind the ears before braiding the hair.

Peppy Girls’ Haircuts For Kindergarten

You don’t know how to braid hair, but you’re still looking for beautiful children’s hairstyles for girls? Then a trip to the hairdresser is in order because only very few can cut their kids’ hair at home as well as a professional.

A girl’s haircut needs to be refreshed at regular intervals, but often looks especially cute and sassy. Maybe show your child pictures of different kids’ hairstyles for girls and let them help decide?

Great girls haircuts for kindergarten are:

  • Short bob with bangs
  • Shoulder length hair

Why Short Bob With Bangs?

The bob is one of the children’s hairstyles that look particularly smart. The shorter, the more practical this type of children’s hairstyles for girls. The advantage: the hair dries quickly and even fine hair structures look fuller.

Combined with a fringe, the eyes remain free with this girls haircut.

Tip: You can quickly spice up these simple hairstyles for children with a hair band, hair bands or barrettes.

Why Shoulder-length Hair?

Even if they don’t sound particularly spectacular – children’s hairstyles that go to the shoulder are practical and chic at the same time.

In this girls haircut, the hairdresser shortens the hair to the shoulder, so you can still tie a braid or braid. Bangs also look good with this hair length.

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Tip: Shoulder length hair is great kids hairstyles for girls with fine hair texture.

At School: Children’s Hairstyles For Girls With Twist

At school, children’s hairstyles can also be a little more elaborate. Maybe your girl can already tie her own braid or braid strands. High time for more than simple hairstyles!

How to style your schoolchild even without hairdresser training? With the following tips for smart children’s hairstyles!

More Elaborate Braided Hairstyles For Schoolchildren

Even if children’s hairstyles should be practical during school time, they may like to look something. When it comes to braiding hair, the motto now is practice, practice, practice! Because girls of school age are now no longer satisfied with very simple hairstyles.

Many girls also braid each other’s hair and exchange ideas about the most popular children’s hairstyles. Maybe your school friend has cool boxer braids? Then you should start perfecting this hair braiding technique right now.

An Elsa braid like from the movie “Frozen” is also one of the trendy kids hairstyles to braid. These braided hairstyles are hot among girls at school:

  • Dutch braids
  • Side braided pigtail

How Do Dutch Braids Go?

Dutch braids, also known as boxer braids, are the “cooler” version of French braids and are very popular as kids hairstyles for school-age girls.

For this hairstyle, divide your child’s combed hair into two halves and tie one of them away. With the other half, start the Dutch braid at the top of the head.

Divide the first section of hair into three strands, alternating left and right from the outside under the middle strand. As with the French braid, add more and more hair.

Now braid the braid to the tips and fix it with a hair tie. Do the same with the second half of the hair.

Tip: If you gradually pull the braid apart after braiding the hair, the braids will look more voluminous.

How Does A Side Braid Work?

A side braid like Princess Elsa is one of the most popular children’s hairstyles for girls. Especially well these children’s hairstyles work for girls with long hair. For the side braid, comb all the hair to one side and start braiding the hair behind the ear.

If you want, you can start with a French braid and let it transition into a regular braid.

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Tip: A nice ribbon at the end of the hair or a bow make the Elsa braid extra cute!

Cool Haircuts For School

If the offspring already goes to school, the children’s hairstyles for girls become more sophisticated. This also applies to the haircuts that girls find good. Perhaps your child already has role models from the media, which it also wants to emulate in terms of children’s hairstyles.

For the cool haircuts, you will probably have to go to the hairdresser with your child more often now. These two children’s hairstyles are especially recommended:

  • Asymmetrical bob
  • Side bangs

Why An Asymmetrical Bob?

Asymmetrical bobs as children’s hairstyles are the further developments of straight bobs. This hairstyle for girls becomes more stylish when the hair is left longer in the front and becomes shorter towards the nape of the neck.

The hairdresser will advise you and your child whether bangs would look good with it.

Tip: If your child is often active in their free time, the hair should be left long enough for a braid.

Why Side Bangs?

With a side fringe, you can spice up children’s hairstyles for girls that are otherwise kept quite simple. Side bangs are also great for curly hair. When cutting, it is important that the hairdresser allows the bangs to flow gently into the rest of the hair.

If the rest of the hair is long enough, you can also create braided children’s hairstyles for girls with side bangs.

Colorful Children’s Hairstyles For Girls – Is It Possible?

Many girls enjoy colorful hair accessories and are already interested in makeup. Some may also wish to have colorful hair.

Before you start thinking about coloring your hair – it’s easier to add a splash of color and, above all, it’s more child-friendly! With hair chalk and color sprays, which are now available in stores everywhere, you simply paint or spray the effects yourself.

On blond hair, pastel tones look beautiful, and on dark hair, dark green or blue create exciting reflections. It’s best to start with a strand of hair that can be washed out quickly if necessary.

However, you should refrain from using hair dyes or even colorations for children’s hairstyles for girls. These are not only partly permanent in the hair, they can also trigger allergies in sensitive scalps.

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