Children In Need – My Father Beats Me

Unfortunately, beatings are still the order of the day for some kids. Although violence against children is a taboo nowadays, the reality is often quite different. Children are beaten, kicked and seriously injured. The parents often justify such things by saying that it is the children’s own fault if they make the parents so angry. Whether a child obeys or not, violence of any kind should not be a method of education on the part of parents or anyone else.

Education: What Is Allowed And What Is Not?

A few decades ago, children were beaten at school. Teachers were allowed to do this without facing serious consequences. Slaps on the fingers or the famous head butt were used every day when a child did not want to follow the strict rules of behavior. In bad cases, schoolchildren were even beaten if they simply did not understand the subject matter.

Later, it was concluded that kids should not be punished in this way for learning deficiencies or bad behavior. After all, adults are primarily responsible for motivating the child to behave correctly. Today, it is entirely up to the teachers to make their students understand the subject matter as well as possible.

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It is true that violence by teachers only occurs in exceptional cases. However, many kids experience physical and mental violence at home.

Be aware that adults must never hit you, no matter what supposed reasons they give for doing so! No one should mistreat, neglect or bully you. This applies to other children as well as to your family members such as parents and siblings.

Because it is your right as a child to be treated as well as possible at home. This right is even laid down in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

This Is Why You Must Not Hit Children

Lacerations, bruises or even broken bones – all not uncommon for kids who regularly have to take violent actions. Sometimes they even end up in the hospital when a parent’s hand “slips” again.

Children who are beaten not only suffer serious physical harm. They are also exposed to great psychological suffering. This is because the beatings cause children to lose trust in the adult world. As a result, they may not dare to do anything later on, or they may be constantly afraid. As an adult who has been beaten, it is sometimes difficult to assert oneself in the world. Because, if you don’t have confidence in the world, you don’t take risks. In turn, if you can’t or won’t take risks, it’s very hard to achieve anything in life.

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That is why children and young people should not be physically chastised or abused under any circumstances.

Your Way To Advice, Action

As always, if you need advice or are in distress, you can contact the free telephone number of the telephone counselling service. Depending on the country, there are different crisis hotlines that are available to kids and teens without restrictions. You can contact the following:

  • From Germany: 0800/1110333 (Kinder -und Jugendtelefon der deutschen Telefonseelsorge).
  • From Switzerland and Austria: 147 without area code.

Subsequently, it is advisable to talk to a trusted person. Tell them openly what is happening at home and why you keep getting bruises. Do not hesitate for fear of betraying your parents. It is your right to get help.

Sometimes it makes sense to move in with another member of your relatives as long as you don’t feel safe at home. As a teenager, you are usually allowed to decide your own whereabouts without asking your parents. Normally this is the case from the age of 16. If you are younger than 16 and still do not want to stay at home, contact a family counseling center to be on the safe side.

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If you are beaten by a teacher, please talk to your parents about it. Because the rest of the class is also at risk of physical abuse, you must take action against such teachers. The best thing is for your parents to talk to the teacher personally first. It is essential to report the matter to the principal’s office or the school authorities. However, it is advisable to talk to the teacher in question beforehand. In this way, misunderstandings can be cleared up before further steps are taken.

Together with your confidant, you can go to such a counseling center or crisis center. The knowledgeable staff at these centers can tell you more about your options and rights on the spot. You can work together to find a solution to your problem.

If you turn to one of the above-mentioned agencies, the Jugendwohlfahrt (Youth Welfare Service) will sometimes come on the scene. A social worker will take a close look at your case and may come to your home to check your living conditions. Then a decision will be made on how to proceed.

In dire cases and emergencies, there are immediate crisis placements. In your own room or on an emergency bed, you can catch your breath first without fear of being beaten. The on-site counselors will then explain to you what will happen next.

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The Tasks Of The Jugendwohlfahrt

The Jugendwohlfahrt checks your living conditions. In addition, the Jugendwohlfahrt pays for housing for you if it is too dangerous for you to live with your parents. A social worker assigned to you will then look for a permanent placement or try to work with you and your family to resolve disputes and find compromises. If the parents admit their mistake and are ready for a change, the social worker may decide to let you return home on a trial basis as long as everything is going well.

If your parents hit you again, you can immediately contact your social worker and you will be given another crisis placement. Then you may be placed in a permanent placement (shared apartment, children’s home, assisted living).

Worksheet For The Text

1) Is it still allowed to use physical violence as an educational method today? Are teachers or parents allowed to hit you if you have been bad? Give reasons for your answer.

2) What can you do if you are beaten by your parents?

3) What should you definitely do if your teacher uses physical force against you or other classmates?

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