Children With Disabilities: A Life With A Special Child

“The main thing is that the baby is healthy”, this phrase is often heard during pregnancy. But not all children are born healthy. Between fear, worries, and wishes, parents have to find a way to deal with the situation.

When Everything Suddenly Changes

You may already have a picture of your child in your mind. How it will grow up and develop into an independent person.

If you then receive the news that you are expecting a child with a disability, your emotions go into overdrive. You may blame yourself, or your genes, for the disability. You worry about what life with a disabled child will be like and what limitations you and your child can expect.

The worry of not being able to cope with this is quite natural. But the biggest challenge is first to process and accept the news.

Life With A Special Child

You may find it difficult at first to deal with the fact that your child is “different”.But let me tell you that different is only one variable of “right”. Just because your child isn’t like other children doesn’t mean he or she can’t still be happy.
A disability says nothing about living together in the future.
The primary thing for any child is to experience the love of their parents, no matter what. In time, you will find that you will grow together through the challenges of everyday life.

Every Relationship Needs Time

Parents and children have to get to know each other after birth. This is always the case.
If your child has a disability, you may need a little more time. Allow yourself this time. Try to learn to love your child with all its peculiarities. Your child will also develop, just maybe a little slower.


You may find it helpful to talk to parents in a similar situation. Seeing how other parents are dealing with it can make you feel emotionally stronger about the future. Outsiders can also be helpful if those around you react uncertainly.

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Dealing With The Child

What parents with a disabled child face depends on the type and degree of disability. Tailor your home to meet your child’s individual needs. Try to integrate your child into your daily routines. This creates normalcy and strengthens your child’s self-esteem. It also encourages others when you see how informal dealing with a disability can be.

Within The Family

Communicate a lot. Talk to your partner about your fears, the organization of daily routines and other changes. Be open about your child’s disability; it will be easier for everyone involved. If you don’t make a drama or taboo out of the topic, others probably won’t either.

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