Unique Children’s Birthday Party: Outdoor Activities That Inspire

The birthday is usually eagerly awaited by our children. Blowing out candles and serenading them are among the classic rituals. Excitement spreads among our youngest when the guests arrive for the birthday party

A day full of fun is on the agenda, which can be arranged in different ways. If you want to give your birthday child unforgettable hours, you are guaranteed to hit the bull’s eye with an outdoor activity. You can find some ideas for inspiration in this article.


First, a few sentences about safety for the children. Basically, if you invite them to a birthday party, you automatically assume responsibility for the entire crowd. An invitation is also an offer to assume responsibility for supervision during the party

As nice as outdoor experiences are, you should be aware that it is more difficult to keep an eye on the children than in your own four walls or the garden. Depending on the age group, it’s a good idea to ask for a few parents to accompany you.

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Tips For Enriching Any Children’s Birthday Party

Do you know photo boxes? With them you can enrich your child’s celebration at any place of your choice. Live view monitor and picture printouts in any number provide extraordinary highlights at a celebration. Guests and birthday children will enjoy the photos for a long time to come

You can easily rent a photo box online, it will be delivered by courier directly to your home or to the desired location. You don’t need much space to use it, one square meter of floor space is enough

What you need is a power source, which you can usually find easily at an outdoor birthday party – unless you are celebrating in the middle of nature.

Games With Water For Our Youngest

Most younger children love to splash and splash in water, especially on warm summer days. In Germany, there are several parks with water games designed for just that. They are ideal for a birthday with our youngest, because swimming skills are not required due to the shallow pools.

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But fantastic games with water can also be organized in your own garden. For example, a great slide can be built from thick plastic wrap and soap, and the garden hose provides refreshing water

Large, water-filled balloons are also popular. You simply hang them on a rope, whoever can enjoy a cool shower the fastest by hitting them with a stick is the winner of the competition.

Adventure Pools For Slightly Older Children

There is a lot of responsibility for supervising children in an adventure pool. Although there are usually facilities for younger guests there, we still recommend a visit only for the slightly older

In addition, they should be able to swim. The advantage of fun pools is that they usually have both indoor and outdoor areas. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, the outdoor birthday party simply becomes an indoor one.

Build Boats And Try Them Out Directly

Many children are enthusiastic about making their own little boats. If you take a little walk through the forest, you can discover a wide variety of materials that are suitable for building boats: pine cones, branches, sticks, tree bark and leaves – nature has a lot in store for us

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Just let your imagination run wild. Even from plastic waste boats can be made – so you can playfully introduce the children to the topic of recycling and environmental protection

Take cord, tape and scissors with you to make it easier to connect the individual parts. And then the fun really starts: a small stream is already enough to organize an exciting boat race.

Question And Task Game In Cities

The classics among birthday activities are scavenger hunts and treasure hunts. A city is not particularly well suited for using markers to show children the way and hiding something at the finish line. However, it is ideal for an interesting game of answering questions and completing tasks

Depending on the age group, you can send the groups of participants either with an adult companion or alone. The outdoor activity can be customized and varied. Answers to questions about the city can be found, for example, in museums, on monuments or at government offices. But passers-by are also often happy to help

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Possible tasks include bringing along small items, including a leaf from a particular tree, advertising leaflets from the supermarket or a raw egg, which should of course arrive undamaged.

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