How To Make Your Children’s Birthday Party A Success?

The little ones usually look forward to the children’s birthday all year round. You want this special day to be remembered by your child and his friends for a long time? We present you the best ideas for a successful celebration and show you birthday games for indoors and outdoors, where really everyone has fun.

For the offspring, the children’s birthday is associated with fun and games, but for parents this day is often a challenge. So that the children’s birthday party does not become a test of endurance, you should think about it in detail beforehand. The age of your child plays an important role. With small children the trappings are not so important and many guests only overtax the little ones. One or two simple games or an outing in the garden are sufficient.

The older the children get, the more they realize that the birthday is a special day. Therefore, as they get older, you can prepare more original games and theme parties, invite lots of friends or even plan an outing. There are no limits to your imagination.

We provide you with tips, ideas and games for children’s birthday parties up to school age and explain which mistakes you should avoid at all costs. One thing is for sure, your child will love you and remember this day for a long time.

The Planning

Who Should Be Invited To The Children’s Birthday Party?

The question of who should be invited to the party and who should not is not so easy to answer. One possible solution is to simply invite the whole class or group. With younger children, this is certainly the easiest solution.

However, with older children, e.g. elementary school age, you should discuss with the birthday child in advance who should receive an invitation. Friendships cannot be forced and after all, all children should feel comfortable during the celebration.

How Many Children To Invite?

Think about how much space you have available and adjust the number of children accordingly. If there is not enough space inside, you can also move the party outside, e.g. to a playground, in the garden or in the courtyard.

Depending on the weather, you should advise the parents of the invited children to dress appropriately. If it rains, the world will not end. Children are usually uncomplicated and are probably happy to jump around in puddles.

What you should also not forget: a toilet should always be nearby in case you need to go quickly.

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The Invitation

The invitation should be clearly worded so that there are no misunderstandings. This way there will also be fewer questions and everything will run more smoothly. When does the children’s birthday party start and when does it end? Will the birthday be indoors or outdoors? Is there any particular attire required? You should clarify these questions in the invitation.

Tell your guests if and when they are invited to eat, then the parents of the invited children can plan the rest of the meals. If the party has a specific theme, let them know in advance so that any attire can be prepared – this creates anticipation for everyone involved.

Maybe not all parents know where you live or have forgotten again. Therefore, it is important to give the address, contact details and the date. It is also an advantage if you give a date by which you would like a response to your invitation.

You can send the invitation about two to three weeks before the children’s birthday party, so that the parents of the invited children can plan the event and still get a gift in peace. The invitation should include

  • Date of the party
  • Duration (start/end)
  • Location of the party
  • Request for confirmation/cancellation, for this the
  • Telephone number or e-mail address
  • if necessary, the indication whether the parents should/can stay there
  • if necessary, please note that you should bring appropriate clothing for the weather

How Long Does The Children’s Birthday Party Last?

How long the party should last depends on the age of the children. For very young children, two to three hours is sufficient. For older children, the birthday party can last up to four hours if a varied program is planned.

However, it is not always an advantage if a party lasts a long time. This is often due to the fact that children get tired over time and lose the desire to play. Small breaks between the games give the children new energy and offer the possibility to integrate the cake eating into the program of the children’s birthday party.

Children’s Birthday Party: With Or Without Parents?

When it comes to younger children, it is usually better if parents are present at the party. Some children may feel uncomfortable being alone with new friends in a strange milieu. This is especially true if the children have not known each other for as long as, say, the first year of kindergarten.

In this case, also prepare something for the parents who will be at the party. They may not be the main people at the party, but some coffee and cake will certainly appeal to them. Also, think of the other parents as helping to make the party a success. They know their children best and can give individual tips if there are any arguments or confusion about games. The party will certainly be more fun for them too if they are involved and can help out with the various activities and program points.

Theme Party

A theme party is a very special idea, because usually it will be even more fun and the children will remember such a party for the rest of their lives. Having a theme for the party is great, that much is certain.

There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to choosing a theme – and of course, the birthday child gets to choose! A theme can be designed with very simple means, so it doesn’t necessarily have to cost more. You just have to think a little. Choose disguises, decorations, games and food that fit the theme.

Popular themes include children’s favorite characters, from Bob Baumeister and Princess Lillifee to Pippi Longstocking, pirates, fairies, jungles and animals, circuses and the Vikings.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

Inviting Too Many Children

Everyone probably knows the unwritten law: the child is allowed to invite as many children as he or she reaches years of age. Until the end of elementary school age, you should heed this rule in any case. Because doing justice to 10-year-olds is doable. But it is hardly possible to celebrate with eight four-year-olds or six three-year-olds.

Once the child is in secondary school, however, there is certainly no need for such a rule of thumb. By then, you should have a gut feeling about how many guests are reasonable for the party you’re planning.

Celebrating For Too Long

Three to four hours is quite enough for a child’s birthday party. If the party goes on too long, everyone will eventually be too exhausted. There should be enough time to enjoy food, gift unwrapping, treasure hunt and other games in peace. Afterwards, however, everyone is sure to be tired and satisfied.

Make The Gifts A Secondary Matter

Of course, a child’s birthday party should not be all about presents, but they are still part of it and your child will look forward to them. Unwrapping presents should be a separate program item that deserves everyone’s attention. And all children should take part in it as soon as the hunger for cake has been satisfied.

Raising Expectations Too High

Try not to make too many promises to your child and raise expectations too high. Because something can always go wrong or not go smoothly. Otherwise it is doubly bitter when one child cancels at short notice, another boycotts the lovingly prepared craft activity. Or when the loser of a game suddenly cries.

Don’t Plan For Bad Weather

Of course, everyone wants bright blue skies and sunshine for a children’s birthday party in the summer. But you can’t order sunshine and poor temperatures.

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Always have a plan B in case it gets unexpectedly cool and wet. For example, write on the invitation cards that in this case all children should bring rubber boots and rain jackets. Then nothing will stand in the way of many game ideas, even in the event of a rain shower.

Prepare Too Little Program

Eating cake, then one or two games – and the rest of the time the children will keep themselves busy somehow? Not a good idea! So groups with their own ideas about what to do quickly form. Some are drawn to the trampoline outside, others to the host’s children’s room. And the host may be in tears at some point, because he had imagined everything quite differently.

It’s better to plan lots of games, and if they don’t all fit into the program in the end, it’s not so bad.

Want To Implement Many New Game Ideas

Even if you want to please the children, it is often not a good idea to introduce many new games. Children prefer to get started right away and don’t want to listen to long game instructions. One new game can possibly be ventured. The rest of the time, however, you should rely on old-fashioned birthday games.

Let The Children Into The Nursery In Between

Lean back and clear the table while sending the kids to the nursery? Quite a bad idea! On the one hand, a lot of excited children in a small space will certainly cause chaos. And on the other hand, they are difficult to bring back on the desired course afterwards. Understandable, if one has just unpacked a puzzle, the others have started a board game. That’s why the children’s party should take place in the living room and/or outside, and the rest of the apartment should be off-limits.

Allow Too Much Time For Eating

Kids get overexcited quickly, and then they have a hard time sitting still. And unlike an adult party, the food is often secondary anyway. Especially dinner just before pick-up, when there was already sweets and cake in the afternoon. So it’s enough if you don’t plan so much time for pizza or fries in the evening.

Want To Be Too Tolerant Hosts!

Children’s birthday parties are events nowadays where some parents certainly want to present themselves in a good light. Be it that they spend an expensive birthday away from home. Or – which earns you almost more respect nowadays – that they put together the perfect children’s party at home.

You can save yourself a lot of stress if you stay calm and don’t even try to be the best host. Balanced people who have no problem at all with children’s noise exceeding a certain level permanently. Or if children play with drinks and food during the meal. Then you should rather set clear limits and say “stop” in time.

Likewise, you don’t have to include the parents picking up the children in the baking and cooking or invite them in for a drink because the children are playing so nicely. Time for a glass of champagne in a small circle is rather when the last visiting child has closed the front door behind him. And your own child is completely over-excited but happy in bed.

Children’s Birthday Parties: Ideas And Tips For All Ages

The Very First Birthday

The first birthday in the life of a child is a very special day and definitely a good reason to celebrate a child’s birthday. But how many guests can you expect a one-year-old to have? Of course, you decide who comes. The most important thing is that the atmosphere is right and that your child is not overwhelmed. Too many guests will cause unrest.

Even a large party decoration is not necessary for such a small child, because the birthday child can not yet absorb so many new impressions. Decorate the room or the garden with a few balloons and make delicious birthday muffins. All other ideas you can save for the next years.

Less Is More

Generally speaking, less is more. The little ones already have enough to look at when you blow up balloons and release them to play. You can take the kids outside after eating cake, it loosens up the birthday and fresh air is always good for them.

One-year-olds also find hide-and-seek games totally exciting: hide an object behind their back – and conjure it up again. And here’s another idea: little kids love to swing. First, the birthday child is placed in a sturdy blanket. Two adults hold the blanket at both ends and gently rock the little one back and forth. Then it’s the birthday guests’ turn. You are guaranteed to please all the children.

The Birthday Cake

Of course, you can’t miss a birthday cake, but which cake is suitable for toddlers? At the age of one, children have already had their first meal and can eat almost anything. Healthy nutrition is especially important in the first year, but the first birthday is only celebrated once. A delicious cake should therefore be allowed in any case. How about a chocolate cake or muffins?

Recipe for 8 mini muffins:

  • 2 eggs
  • 50g brown sugar
  • 2-3 tablespoons maple syrup
  • 50g butter
  • 1 banana
  • 100g whole spelt flour
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1-2 tsp lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons powdered sugar
  • 8 muffin cups
  • 8 chocolate beetles

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Separate the eggs. Beat the egg yolks with 50g brown sugar, 2-3 tbsp maple syrup and 50g melted butter. Peel the banana and roughly mash it with a fork. Mix the flour with the baking powder, add the mashed banana and the egg yolk mixture and mix everything well. Now beat the egg whites until stiff and mix them into the batter.

You can now fill the batter into the muffin cups. Place the muffins on a baking tray and bake on the middle rack for 15-18 minutes. Mix 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar with 1-2 teaspoons of lemon juice and place a blob in the center of the cooled muffins. Place small chocolate bugs or other treat on top. Let dry for 20-30 minutes – your birthday treat is ready.

Birthday Rituals

Since this is your child’s very first birthday, you can introduce rituals now. They are especially important for children, because they give them clear structures to which they can orient themselves. This creates a lot of security.

How about a little crown that your protégé can wear on every birthday from now on? Or you could take a photo together on each birthday. Over the years, this will result in a series of pictures that will eventually become a wonderful memory.

Ideas For Children From 2 To 3 Years Old

At this age, children already really perceive their birthday and understand that it is a special day. They get presents and are the center of attention.

However, since such a day is still a challenge for the little ones, it is quite enough if the celebration goes for two to three hours. A celebration from, say, 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. is long enough and with dinner towards the end, the party heroes will fall blissfully into bed afterwards.

Children’s Birthday Games

2-year-olds tend to play even more alongside each other than with each other. Therefore, they will probably feel most comfortable if they can play outside for a bit in the sand or in a garden playhouse.

Indoors, you can provide a ball pit or Duplo bricks. So the little ones can occupy themselves prima Well, since they can run so well, they are lightning fast and their thirst for action knows no bounds. So please check your yard or indoor play area and make sure both have clear, safe boundaries.

Children ages 2 to 4 are not yet immersed in fantasy worlds as they are later in preschool. Their games are more related to their actual daily lives, often copying adult activities, and their first role-playing games emerge.

Organized games with more comprehensive rules are difficult and quickly overwhelm children at this age. Likewise, most children prefer to see what happens. So it’s better not to blindfold them or plan games in the dark.

Difficulties With Children’s Birthday Parties

Small children quickly start crying – from anger, from fright, from impatience. So arm yourself with an extra portion of patience and attention. Often children of this age do not want to stay anywhere without mom and dad.

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In case of doubt, they will certainly be comforted by their parents. But please do not invite the parents to the coffee klatsch at the same time. Their support is important, but you will certainly need it for the event to run smoothly. And the little guests prefer to play party games with mom or dad’s direct support.

At ages 2 to 3, it’s best to put the birthday boy’s favorite toys out of reach before the child’s birthday party. Sharing is difficult at that age and if children start fighting over toys, the party can quickly end in tears.

Children this age like to sing and play circle games. Games where you have to wait longer for your turn are not so good.

How Many Children To Invite?

You should definitely not invite too many children at this age. If the parents come along and are also willing to actively participate and help with the birthday activities, you can perhaps increase the number of guests in this age group up to four. However, the children should then also know each other and get along well.

If the little birthday guests are already able to cope without accompaniment, then you should absolutely adhere to the rule of thumb “one guest per year of age” in order to avoid overtaxing them. You should still plan for one or two helpers, because unforeseen situations will always arise in which you will be glad to have a helping hand.

So it’s really not necessary to go overboard with the birthday party. You don’t need to be over the top original and funny. Children in this age group want to have fun and feel comfortable. It’s best to just try to be relaxed and open to everything.

Children’s Birthday Party: Ideas For Children From 4 Years Old

At this age, you can definitely involve your child in planning the kids birthday party. Most kids are very excited weeks before their 4th birthday and want a great birthday party. They will eagerly participate in designing and crafting the invitation cards and may already have wishes about what kind of games should definitely not be missing at their birthday party.

Celebrate With Or Without Parents?

Should the parents of the little birthday guests be present or not? Opinions differ on this question. Some children find a celebration without additional parents beautiful and would prefer not to have their own parents present at all. Other parents of birthday children are uncomfortable with the idea of spending an afternoon alone with lots of children, without additional adult chaperones. No matter what you decide: It is important to provide guests and their parents with clear clarity here in advance. Some guests, or perhaps their parents, are not entirely comfortable going to a party alone, perhaps for the first time, at the age of 4. It is good to know the modalities in advance and to be prepared for them.

Crafting And Playing At The Children’s Birthday Party

One thing must not arise on the children’s birthday in any case: Boredom! Children want to be kept busy, and both community games and handicrafts are ideal. When it comes to games, those in which you can win as a team are particularly suitable.

Not all children of this age are able to lose well due to their development, and if a child is hit several times, this can have a considerable negative effect on his or her mood. You can be on the safe side with team games or game ideas that don’t involve a winner. Anything that involves additional movement is usually very well received. Sack races, an appropriate climbing course or dance games are excellent ideas for the birthday.

When crafting, you should make sure that the shapes are not too small to glue or cut. Many children at this age are still overtaxed with fine motor skills and quickly become frustrated.

Come On, Let’s Find Some Treasure!

A treasure hunt is a great way to keep 4-year-olds busy for a while. Treasure hunts are suitable for indoors and outdoors. If you plan the treasure hunt outside, you should also keep an eye on the weather: Is there an alternative if it rains? When planning the treasure hunt, it is important to remember that children should not be overburdened in terms of time or tasks.

The developmental differences are still very great in 4-year-olds. Logical thinking, motor skills and temporal endurance should not be overstretched. Parents who are unsure about this can also book a treasure hunt through a professional organizer of children’s birthday parties. This ensures that the material has been selected in an age-appropriate manner and that the children will receive fun prizes at the end! Parents who want to come up with their own expenses are well advised to use color games and picture clues.

Fun Games For 4-year-olds

Young children often don’t understand the rules of the game very well yet and can’t take a loss very well. So it’s best not to make a competition out of the game, but instead give the dwarves a small prize after each after the game, for example. The following games are good for 4-year-olds:

Sleeping Lions

In this game, all the children lie down on the floor and pretend to sleep like little puppies. They can’t move or they are out. So if they move a little, they are no longer a puppy and can help watch the other lions. They try to make the children laugh. The child who doesn’t move the longest wins.

Blow Soccer

With blow soccer, give each child a straw and place a cotton ball in the middle of the table. Then the soccer game can begin!

Potato Run

In potato running, tape two lines on the floor a few feet apart. Then each child must walk from side to side with a potato on a ladle. You can make the game more difficult with a smaller spoon and a boiled egg. Or you can make it easier with a ping pong ball or a cotton ball.

Children’s Birthday Party With 5 Years

Time is running out – all too soon, your offspring’s 5th birthday is on the calendar. For you, that means you get to plan another kid’s birthday party. But the 5th birthday will definitely be different in terms of entertainment and design from the children’s birthday party before. The children are more mature now and will be happy if you suggest various entertainment games to them.

Depending on when your child’s birthday is, you can take the kids outside to celebrate and play with them. The birthday games may also include the classics of all children’s birthdays on the plan. And everyone knows them: musical chairs, sack races, egg races, pot banging, sausage snatching and “eating chocolate. It’s a good idea to suggest a few birthday games to the children and then let them decide what they want to play.

The birthday party for the 5th birthday can of course also start under a certain motto. With a great invitation card – bought or self-made – the little guests are informed about the date and place. Owl motifs, a tractor as a card or a soccer stadium – a beautiful invitation awakens the anticipation and curiosity for this one day. Depending on the selected invitation card, the theme can run through the entire birthday party and entertain the children in the best way.

Five year olds have a vivid imagination and love role play. Therefore, a party theme for dressing up is always a good idea. Princess, pirate, knight, Roman or whatever promises great fun. In any case, your birthday child will quickly become enthusiastic about certain favorite characters.

How Long Is A Children’s Birthday Party From 5 Years?

As a child, a children’s party is a very impressive experience. Therefore, many parents wonder how long a children’s birthday party from 5 years should last. For 5-year-olds, a three-hour children’s party is long enough, because most children are really tired afterwards.

Although children as young as five are capable of playing organized games, short games and spontaneous group activities may be a better choice.

Children’s Birthday Party From 6 Years Old

Upon reaching the age of 6, some children already enter elementary school. That’s why the children’s birthday party can be a little bigger. Perhaps several children can celebrate together and invite the whole class. For this purpose, for example, a location can be rented in which there is room for everyone.

In a venue, you also save on preparing food and cleaning up in your own home. However, if the birthday with 6-year-olds is celebrated only with the best friends, the park, own garden or a forest is well suited as a venue.

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Of course, several children can celebrate together. A clear advantage with several birthday children is that the guests at the small celebration bring birthday gifts suitable for all children. This way, they don’t feel disadvantaged and may take a closer look at their gifts. Some kids also feel more comfortable among a few, but the best friends. With a few, the venue can also be more flexible. In other words, the parents have a short journey and the guests know the surroundings better.

6-year-olds no longer necessarily want to have their parents with them for their birthday. They are already “big” and would like to play alone with their friends. If the 6th child’s birthday is with children of different ages, it may be good to have the parents of the younger ones present for the first few minutes at the birthday party. It may take some time for the slightly younger visitors to get used to the party, especially if they don’t know all the other guests.

How Long Should The Party Last?

Many parents wonder how long a children’s party for 6-year-olds can last. For children as young as 6, a celebration of 3 to 3.5 hours is sufficient. Of course, it also depends on the activities you will do together with the children and the composition of the group. When planning, you should also take into account the travel time to and from a location, as this can also affect the duration of the party.

Games And Theme Ideas

Very popular with 6 year olds are the classics like pot banging, bowling or sack races. However, they also like to try a more challenging game. If you are going to have a theme party, the games should of course match it. This can be in the form of game play such as an obstacle course across a “river” (a blue tarp) with stones made of paper for the theme “jungle explorer” or “jungle expedition”. Furthermore, there is the possibility to customize the decoration of the game if the content does not quite reflect the theme. For example, how about a superhero treasure hunt where kids can dress up as their favorite heroes?

Children’s Birthday Party With School Children

By the age of eight to ten, kids have really settled in at school and are slowly getting to the age where pot banging and blind man’s buff are out. The offspring now expects a cool birthday party and at the latest now it becomes clear that it makes sense to celebrate the birthday once with the family and once with the friends.

It offers itself therefore to find two dates. Often the offspring also express the desire to celebrate the birthday outside, so it is not really feasible to get everyone under one hat, or under one roof.

At the birthday party with the family, grandma and grandpa are usually present, so it’s not bad if it’s quieter. You can serve coffee, cake and dinner. It is mainly about a cozy get-together with the family.

In return, you can make the celebration with the friends more creative and action-packed. Even if the kids already feel too cool for many games, everyone will surely enjoy a day at the indoor playground.

The Birthday Party At The Climbing Park

A cool way to celebrate the 10th or even the following birthdays are the climbing parks or indoor climbing parks. Here you can wonderfully measure the forces among themselves, can spend some great hours together and successfully. Such a birthday party can be an unforgettable experience in a positive sense for everyone involved.

Cinema Visit

A visit to the cinema is also a great way to celebrate the child’s birthday. With selected friends you go to the current movie – popcorn, ice cream and a cold drink included.

And quite clearly, parents have lost nothing in the process. If dad-taxi is needed, then you are really just a driver and can pass the time until the end of the cinema otherwise.

Pajama Party

There’s something about celebrating a birthday in pajamas or a baggy shirt. For the most part, this birthday celebration will be all in the teenager’s room. Watching TV together, popcorn and other munchies and drinks are all part of it.

The cozy evening with the best girlfriends or friends becomes a particularly cool experience. And the obligatory pillow fight can’t be missing at this age either. And at some point, or maybe not at all, the night’s rest will take hold. A joint breakfast lets the birthday party end accordingly fun.

Children’s Birthday Games: This Is What You Should Look For When Choosing

To ensure that the children really have fun at the children’s birthday party, it is important to choose the right games. Not all games are suitable for every party. Therefore, you should consider the following points when thinking about which games should enrich the children’s birthday party:

  • the preferences of your birthday child: Because if the person of honor of the day does not like the selected children’s birthday games, this is of course unfavorable. So be sure to talk to your child and make sure he likes all the games that will be played on his birthday.
  • the age of the children present: from about eleven years old, it can sometimes be considered uncool to play games at a child’s birthday party. Therefore, our suggestions are primarily aimed at the age between four and ten years.
  • the group size or number of children: Some children’s birthday games are only suitable for larger groups, others only for small ones, and still others for both.
  • the developmental stage of the children: if you are unsure whether games will go down well with your child’s friends or whether they are already considered boring by older children, it is best to ask your child whether he or she would like to play games at all at his or her party. If he or she immediately reacts negatively, you can think of an alternative together. Because if the children are already a little more mature, it may well be that they are no longer interested in playing games together.

Children’s Birthday Games For Indoors

The weather doesn’t always cooperate and the children’s birthday party has to take place indoors. Fortunately, there are many great kids’ birthday games that can be played indoors or outdoors. We present you games with which your indoor party will certainly not be boring.

Ghost Hunt

A children’s birthday guest is designated as a ghost, may hide in the dark room or basement room. The ghost hunters are equipped with flashlights (from Amazon), have exactly 30 seconds to find the ghost. If they do not succeed, the ghost may hide again. Otherwise, the successful hunter becomes a ghost. Who you gonna call?

Predator Feeding

Two children sit down close together on a chair at the table. The child in front is the predator. He gets a raincoat (washable) put on upside down. The one behind slips into the sleeves. He now has to grab the things that are on the table (chocolate kisses, spaghetti, etc.) to feed the predator and shove them into the predator’s mouth. The predator is only allowed to move its head! The winner is the team that fed the plate the fastest (and where they missed the least).

Blind Cow

One player is blindfolded with a scarf or a suitable cloth. The others run around and tease the blind cow by calling it or tugging and lightly pinching it. Whoever the blind cow can grab must be blindfolded in her place.

Pot Banging

In this game, one of the players is blindfolded so that he cannot see anything. Then a wooden spoon is put in his hand and it is spun in a circle by another teammate to confuse him. Somewhere in the room an upside-down pot is placed, under which there is usually something sweet or a gift. The pot must not be moved during the search.

The blindfolded child must now crawl to find the pot by constantly banging the wooden spoon on the floor in front of him. While doing this, the other children give clues by calling out “hot” and “cold” as to whether the searching child is approaching the pot or moving away from it.

Sometimes another player also taps on the pot at the beginning, pointing the blindfolded player in the direction of where the pot is. As soon as the searching player has found the pot and knocks on it, he may take the cloth from his eyes and the reward. Then another player takes his turn, the pot is moved to another place. In one variation, several children are blindfolded and searching for cooking spoons at the same time.

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Children’s Birthday Games For Outside

Outdoor birthday games ensure that children can really let off steam. Group games and movement games are particularly suitable for this. But other games can easily be moved outside as well. If the season allows it, at least half of the birthday games should be for outside.

We present you 10 for children’s birthday games outdoors, with which you are guaranteed to convince the little ones.

Treasure Hunt

In this game, kids solve puzzles together, follow clues and have to pass tasks. In the end, of course, they find the treasure. What you need is a treasure map and a treasure chest, richly stocked with chocolate candies or candy, or even a cake for the children’s birthday party.

The treasure chest can be made from a shoebox, for example, and is hidden in a secret place. Tasks and clues can be noted on the treasure map. If you like, you can burn the edge of the treasure map with a lighter and then roll it up. The actual treasure hunt is best wrapped up by a storyteller in an imaginative story. Each child should be given a task, or alternatively everyone works through the riddles at the same time.

Scavenger Hunt

A classic outdoor game that gets everyone in the mood for adventure at a children’s birthday party is the scavenger hunt. First, a trail is laid out. With paper scraps, which the children may make themselves beforehand, the first group, e.g. the birthday child and an adult, mark the path.

The second group follows after about 20 minutes and tries to find the first group. When laying tracks, it is quite possible to lay false tracks so that it is not too easy. Finally, the trackers mark the end of the track with a cross and hide. Alternatively, a treasure chest can be hidden there.

The Fisherman’s Birthday Game

On a playing field, e.g. a meadow, two parallel lines are drawn about 5 meters apart. Behind one line stands the fishing child – in the first round this is of course the birthday child. Behind the second line the other children stand and call out “Mr. Fischer, Mr. Fischer, what color is the water today?”. The Fischer child now calls back a color: “The water is blue today!”

He then gets to run to the other children and high-five everyone who is wearing something blue on their clothes. Instead, the children try to get across the other line themselves without being high-fived. Those knocked off now play on the fisherman’s side in the next round. The winner is the one who is left last without being knocked off and gets to be the fisherman in the next game.

Sack Race And Egg Race

This game provides action at the children’s birthday party. There is an old sack or large garbage bag for each child. A starting line is drawn outside in the garden or park and a target is marked. A turning point can also be marked after a certain distance, where the children have to turn back.

The start line is then also the finish line. Alternatively, or as a 2nd round, the course can also be designed as an egg race. Each child balances a boiled egg, a plastic egg or, for example, a potato on a large spoon. A medal can be made for the winners, and of course the other children receive a consolation prize. It is best to hold these races on soft grass so that no one gets hurt if they trip.

Catch The King

In this children’s birthday game, one child is the king or queen. For this, you make a crown or alternatively have the child put on a funny hat. The king now decides who the other children – his “subjects” – are allowed to move around and shows everyone how to do it. For example, it can jump on one leg, or hop on both legs, leap like a frog, tiptoe like a cat, or gallop like a horse. You can grab your nose like an elephant and stick your other arm through as a trunk – there are no limits to your imagination. The other children must now try to catch the king, moving in the given manner. The winner is next king or queen.

Skittles For Children’s Birthday Party

Take 9 empty plastic drink bottles. These are half-filled with water and placed in the typical arrangement as for bowling outside in the garden: 5 bottles in the back, 3 in front and one bottle in the very front. At a distance of 5 to 10 meters, depending on how difficult it should be, a starting line is marked with chalk. From there, the bottles can be bowled away with a ball.

he one who knocks down all the cones with one throw wins a small instant prize. Overall, the points are counted after several rounds of play. The winner gets a homemade children’s birthday medal, everyone else gets a consolation prize.

Potato Race

For this game, teams of two children each are formed. They are tied back to back or a sheet of paper is clamped between them, which must not fall down during the race. Each child receives a spoon in the left and right hand, on each of which a potato is placed.

At the start command, the potatoes must be brought safely to the finish line over a predefined distance. If one of the two drops a potato, both must return to the starting line. All teams start at the same time, the one who arrives first is the winner. The winners receive a children’s birthday medal.

Feeling With The Feet

This birthday game stimulates creativity and imagination. A barefoot parcour is set up on the floor. As material can be used anything that can not hurt the feet and which is either already in the house or can be easily obtained.

For example, hay, leaves, small twigs, chestnuts, cardboard, earth, pebbles, sawdust, grains of rice, water in a shallow bowl, absorbent cotton and so on are suitable. The blindfolded children are taken in turn and led around the course outside. Whoever has recognized the most materials wins the game.

Come Along Or Run Away

This is a game of catch for a child’s birthday party, where all the children first line up in a circle and face the center. One child plays the catcher and stays outside the circle. The catcher walks around the circle and chooses a child. He taps the child on the back and calls out either “Come with me” or “Run away”.

With “Come along” the child must run in the same direction, with “Run away” in the opposite direction. Both must now run once around the circle and try to be the first to reach the gap. Whoever gets there first stops in the gap and the other child is now the catcher in the game.

Sugar And Salt For Children’s Birthday

In this party game, a child is drawn by lot to be the game leader in the first round. He or she remains standing in one spot, with the other children at a certain distance, for example ten meters away, on a curved line. Now the game leader turns slowly on the spot and says in a speed determined by him or her or with pauses between the words: “sugar and salt”. At “sugar” the other children must start running quickly; at “salt” they must stop immediately. If a child is still moving after “salt” has been said, he/she must return to the starting point. The winner is whoever can touch the game leader first and then gets to be the game leader in the next round.

A Few Tips To Finish

Make sure you don’t pack the kids’ birthday party too full, even if you only mean well. The children should have enough time between the activities and games that they can simply spend together freely. Otherwise, the fun will quickly become an effort. Supervise the children’s birthday party in pairs or threes. If one of the parents can not, then with older siblings, aunts or grandparents. This is not only much more relaxed, but also allows one of the supervisors to take care of a single child in case of emergency.

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