12 Tips Around Children’s Email Services

On some children’s sites you need an e-mail address to log in. This is also very useful for writing with other children. E-mail means sending messages via the Internet. E-mail means nothing else than “electronic message”. The e-mail address is something similar to a postal address. When someone sends a message to your e-mail address, you can read it a few moments later.

Most email providers are designed for adults, and their websites are far too cluttered for you. On some sites, you’ll be inundated with advertisements. This can be very annoying. That’s why there are now e-mail providers for children. They have designed their websites so that you can easily find your way around. The following tips will help you.

Tip No. 1: Mail4Kidz.de

With this email service, only senders from your friends list can send you messages. This has the advantage that you cannot receive advertising mails or mails from strangers. With the bulletin board of this site you can find children who are looking for a pen pal. Unfortunately, the registration is a bit complicated. However, Mail4Kidz is all the more secure for that – it pays off! In order to register with this portal, you need to fill in the registration form and send it by mail with your parents’ signature. A little later you can start!

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Tip No. 2: Avoid Advertising E-mails

Many adults have several e-mail addresses. The purpose of this is that they only give their real e-mail address to friends and acquaintances. The other address is used to register on Internet sites or to participate in competitions. This way, spam (that’s what those annoying junk mails are called) can be avoided in the right inbox.

Tip No. 3: Your Nickname

As with children’s chats, the same applies to e-mail addresses: Never use your real name! Pick a funny fantasy or animal name for your email address.

Tip #4: Chain Emails

Sometimes you’ll get chain emails from friends that say the following:
“Forward this message to 20 friends and something wonderful will happen to you!” Unfortunately, emails of this nature are often designed to get as many email addresses as possible. They are then flooded with advertisements.

Tip No. 5: Unknown E-mails And Spam

Every email user receives messages from unknown or strange senders from time to time. Sometimes these mails are even in English. It’s best not to open such mails in the first place. Delete them immediately. Under no circumstances should you answer advertising mails!

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Tip No. 6: File Attachments

To send photos, text files or other files, you can attach them in an e-mail. They will then appear at the end of the mail and can be downloaded by the recipient. If you receive e-mails with file attachments whose senders you do not know, the following applies: Hands off! Such attachments may contain computer viruses and be harmful to you and your PC.

Tip no. 7: Others Are Also Reading

When you send a letter, you can never be sure who will read it. Sometimes messages are passed on. It’s the same with e-mails. So only write things in the e-mail that are not secret. By the way, it can also happen very easily that you unintentionally send the email to a different email address than you intended. For example, by clicking on the wrong e-mail address. To avoid this, follow the next tip.

Tip #8: Double Is Better

Emails are written quickly. Nevertheless, take the time to read through your message again carefully. Remember that some things seem different when you write them. Make sure that the content of your e-mail is not misunderstood. Also reread the subject and the recipient of your email. Only when you are absolutely sure, you should click on “send”.

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Tip #9: Subject And BCC

The subject is a line in which you can give your message a “heading”. Write there what your mail is about.

Do you want to send your email to multiple recipients at once? No problem! In the field “CC” you can enter additional e-mail addresses. They will also receive this e-mail. But be aware that each of them will see that he is not the only recipient.

If you want to avoid this, you can use the “BCC” field. Then you will not be able to see that others have also received this message.

Tip #10: Forwarding E-mails

You can easily and quickly forward the e-mails from your outbox to others. All you have to do is click on “forward”. However, think carefully about whether the recipient will find this okay. It’s better to ask if you’re not sure. Just as in real life, some things should not be forwarded on the Internet.

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Tip No. 11: Grundschulpost.de

This email service has the advantage that you can only get mails from people who are in your address book. Similar to Mail4Kidz you won’t get any advertising mails or e-mails from strangers. Elementary school mail is a bit more secure than Mail4Kidz. In order to be able to register, you have to send in the signature of your parents by mail.

Tip No. 12: Kidsmail24.de

With this provider you also have an address book. In addition, you can save the birthdays of your friends in a separate calendar. Using a special points system, you can even send SMS messages free of charge. Have you ever seen an e-mail postcard? With Kidsmail24.de you can send such postcards yourself. Your parents will find more detailed information at Kidsmail24.de.

Worksheet For The Text

1) Explain the difficult words in the text.
What does…

  • E-mail address
  • Subject
  • attach
  • Spam

2) What tips can you remember? Describe two of them.

3) Name two children’s email providers.

4) Do you already have an e-mail address? What experiences have you had with it (spam mail, chain mail, mails from unknown people, advertising)? Talk about it in groups.

Photo: Ksander / bigstockphoto.com

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