The Best Children’s Sites For Elementary School Students On The Net

The Internet is not only for adults an endless treasure trove. But not all sites are suitable for kids. Many are too confusing for you. On others, there is content that is only for adults or contains many advertising banners. Banner ads are large advertisements on websites.

The following links for elementary school students are fun and great for playing and learning.

Sites For Shatting, Playing And Laughing
Labbe is a German publishing house for children and teaching materials. On the overview page, you can choose one of the many great sections. Especially cool is the Zzzebra page. This page always offers you new songs, rhythmic games, and more opportunities to participate in music.
A city just for kids – that would be something, wouldn’t it? The Kingsville homepage is designed like a small city. On the map, you can choose which part of the city you want to explore. In the studio, for example, you can get active and invent funny gap stories.

The lifeboat is a forum where your questions are answered. It’s a lot like a suggestion box. In the library, you can read stories and poems. Don’t forget to sign the guestbook before you leave!

Also, take a look at the Internaut School! There you’ll learn just about everything there is to know about the Internet. Topics include browsers, viruses, smileys, and more. Did you know that computer viruses are harmful programs that can slow down or even break your PC?
This site has a lot of handicraft instructions, coloring pages, and game tips. In the section “Your rights” you can get detailed information about children’s rights. The texts on this page are easy to understand even for elementary school students.

Also interesting:
The Light Of Peace Goes Out Into The World
Are you interested in distant countries and cultures? Then is the right site for you. Playfully you get to know the continent of Africa. Try out the numerous audiobooks, stories, songs, and videos for yourself! By the way, the offer of this site is free of charge.
Do you know Käpt’n Blaubär, Hein, and his little bear friends? On this site of WDR Rundfunk, you can play with your TV stars. You can also send funny e-cards to your friends by e-mail. Do you like to watch TV and are real smarty pants? Then you will like the movies with the bears. Because this site is ad-free, we think it’s especially great.
No other children’s portal has as many online games like this one. The games database is constantly growing and contains only material suitable for children. The fun heroes from the Tigerentenclub, Sandmännchen, and Co. are waiting for you – drop by and try them out! These games are also free of advertising and viruses.
Here you can find games and videos about Heidi, Bibi Blocksberg, and Co. If you like to chat with other kids, you can register for the tivi Treff. After you have registered, the chat and forums will be activated for you.
The children’s radio channel of WDR offers you current, child-oriented news, music charts and more. On the Kiraka homepage you can listen to the radio online – anytime! At the bottom right of the page you’ll find a link to “Bärenbude”. This is a radio show that runs daily at the Kiraka. With the guessing bear, the cuddly bears and Co. you will always hear exciting news and get to know what’s going on in the world.

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At Least One German Cheers In The Champions League
Kakadu is also a children’s radio station where you can listen to the news of the day, radio plays, and more. You can follow Kakadu Radio live by clicking on “Listen Live” on the page.
Do you want to do some handicrafts? This and more awaits you on this page of the Bayerischer Rundfunk. Under “Meet and Find” there’s even a chat and a guestbook for you.

Pages For Reading And Learning
On this site, you will find numerous reading texts. The big advantage of this homepage is the many languages offered. Besides German, there are online books in Italian, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, and English. So you are sure to find something in your native language. You can also look at picture books on this site.
Traffic education is complicated and boring, you might think. This is no longer the case. On you can learn how to behave in traffic. Try out the numerous games and implement the traffic rules correctly. This colorful, fun children’s site was awarded the Golden Sparrow as the best children’s site in 2011. It is designed in such a way that even kids who can’t read very well yet can quickly find their way around it.

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Soon There Will Be Sneakers That Tie Themselves
Curious kids will always find something on this site that they didn’t know before. For girls, there is a lot to discover in the world of princesses. Young adventurers can learn by playing in the “puzzle fun” section. Painting materials can also be downloaded here., with its section for children from 4-7, is particularly well suited for younger students who are not yet able to read long texts.
Geolino offers interactive content for your tablet and iPad. In addition, there are texts in the nature, people and technology sections as well as games and knowledge tests. In the Geolino Community you can exchange ideas with other kids. A community is a site with chats and forums where you can talk to others. Geolino only promotes its own products. This makes the homepage appealing and clear.
Learn to create your own website. This is very easy with the website generator. You can put exciting stories, funny photos and more on your homepage or look at the pages of other children. This way you learn to understand the Internet and how it works a little better.
Do you need tutoring in German? Then take a look at this site. If you click on “Content”, you’ll get to some texts you can look at. Do you want more? Then your parents can order CDs and booklets of the German course here. They are not very expensive and offer interactive exercises with correction and self-control.
What to do when there’s a fire? This page shows you what to do when a smoke alarm sounds. The interactive quiz is fun and offers you interesting information about the fire department and fire.

Also interesting:
The Toads Migrate Again
Olli’s world is the name of this site. In Olli’s animal lexicon, you can learn everything about the best-known animal species. Are you already an expert when it comes to animals? Then the games, puzzles and quizzes on this homepage won’t be difficult for you. Try it yourself and become an experienced animal researcher.
The world of dinosaurs is incredibly diverse. Do you already know about the history of dinosaurs? This dinosaur page offers you a listing of many previously known dinosaurs and lots of information about the individual dinos.
Politics for kids doesn’t have to be boring. With the funny comics, games and articles on hanisauland you get a fun insight into the most important topics of the adult world. By the way, you can also learn interesting details about the religions that exist in the world. If you prefer watching movies instead of reading, choose one of the many movies on the site and watch it directly.

Worksheet For The Text

1) Explain the difficult words in the text.
What does…

  • Advertising banner
  • Computer viruses
  • Community

2) Pick a page from the list and look around on it. Make a small poster with the benefits of the page. Then present the site to your class using the poster.

3) Why are children’s sites particularly good for you? What are the disadvantages of other websites designed for adults?

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