Children’s Songs To Sing Along: 30 Children’s Songs To Sing Together

Children have fun singing and dancing together. Moreover, singing has many positive effects on the development of your child. That’s why we have compiled 30 children’s songs for you to sing along to in various everyday situations.

Singing Together Is Fun

Babies and small children love it when something is sung to them. Even expectant mothers sing and play music to their children. In the womb, the baby learns its first melodies and even recognizes them after birth.

Many mothers use familiar melodies from pregnancy to soothe crying babies. Babies can often be soothed by the familiar sounds.

From the age of six months, children begin to move rhythmically to music and song. Then the little head nods to the beat, the upper body rocks to the rhythm or the little feet bob to the music. With the first steps come the first dance attempts.

When you sing to your child or sing together, it’s not about the right notes and the perfect sound. Babies and small children don’t care about that. Your child will like your singing in any case. You should also overlook wrong tones, otherwise you will deprive him of the joy of singing early on.

Depending on the situation, singing together can relax children, such as lullabies. But it can also really wake you up in the early morning and put you in a good mood and give you a great start to the day. After a silly fall, a song like “Heal, Heal Bless” can even comfort.

Singing together on long car rides can also work wonders. If your sweetheart was still cranky because of the boring car ride, then he is now distracted and has directly much more fun on the trip. This distraction can even help against travel sickness, because when you sing, your breathing changes and your attention is completely focused on the song.

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Children’s songs have wonderfully catchy melodies and simple lyrics that the little ones quickly recognize and can sing along to early on. In addition, they are about child-friendly topics and simply invite you to sing, dance and clap together.

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Singing Is Good For Development

All children are musical in their own way and can be delighted with music. Parents should support this innate musicality. Singing, dancing, and playing around with sounds together will playfully train your sweetheart’s musical skills – plus, it has even more educational effects.

Singing can promote the development of children. Children’s songs to sing along with support the linguistic development of the little ones. They also expand their vocabulary and at the same time pronunciation is practiced in a playful way.

In addition, the song lyrics are automatically memorized and thereby taught a lot about sentence structure and speech melody. In addition, it requires a lot of attention, so that the concentration is also trained by children’s songs to sing along. After all, to be able to sing along, you have to listen very carefully to what is being sung.

The content that is conveyed when learning the songs is closely linked to the music and forms good memory aids for the whole of life. Don’t we all know the moment when we sing the alphabet in our heads to find out exactly what the order of the letters was?

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There are not only children’s songs to sing along to, but also children’s songs to sing along and join in. With them, children are animated to move in a playful way and thus automatically train their movements and improve their coordination as well as their motor skills.

Children’s Songs To Sing Along

There are children’s songs for every situation in everyday life. So you will always find a suitable song for your current activity. There are songs for when you’re out and about, for going for walks, and for trips to the forest. Then there are songs for cooking, for washing or for falling asleep. With nursery rhymes, children can learn about animals and be accompanied through all the seasons.

We have compiled 30 ideas for children’s songs to sing along with for you and your treasure:

Children’s Songs To Sing Along With In Everyday Life

These children’s songs create common rituals in everyday life. Your child has problems with being washed patiently in the morning? Try it with a song. Your child is quickly distracted, looks forward to singing together in the morning and almost forgets about washing:

  • Show me your feet
  • Wash your hands
  • Pattycake, pattycake
  • Lirum, larum, spoon handle

Children’s Songs To Sing Along To On The Way

Children’s songs to sing along with can accompany you and your child not only in everyday life. There are also numerous songs to sing along to when you are out and about on a walk or an excursion:

  • Hum, hum, hum
  • Little Hans
  • The monkeys are racing through the forest
  • Hopp, hoppe rider
  • The miller’s delight is to wander
  • Cuckoo, cuckoo calls from the forest
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Children’s Songs To Sing Along And Learn

Sing-along nursery rhymes are also a great way to teach your child something new. Whether it’s colors, animal species, the alphabet, numbers or body parts. There are nursery rhymes for many topics that teach new knowledge in a playful way:

  • Green, green, green are all my clothes
  • All the birds are already here
  • ABC song
  • This is straight, that is crooked
  • Five little fishes
  • Head and shoulders, knee and foot
  • Big clocks go tick tock

Children’s Songs To Sing Along To For The Different Seasons Of The Year

Nursery rhymes can also accompany you throughout the year and the different seasons. Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter with the Christmas season. You can always find a suitable song:

  • I love the spring
  • In March the farmer
  • Dear, dear sun
  • The woods are already colorful
  • I walk with my lantern
  • It’s raining, it’s raining
  • The snow is falling softly
  • Tomorrow, children, there will be something

Children’s Songs To Sing Along And Join In

Many children’s songs not only invite children to sing, but also to move and dance together. They are a lot of fun for the little ones in the community and train their motor skills:

  • Ringel, Ringel, Row
  • Aram sam sam
  • The Plumpsack goes around
  • Hat, stick, umbrella
  • Teddy bear, teddy bear, turn around

There are an incredible number of children’s songs for you and your child to sing along to. Singing together can sweeten your everyday life and, especially when washing in the bathroom or going to sleep, form common rituals that are all yours and firmly integrated into everyday life.

Try it out. Your child will also be happy if you sing to it and it can sing along with the songs after a while. Then you can sing along to the children’s songs to your heart’s content anytime and anywhere.

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FAQ About Singing Along To Children’s Songs


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