Children’s Weight Chart: Does Your Child Have A Healthy Weight?

Do you want to know if your child’s weight is age-appropriate? With the help of the World Health Organization weight chart to get an overview and compare your child’s weight and compare your child’s weight with the standard values.

Weight Development: U-Heft

During the regular U examinations, the pediatrician checks the development of your child’s weight. Here weighs your child and enter the weight in the table provided in the yellow U-booklet U-booklet. So that the pediatrician can follow the measured values of the weight development regular weight checks are important.

Weight Table For Children: What Should You Look Out For In Your Child?

The weight table tells you whether your daughter or son is within the normal range or overweight or underweight. The BMI plays a role here. It describes the ratio of weight to height and shows the normal range.

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A BMI that is too high can be the Health of your child. Being overweight puts a strain on bones and joints, and increases the risk of metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes mellitus it can lead to psychological problems.

Therefore, pay attention to your child’s eating habits at an early age. Since children are strongly oriented to the behavior of their parents, you should offer your child a positive influence. A healthy diet also includes sufficient exercise.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

The body mass index is not only for adults but also for children. Since the ratio of children’s The relationship between height and weight changes constantly as they grow up, the results must be evaluated differently.

You determine the value of the BMI by dividing the body weight in kilograms by the body height in m². You can then use the table to read off the ideal weight.


Boy 10 years old is 1.45 m and weighs 35 kilograms.

  • BMI formula: 35 divided by 1,45²= 16,65
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When calculating the BMI, however, make sure that these are average values. They serve as a rough guide, for exact figures or if you are unsure, you should contact the pediatrician.

Weight Table For Children

The weight tables for Girls and boys are based on data from the World Health Organization. The Are presented separately because boys and girls develop differently and girls develop differently.

Weight Table Girls

The weight of girls is dependent on age and height.

Age Weight (kg)
at the percentile
3. P 15. P 50. P 85. P 97. P
2 9.2 10.1 11.5 13.1 14.6
3 11.0 12.1 13.9 15.9 17.8
4 12.5 14.0 16.1 18.6 21.1
5 14.0 15.7 18.2 21.3 24.4
6 15.5 17.4 20.0 23.7 27.3
7 17.0 19.2 22.4 26.5 30.8
8 18.9 21.3 25.0 29.8 34.9
9 21.1 23.9 28.2 33.9 40.0
10 23.7 26.9 31.9 38.5 45.7

If your daughter’s weight Far from the normal range, you should consult a pediatrician. Severe overweight or underweight can lead to a health risk.

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Weight Table Boys

The weight of boys depends on age and height.

Age Weight (kg)
at the percentile
3. P 15. P 50. P 85. P 97. P
2 9.8 10.8 12.2 13.7 15.1
3 11.4 12.7 14.2 16.3 18.0
4 12.9 14.3 16.3 18.7 20.9
5 14.3 16.0 18.3 21.1 23.8
6 16.1 17.9 20.5 23.6 26.7
7 17.9 19.9 22.9 26.5 30.1
8 19.8 22.0 25.4 29.7 34.0
9 21.6 24.2 28.1 33.2 38.0
10 23.6 26.6 31.2 37.3 43.9

If your son’s weight is Far from the normal range, you should consult a pediatrician. Severe overweight or underweight can lead to a health risk.

Meaning: Percentiles Of Girls And Boys

  • 97. Percentile

Only 3% of people the same age weigh more. Your child is most likely obese.

  • 85. Percentile

15% of peers are heavier. Your child tends to be overweight.

  • 50. Percentile

50 % of peers are heavier and 50 % are lighter or of equal weight. Your child has a perfectly average Weight for his age.

  • 15. Percentile

15% of peers are lighter than your child. Your child tends to be underweight.

  • 3. Percentile
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Only 3 % of the peers are lighter. Your child is significantly underweight.

Observe Children’s Weight Table

The weight table of Children depends on several factors, such as gender, height, diet, and exercise. Your child may gain weight while growing, this is is perfectly normal after a growth spurt. Therefore, it can be difficult to determine the normal weight of children. Since the measurement results are only a Snapshot. In order to be able to make statements about whether your child’s weight is age-appropriate, weight development would have to be observed for a longer period of time.

What To Do If Your Child Is Overweight Or Underweight?

You should keep an eye on your child’s weight. You can either weigh and measure your child regularly or rely on a rough visual impression.

If your child’s weight is not developing normally, you should consult a pediatrician. He can check whether your child’s weight is too high or too low. He can also check and rule out illnesses as the cause of weight development and give you tips on the right diet.

No Success Through Bans

There is a recommended weight for every age group of children. Children, in particular, are at risk from malnutrition, as they love sweets and reject some healthy foods. However, in most cases, banning your child from sweets or high-calorie foods will not help.

Instead, you should be a role model for your child and eat as healthy as possible yourself. In addition, you should avoid storing candy in cabinets, as this can lead to temptation for your child.

Make sure your child eats healthy and gets enough exercise, thus not only avoiding obesity but also preventing many other diseases.


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