Chocolate For Expectant Mothers And Infants – Yes Or No?

Most people love chocolate. They enjoy it as a refreshing or warming drink, as a delicious ingredient in a cake or dessert, and in many other variations

According to statistics, 5.65 kilograms of chocolate per capita were consumed annually in Germany in 2020. For a long time, it was rumored that women in particular were lovers of sweets. However, a DGE nutrition report revealed the following: men eat and drink significantly more sweet foods and beverages.

Studies On The Subject Of Chocolate During Pregnancy

Many women experience cravings for certain foods during pregnancy. While some can hardly control their cravings for salty or sour foods, others are magically drawn to sweets. Numerous studies have been conducted on chocolate, with surprising results.

In Canada, 129 pregnant women were allowed to eat 30 grams of chocolate (light and dark) every day for a period of twelve weeks. The result: a positive influence on the development of the fetus as well as on the blood flow to the placenta.

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From older studies it was known that especially dark and thus bitter chocolate products with high content of phytochemicals contribute to the promotion of placental activity.

Finnish scientists found that babies at six months of age seemed happier and laughed more if their mothers had chocolate in their diet during pregnancy.

Pregnant women have a higher need for antioxidants, calcium, as well as Magnesium. These components are contained in chocolate, so its consumption is even recommended.

Enjoy Chocolate In Moderation

If you enjoy sweet temptations, the results of studies give you the green light to enjoy them even during pregnancy. However, you should not regard it as a free pass for endless feasting on chocolate. Of course, we have known for a long time that it has a high fat and sugar content

This means that if you eat a lot of it every day, you can expect to gain a lot of weight. It is well known that this can lead to complications for expectant mothers. It also increases the risk of gestational diabetes and high blood pressure

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Furthermore, chocolate contains caffeine. In semi-bitter products even between 50 and 110 mg, in whole milk variants the caffeine content is between 3 and 35 mg. In general, less is more, so you should not overdo it with chocolate consumption.

Infants And Chocolate

Your baby is born and growing into a life-hungry toddler. In our society, it’s almost impossible for it not to come into contact with sweet delicacies at some point

Relatives and friends alone make sure of that, pampering the little ones all around. It is also customary for us to enrich the Christmas plate or the Easter basket with delicious chocolate

The huge range of products available in online stores, grocery stores and markets also makes it difficult for us. From the finest milk chocolates to crispy cookie crunch and exotic caramel sea salt chocolates, there’s something to suit every taste. And those who not only want to treat their offspring and themselves to something good, but also want to help children in East Africa at the same time, easily have the opportunity to do so

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For example, there are the myChoco school construction projects in Tanzania. Every time you buy a bar of chocolate, you support African schoolchildren who live in a world of social inequality and poverty.

Expert Recommendation: Do Not Eat Sweets Before The First Year Of Life

If several mothers and fathers meet with their toddlers at a birthday party, it usually doesn’t take long for a discussion about chocolate and the like to get underway. Opinions differ widely as to when our youngest children should start eating sweets

There is an interesting theory as to why so many people like sweets from an early age: Our Stone Age ancestors quickly learned that numerous bitter-tasting plants are poisonous, but sweet natural products such as honey and berries are edible. But what do experts advise us on the subject of infants and chocolate?

As a rule, they recommend not to give sweets to a baby in the first year of life. This is quite simple, because if our tiny one does not yet know chocolate, gummy bears, etc., he can not miss them. After the first birthday, a child may get something sugary from time to time

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However, the daily amount should not exceed 10 percent of the energy requirement. You should keep in mind that other foods, including yogurt and pastries, also contain sugar. In addition, do not forget to brush your teeth!

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