For A Nice Christmas Time: Christmas Songs For Children

Christmas songs for children play an important role in the weeks leading up to Christmas and, of course, during the holidays. Children feel how the feast is getting closer and closer, excitement and anticipation increase.

Christmas songs for children and children’s songs to sing along promote the joy of music and increase the anticipation of Christmas.

Look forward to a wonderful Christmas season with your child and great Christmas songs!

Singing Is Fun: Christmas Carols And Children’s Songs To Sing Along To

Most children enjoy music from the time they are babies. The music box by the baby’s bed helps them fall asleep, and during the day, softly hummed sounds and music from the radio awaken their attention.

The best thing is often when the baby or toddler cuddles with you and you sing the first songs to him. This is not about professional singing, but simply about the magic that comes with melodies, sounds and tones.

As your child grows, so does his interest in songs. Different rhythms and harmonies are an exciting thing.

At Christmastime, there’s another factor to consider: With cheerful and festive Christmas songs, a special mood is created. It is necessary to distinguish whether it is a public sound system, or whether Christmas songs are sung or heard consciously.

Christmas music in supermarkets and department stores can sometimes become quite annoying. At home, on the other hand, children’s carols to sing along to have a completely different status.

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Children enjoy it when mom and dad take their time. Children’s sing-along songs are a great way to spend time together.

The songs are best suited to the age of your child: Simple melodies and repetition are a good introduction to the world of music.

Examples Of The First Advent And Christmas Songs

  • Advent, Advent, a little light is burning
  • Let us be merry and bright
  • Every year again
  • Snowflakes, white skirts
  • Tinkle, tinkle, tinkle

These Christmas songs are real classics that have been sung for generations and yet never go out of fashion. Surely you know these children’s songs in German. You can find the lyrics in many Christmas songbooks.

For very young children, by the way, the lyrics are not yet so important. The first verse is enough. However, it is good if you repeat the same songs frequently. In this way, the melodies are memorized well.

Singing and making music can bring out many positive qualities in children.

Your child will calm down and often even fall asleep better if songs are part of the bedtime ritual.

Simple Christmas songs are very good for developing a sense of rhythm. Clapping along is fun even for the youngest, just give it a try! Concentration also increases.

And for toddlers who can already talk a little, children’s songs to sing along are very popular! Parents can use the time leading up to Christmas to sing together.

However, Christmas songs for children are also fun when sung in kindergarten and school, played on CD or through another medium.

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Christmas Songs For Children: At Home, In The KiTa And In The Krabbelgruppe

Christmas songs for children are of course not only popular at home. The Christmas season also unfolds its magic in the KiTa, in privately organized toddler groups and in kindergarten.

Good educators pay attention to simple songs that are age-appropriate and do not overtax children. These do not have to be exclusively Christmas carols and children’s songs in German.

Even foreign-language Christmas songs are suitable for children if they have a catchy melody. Among the perennial favorites (and sometimes earworms) in the realm of Christmas music are:

  • Last Christmas
  • Jingle Bells
  • Rudolph, the rednosed reindeer
  • Feliz Navidad

You’ll notice how quickly kids pick up on another language! These Christmas hits can also be used as children’s songs to sing along to.

Add a drum and a few other rhythm instruments, and you’ll have a happy group looking forward to Christmas in no time!

Children’s Songs To Sing Along With Instrumental Accompaniment

You play the piano or guitar? Congratulations, these instruments are perfect for providing musical support for children’s Christmas songs. The playful aspect should always be maintained.

It’s not about perfection, but about having fun together. By the way, you might awaken in your child the desire to learn an instrument himself.

From preschool age, children can attend lessons for early musical education at the music school. Depending on the instrument, starting school is a good time to begin music lessons.

Thus, many Christmas songs for children have the nice side effect that you find out whether your child wants to learn an instrument.

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And if not: No problem, Christmas songs “from the can” also have their fixed place! Here you have numerous possibilities at your disposal. A CD with Christmas songs suitable for children is a nice gift that Santa Claus can bring.

Older children can access a wealth of Christmas songs via tablet, smartphone or PC. Those who like to sing along will be delighted with the matching song lyrics.

Christmas Songs For Older Children

At some point, the time comes that children themselves determine what they want to hear. Your influence as a mom decreases, and what is needed instead is what friends and classmates listen to. But there’s nothing wrong with expanding the family repertoire.

Just talk to your child about it, put together a music program together for Christmas Eve.

If one or both parents like to sing or play an instrument and the offspring is also interested in singing and making music, more challenging Christmas songs for children may now be on the program.

It goes without saying that song lyrics are part of the program, so that the mood doesn’t change if only the lyrics for the first two lines are known.

You can, for example, compile a small songbook for the family with your child – also a nice gift for the grandparents!

Do children need Christmas songs with sheet music? That depends primarily on whether certain basic musical skills are already present. In any case, a songbook with sheet music is suitable to explain basic concepts to the child.

If a keyboard or a piano is available, this first knowledge can be put into practice right away.

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The All-rounder Among The Christmas Songs For Children: In The Christmas Bakery

When Rolf Zuckowski composed and recorded this song in 1987, no one could have imagined the long-term success this Christmas hit would have. Today, the composition is one of the songs that almost every child knows.

The song has everything that children like: a groovy melody, cheeky lyrics and a rhythm that immediately encourages them to sing along. No wonder the song is often heard in the run-up to Christmas.

If you bake cookies with your child, you can’t miss this classic. It’s best to have the lyrics for “In der Weihnachtsbäckerei” ready right away! Rolf Zuckowski wrote many more Christmas songs for children.

The musician also skilfully translates other things that are fun in winter into lyrics and melodies.

If the snow doesn’t come at Christmas, maybe you can at least try to bring the white splendor with “It’s snowing, it’s snowing!”!

Christmas Songs For Children And Adults

On Christmas Eve, presents play the main role, of course. Nevertheless, it is nice when the family cultivates certain rituals.

Singing together on Christmas Eve creates an especially nice, festive mood. You can gladly play a CD for this or use your MP3 player.

Whether you can inspire your family to sing “Silent Night, Holy Night” or another song is sung before the presents are given, is best decided by the family council.

Some families consider it an old-fashioned, long-outdated custom, while others place great value on family tradition.

However, as long as there are young children around, Christmas carols for children are almost always part of the Advent and Christmas season!

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