Cigarettes – Expensive Fun

Many teenagers smoke “because it’s cool”. You probably already know that this is not only harmful to health but can even lead to lung cancer. Today we would like to introduce you to the fact that smoking is also very expensive. In the end, you’ll be surprised that the smokes add up to such large amounts over the years.

Some Have A House, Others Are Smokers

Cigarettes today cost about €5 a pack, depending on the brand. Some are more expensive, some cheaper. But on average, that’s about right.

Depending on how much you smoke per day, after a few years, it adds up to the value of a good car. After 30-50 years, you’ve spent so much money on cigarettes that you could have bought a house.

If we assume that both partners of a couple of smoke, cigarette consumption accounts for a not inconsiderable amount of the family budget.

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Of course, everyone must decide for themselves whether they want to spend so much money on smoking or prefer to go through life smoke-free. But every smoker should at least know how much he is missing out on through his costly puffing.

Feel Free

Free from nasty smoke, free from coughing, and free from ashtray breath!

Adults who have been smoking for a very long time find it quite difficult to quit. Sooner or later, almost every smoker tries to quit. Ask your family and friends about this topic and you will see that this assumption is confirmed here as well.

Therefore, the sooner you stop smoking, the better. It is even better, of course, if you don’t start smoking in the first place.

Are you already a glow stick smoker? Teenagers still have a relatively easy time quitting. Take the opportunity to make your life smoke-free again.

Here you will find more information about smoking, smoking cessation and arguments for a smoke-free life.

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Why Do Kids And Teens Smoke?

Typically, teens don’t start smoking because they like it. Rather, they think it’s “cool” or makes them feel more grown-up. Peer pressure from kids of the same age should also not be underestimated.

Because people are curious creatures by nature, the urge to try things out is a natural thing. When they smoke for the first time, most kids feel nauseous, lightheaded, and start coughing. Actually, it doesn’t taste good to them at all. But they try not to let on as much as possible. After all, they don’t want to look stupid in front of their friends.

After this trial phase, smoking usually becomes irregular. They experiment in the presence of their peers and take their cue from their behavior. This point is dangerous. Because it happens quite quickly that one begins to enjoy the consumption of cigarettes. People associate it with relaxation, a break, and conversations with other young people. Even if the cigarettes still don’t taste good, people associate smoking with positive feelings.

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Sooner or later, one becomes addicted to cigarettes if one does not stop at this point. The irregular, usually secret smoking then becomes a compulsion. You have to smoke regularly to feel good. Sometimes one becomes restless if one does not smoke. This is how you can recognize an incipient addiction. An addiction is a condition in which one feels that one MUST do something to feel good. If you don’t, you suffer from restlessness, sweating, or other symptoms.

From this point on, most people do not manage to stop smoking. Many then smoke for decades until they get tired of the coughing and the stench. Then they have to pay a lot of money for cessation courses, cessation products, and corresponding books. Despite the course, many do not manage to live smoke-free in the long term.

Therefore let it be said to you: Allow yourself to give it up! If you are picked on by others because you don’t smoke, explain to them:

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I’m worth it to myself not to be bothered later with the fact that I can’t live without glow sticks anymore. While you’re spending your money on smoking, I’ll have a car in a few years.

Worksheet For The Text

1) What does the term addiction mean? Use the text to answer this question.

2) Why do kids and teens start smoking? Include your own experiences with this topic. You can be honest about it.

3) How much money does smoking cost if you need a pack every day? Calculate how much money you will have spent on smoking after 15 years. What could you buy for that? Write down a calculation and an answer sentence!

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