Cloth Diapers Or Disposable Diapers

[tps_header]Among many other things, whether to cloth diaper or use disposable diapers is a decision that every new mom faces. The decision can even change over time and what you chose for one child may be different than what you choose for another.

Cloth Diapers or Disposable Diapers

Cloth diapers or disposable diapers?

None of my friends or family have cloth diapered, so I wouldn’t even know where to start. All I know about it is that it seems like a lot of laundry. I have also read of cloth diapering services that handle the laundry for you, which seems like it could get very expensive.

My husband and I chose to use disposable diapers. Yes, it does worry me about the disposable quality and being environmentally conscious. However, I try to be “green” in other ways.

Here is what other moms have to say about deciding between cloth diapers and disposable diapers.

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Advice and Stories from Real Moms

Cloth Diapers or Disposable Diapers

Working outside the home

We used disposable diapers. I worked out of the home until our son was about 18 months old, so I was gone about 10 hours per day. Our babysitter didn’t want to deal with cloth diapers, and neither did I at that point. Now that I’m home, though, I’d probably use cloth diapers just to save money. – Donella from Wife.Mom.Geek

“I hate laundry”

Absolutely not! My kids are lucky to have clean clothes let alone a clean cloth diaper. (I hate laundry) – Kristi from The Classy Chapter

Diapering twins

We used disposable diapers. In theory, I would want to use cloth diapers, but with twins, just using disposable diapers was hard enough! I wouldn’t want the extra burden of washing the diapers. – Lauren from Mom Home Guide

Fitting pants over Cloth Diapers

I used to use cloth and I loved it. They were cute but pants rarely fit. Once we had three kids, I finally felt like I couldn’t keep up with cloth anymore. It was bittersweet when I sold them last year! – Tiffany from The Crunchy Mom Next Door

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Cloth Diapers are good for the environment

Yes I did. They’re so economical and so simple to use now. I Ioved using them from an environmental stand point. They just make sense and I’ll use them on grandchildren one day! – Dina from My Unentitled Life

But you can find other ways to Go Green

I am a lazy mom, so of course I use disposable diapers. Don’t let anyone guilt you about your choices- you have to do what’s best for you and your family. If this isn’t where you want to go green, find another way that does work fo you! – Valerie from Occasionally Crafty

Always behind on the laundry

I used disposable diapers for both my babies, we just don’t have a big enough washer and dryer! I’m always behind on the laundry, I can’t imagine having any more! – Nikki from Play Learn Every Day

What is right for your family could change with every kid

I used cloth diapers for my first and second and disposable for my third and fourth. I loved the fluff, fun patterns, and feeling good that I was helping the environment with cloth. By the time #3 and #4 came long, though, I needed quick and easy. I simply didn’t have the time anymore to take care of cloth, although I miss it. What is right for your family could change with every kid! – Albion from

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Thank you Moms!

This is just another example of choosing what is best for you and your family. There are many ways to diaper a baby, and you have to do what is right for you.

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  1. Hello Mommies, I found “Practical Mommy” while searching online for something totally not about diapers and babies. Yet, as I was browsing the site, I spotted this particular post topic. I started reminiscing about the times of becoming a young mommy at 18. I learned by the diaper that it really matters what we feed and the materials we wrap our babies in. while some foods causes the precious tots to put out strong acidic waste, that also may contribute to the rashes as well as the diaper itself. My youngest son became so allergic to the “manufactured ready” diapers. The doctor had me change some foods which helped a little. But, the rash continued and got worse over time. Nothing the doctors gave me worked. Being distraught and practically in tears, my pastor, who was my mentor and an experienced mom long before me, explained to me that I was not a bad mom. He was just allergic to the diapers. She went out and bought some cloth diapers. The rashes on my son cleared up almost right away. Neither of us had to cry any more. Now He is changing diapers for his own.

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