Constipation During Pregnancy: What Helps?

Through pregnancy, the female body first gets quite confused and needs a few weeks until it has adjusted to the pregnancy. Slowly the belly and the baby grow. The blood volume increases and the pregnant woman reacts more sensitively to different smells. Also the digestion changes and so it can come now and then to a normal constipation, but also to diarrhea in pregnancy. The reason for this is usually the increasing pressure of the growing uterus on the digestive tract and the change in hormone balance. In addition, the increased supply of fluid also contributes to the fact that this is stored in the tissue and thus withdrawn from the usual digestive process. If a pregnant woman has to take additional supplements due to iron deficiency, this can even promote constipation during pregnancy.

What To Do About Constipation During Pregnancy?

Even though constipation is not pleasant and can even lead to abdominal pain, you should definitely not resort to laxatives or enemas. Taking laxatives could well cause diarrhea and severe abdominal cramps. In the last trimester of pregnancy, this may even cause labor pains. Talk to your doctor if you are unable to relieve your constipation using natural methods. If you have abdominal pain due to constipation, you can relax your muscles by taking magnesium and even relieve cramps with a gentle abdominal massage. In addition, magnesium also has a positive effect on constipation. When constipated, go to the bathroom more often and don’t put pressure on yourself. Crank up your digestion with a long walk. Swimming or cycling can also be beneficial for digestion and counteract constipation during pregnancy. In addition, exercise in pregnancy keeps you fit and helps against numerous other pregnancy complaints and contributes to your well-being.

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Home Remedies For Constipation During Pregnancy

Drink more if you have constipation during pregnancy. At least six to eight glasses of water, tea and also fruit juices help to supply the liquid to the digestive tract. However, do not drink all herbal teas. These can also promote labor under certain circumstances. Talk to your midwife about this. Prune juice is considered a very popular home remedy. You can also soak prunes in water overnight and drink the decoction the next day for constipation, or chew a few prunes in between each day. Even though cherry juice is delicious, it contributes to constipation! Muesli, whole grain bread, fresh fruits and also vegetables contain fiber and help digestion. Nuts and dairy products like cottage cheese and yogurt also help stimulate digestion. Flaxseed is also popular for constipation. Mixed into a mild yogurt, it can relieve constipation. Refrain from foods such as chocolate, pasta, bananas or cakes. These only constipate. Heat, for example in the form of a warm bath, also has a relaxing effect. But make sure that the water is not too hot. Towards the end of pregnancy, a full bath can even promote labor. If constipation persists for a long time, some people may develop hemorrhoids due to the pressure. However, these can be treated very well with ointments during pregnancy and disappear after pregnancy.

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