Cottage Cheese Compresses: How And Why They Help Your Baby

Curd compresses are a well-known household remedy that even grandmother knew. Whether cool or slightly warmed – the traditional curd compresses are characterized above all by their decongestant and pain-relieving effect.

In the case of inflammation or increased body temperature, they also literally work “true wonders”. Especially in the case of inflammation in the knee or as a tendonitis home remedy , the compresses are ideal.

What Exactly Are Quark Compresses?

The range of possible applications is huge. They can be easily prepared and easily applied. They are just as recommended for babies and young children as they are for teenagers and adults. Moreover, it is crucial that curd compresses are very well tolerated and absolutely free of side effects.

Curd wraps are compresses made of textile materials that you can use either cool or slightly warmed. Certain parts of the body are wrapped with it. The cooling or warming effect stimulates the metabolism, swollen parts of the body can subside more easily and waste products can be removed more easily.

Quark Compress On The Knee, For Inflammations, Etc.

If your child suffers from a slight fever, you can use a quark poultice to provide relief. Often the body temperature is lowered by applying the compresses. Here, however, it is important to be careful not to apply the quark compresses hastily.

Because fever is not always bad for the body. Therefore, you should not bring down your child’s body temperature too quickly. What you did not know about quark compresses and when they should not be used – this and more you will learn in this article.

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Why Curd Compresses Are So Recommendable

Curd wraps usually consist of three layers of fabric. On the first layer, you spread the curd, while the two remaining layers cover the curd mass and at the same time protect the body parts to be treated from cold or heat.

You can use curd compresses, among other things, for the following diseases or aches:

  • Inflammations (for example, also for an inflammation in the knee).
  • Mucous bursitis knee home remedy.
  • Tendonitis home remedy.
  • Sore throat.
  • Cooling and as a painkiller after a fall.
  • Bronchitis.
  • Joint inflammation and pain.
  • Sunburn.
  • Insect bites.
  • Neurodermatitis, newborn acne and similar skin problems.
  • Cough.

Tip For Moms

Curd compresses are of course not only suitable for alleviating health problems with the little ones. You too can benefit from the soothing effect. For example, if you suffer from breast inflammation or milk retention.

Especially breastfeeding women are extremely well advised with quark compresses, because the pleasant effect is noticeable relatively quickly.


Depending on which part of the body you want to treat your child, the curd compress is applied to the knee or as a chest or neck or pulse compress. Curd compresses are also helpful on the shins, calves. In case of joint pain, bruises or sprains, you wrap it around the painful part of the body to get relief.

How Curd Wraps Work

Curd compresses are one of the best-known home remedies of all, and they look back on a long tradition. But still, the effectiveness of compresses and curd wraps has not been scientifically proven to this day.

Instead, one can trust in the numerous positive empirical values. In general, however, experts agree that the lactic acid bacteria contained in curd could have a healing effect.

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So these liquefy the existing mucus, as it occurs for example with colds, with a bronchitis etc.. At the same time, the lactic acid bacteria are supposed to inhibit inflammation.

Curd cheese contains a lot of liquid. When it comes into contact with the skin, it gradually evaporates. Then the curd mass can unfold its cooling effect. This constricts the blood vessels, so that swelling, irritation, and redness are relieved. The positive side effect of drying curd – the blood circulation-enhancing effect.

Cool curd compresses have a beneficial effect on hot parts of the body, as is known, for example, inflammation of the knee. Or in case of sunburn, insect bites, or increased body temperature. Warmed quark compresses have a calming, relaxing effect and promote blood circulation. This can also start the healing process of sick or injured parts of the body.

How To Prepare A Quark Poultice Correctly

Warm quark compresses are far less well known than the cool variant. However, the effect is similarly beneficial and healing.

It is best to use fresh quark. For babies and small children, a package size of 250 grams is recommended. For making envelopes for the big ones it is best to use a 500 gram package.

Cut a soft cloth or compress so that the textile piece fits well on the part of your child’s body to be treated.

Spread the curd about half a centimeter thick on the cloth. Fold the cotton cloth once so that later there is a protective layer between the baby’s skin and the curd. Otherwise, the curd would stick to the epidermis because it starts to dry after just a few minutes. This effect could possibly feel uncomfortable on the skin.

Grandmother’s Trick

You can prevent the curd from drying out by draping a piece of plastic wrap after applying the curd. This will keep the curd moist longer and thus promote the effectiveness of the poultice.

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Last but not least, wrap the poultice with a towel, a scarf, or a small blanket so that nothing runs off. In addition, such an outer covering gives the poultice an extra measure of stability and durability. The ideal exposure time of curd wraps is about 30 to 40 minutes.

Leaving the curd poultice on overnight in the case of inflammation on the knee, as a tendonitis home remedy, or as a bursitis knee home remedy makes no sense. This is because, after a certain amount of time, the cord dries out and then has no effect on either tendonitis home remedy or inflammation in the knee, etc.


Warm curd compresses are very good for treating sore throats and coughs in children, among other things, before going to bed. If you want to make them, you just need to bring the curd to temperature over a water bath before coating the cloth. Otherwise, the approach to the procedure and also to the application is similar.

Whether as a bursitis knee home remedy, as a quark poultice for your baby’s knees, or as a tendonitis home remedy: You should always make sure to apply the poultices only loosely to the skin areas to be treated. If you tie the compresses too tightly, this could prevent blood circulation.

At the end of the application time, you should remove the poultice. The excess curd from the tendonitis home remedy can then be washed off the skin with plenty of lukewarm water. If necessary, you can rub the affected body part with a moisturizing active substance or pain ointment.

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Cover the affected part of the body with a warm blanket and let it rest for about 15 to 20 minutes. This can intensify the effect of the tendonitis home remedy or the bursitis knee home remedy.

Two to three times a day you can apply cool curd compresses to the parts of your child’s body to be treated. Warm compresses, on the other hand, should not be applied more than once a day.

Of course, you should remove the quark compresses immediately if you notice that your baby feels uncomfortable with them. Of course, he may find the compresses annoying at first. However, this in no way justifies removing the poultice again.

Instead, it is advisable to find out whether the quark poultice is possibly too tight. Or whether there is another reason for your child’s resistance to the poultice.

Those who suffer from cow’s milk allergy should not use curd wraps if possible. Curd wraps are also taboo if you have a protein intolerance. If you are not quite sure whether curd compresses are the right home remedy for your little treasure, you should ask your pediatrician or midwife.

Conclusion On The Quark Poultice

For an inflammation in the knee, as a bursitis knee home remedy as well as for tendonitis as a home remedy, curd compresses are ideal. In addition, pediatricians and midwives recommend the use of curd wraps for many other health problems..

Despite the pleasant soothing effect, the application of a curd poultice is not a substitute for a visit to the doctor, neither in case of inflammation in the knee nor in case of inflammation in other parts of the body or skin problems, etc.. Rather, the curd compress is a useful first-aid measure to initially provide relief.


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