Cough In Pregnancy: What Helps?

A cold during pregnancy can affect any woman. In most cases, the cough is not the only thing that happens. The nose starts to run and hoarseness and sore throat can also occur. Even though many over-the-counter medications are available in pharmacies, pregnant women rarely want to resort to tablets and juices for fear of harming their babies.

It is important to consult your doctor before taking any medication and make sure that taking it will not cause any complications. However, there are other ways to combat a cough during pregnancy and effectively relieve a cold using natural methods.

What Helps Against Cough In Pregnancy?

Even if your abdomen contracts when you cough, you do not need to worry that it will harm your baby. The amniotic fluid protects your baby during these coughing fits. If cold symptoms become noticeable during pregnancy, inhaling hot steam with a few drops of pine, eucalyptus, or sage oil can help clear the nose and also has an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, it helps to relieve the irritation of the cough and soothe the affected mucous membranes.

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It is best to repeat the inhalation every three hours to achieve an effective effect. If your nose is running, you can also resort to a saline solution to flush out your nose. Cough syrups on a plant basis (ivy or thyme) can help against cough. However, you should check with your doctor before taking them. In any case, avoid cough syrups or drops against cough that contain alcohol.

If the cough persists for more than a week and just won’t go away, you should definitely see your doctor. Especially if the cough in pregnancy occurs with a fever above 38.5 degrees, which does not subside even after a few days, it is necessary to contact your doctor.

Home Remedies For Cough In Pregnancy

If your cough is a so-called productive cough (mucus is formed), it can be treated very well with home remedies. To promote the loosening of mucus, it helps to drink a lot. Teas of peppermint and chamomile mixed with honey help. Teas made from thyme, anise, and cowslip also help with expectoration. This will also help you absorb the necessary liquid, which is very important to get well quickly.

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A home remedy that is also very well known is onion juice. This proven home remedy for coughs also works during pregnancy and can be prepared quite easily by yourself. To do this, cut an onion into small cubes and boil it with rock candy over very low heat. Let it cool down for a while. Then strain the decoction through a cloth or coffee filter and take it with a teaspoon. If you do not have rock candy at hand, you can also resort to honey.

Then spoon the syrup that is made from it. Bee honey is said to help better than a honey-like substance. Tip for coughs at night: add a few drops of eucalyptus or lemon to a teaspoon of honey. This relieves the coughing attacks at night.

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