Cravings During Pregnancy: What To Do?

It is quite normal that eating habits change during pregnancy. Time and time again, you may experience real food cravings. Scientists cannot answer exactly why cravings occur during pregnancy. However, it is assumed that the hormonal changes during pregnancy contribute to this. Another reason why cravings occur during pregnancy is the build-up of reserves for the time after birth. Also, scientists believe that cravings are emitted by the body to meet the need for essential nutrients and vitamins that the body needs. However, as a rule, you do not need to worry. Cravings are perfectly normal during pregnancy.

What Helps Against Cravings During Pregnancy?

Cravings can very quickly affect the figure, excess weight can then lead to diabetes during pregnancy or gestosis. Therefore, a balanced and nutritious diet is very important, especially during pregnancy, to cover the lack of nutrients and important vitamins. In addition, this makes it more difficult to put on excess kilos. But this does not always help against cravings. Therefore, try to prevent cravings during pregnancy. Avoid that you get hungry and your stomach has nothing to eat. By being hungry, your blood sugar level drops, and immediately your brain demands something sweet. The reason for this is that your brain gets energy from glucose (dextrose). Therefore, eat several smaller snacks spread throughout the day. Make sure that they are nutritious and healthy. If cravings still come, you should resort to healthy foods that satisfy your hunger.

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Home Remedies For Cravings During Pregnancy

Fruit is a good way to satisfy cravings during pregnancy, and besides, it also makes you feel full and is not as unhealthy as a bar of chocolate or a bag of chips. A fresh fruit salad, baked apples from the oven or even a slice of banana wholemeal cake or a vanilla pudding with strawberries are also delicious and satisfy cravings. Alternatively, you can also resort to dried figs, dates, or dried fruit. Trail mix or muesli with fresh fruit are also good snacks for in-between meals. These can be eaten not only early in the day, but also quietly after work times. However, if you’re craving something sweet, reach for letter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, rice crackers, or ladyfingers.

If you want to change your diet during pregnancy, but are having problems doing so yourself or need help, a nutritionist can be just the person to talk to. Together with you, they can effectively change your diet and help you not to gain more weight than absolutely necessary during pregnancy. Doing without unhealthy foods can also be a lot of fun if your family or partner supports you and prepares the meals together with you or works on a meal plan. But remember, insofar as you gain a dangerous amount of weight during pregnancy, your doctor or midwife will intervene. You can always contact your doctor or midwife if you are worried that you are gaining too much weight and get suggestions in a clarifying conversation.

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