Cyber Attack On The German Bundestag: Authorities Investigate

On Friday, it became known that there had been a cyberattack on the German Bundestag. The perpetrators, who are as yet unknown, had targeted the internal Data network of the Bundestag. This was confirmed by spokespersons for the Bundestag in Berlin. Apparently, experts at the Bundestag had noticed a few days earlier that unknown persons were trying to gain access to the Bundestag’s data network.

What Is A Cyber Attack?

In a cyber attack, computer specialists, known as “hackers” (pronounced “hackers”), want to use the Internet to access other computers and the content stored on them. They usually want to steal information that is secret or not intended for the public. Most often, such attacks are carried out via so-called “Trojans”. These are programs that land on the foreign computer disguised as an email and from there independently send information to the hacker via the Internet.

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Who Is Behind The Cyber Attack On The Bundestag?

So far, it is still completely unclear who is behind the cyberattack on the Bundestag. It is conceivable that it was small hackers who wanted to access the Bundestag’s data network from home or other countries who wanted to obtain secret German information in this way, or it was so-called “whistleblowers” (pronounced “wisselblouer”), i.e. people who want to draw attention to illegal activities by governments by obtaining secrets, for example through a cyber attack, and then posting them freely on the Internet for all to see. After all, even those who govern our country are sometimes criminals and showing that is reason enough for whistleblowers to become criminals themselves and commit a cyberattack, for example. So far it is not clear who is behind the attack, but the attacker will have had some reason.

Explanation Of The Difficult Words

A Data network is a network like the Internet, but only certain people have access to it. Such an internal data network is also called an intranet.

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The Internet is a worldwide network of computers that provide access to information, pictures, movies, etc. among each other. It was originally planned as a means of communication if the telephone should ever fail.

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