Do You Need A Playpen? Find Out Here!

"Anyone who wants to leave their young child unattended in the home for short periods of time should do so in a protected area so that the child cannot get near stairs, electrical outlets or similar areas of the home.

A playpen provides you with such a safe space where you can place your child while you open the door, do the chores or get ready for work.

Why Buy A Playpen?

Some experts believe playpens can restrict children and in the past they have been overused. However, the conditions of your home or your domestic circumstances may mean that you occasionally need a safe place to put your baby for a short period of time. In such situations, a playpen can be very useful.

Today’s playpens are more than safe: they look great and are easy to fold and store. Some also serve as travel cribs or can be converted into room dividers, stair gates or fire gates.

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At What Age Can My Baby Use A Playpen?

A playpen doesn’t come in handy until your baby starts crawling after six or seven months and can therefore move around independently. However, it is a good idea to buy a playpen before your baby starts moving around too much, so that he or she can get used to it.

The selection of playpens is diverse and they come in many different varieties. Therefore, before you look at playpens to buy one, think carefully about how and where you want to use it. For example, do you want your baby to take a nap in it?

Thinking about how you want to use the playpen will help you make the right choice when buying.

How Do I Keep Playpens Safe And Fun?

When setting up a playpen, think carefully about where you want to keep and place it. Playpens should be kept away from windows, open fires, radiators and heaters.

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Also, keep a few favorite toys or books inside the playpen area so your child will associate it with some of their favorite things. You can even turn the playpen into a ball pool by placing a layer of large plastic balls over the base.

However, make sure you don’t put anything in the inside of the playpen that your baby could use to escape. Babies can be amazing escape artists!

It’s also best not to dangle toys from the side of the playpen with ribbons. Your baby could get tangled or pull on the dangling toys to tip the playpen over.

You should keep in mind that playpens should only be used for short periods of time. Always keep an eye on your baby as much as possible, even when he or she is in the playpen.

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