How To Find The Best Doll Stroller

What features should a good doll carriage have? Read on and learn all the important things so that you don’t go wrong later when buying. With our help you will find the best doll carriage for your child.

Which Material?

You can choose between wood, plastic and steel. With all of them, however, you should pay attention to test seals such as Stiftung Warentest or TÜV, so that no harmful substances are contained. If the product is made in Germany, you can be sure that the doll carriage is safe and of good quality.

Doll’s prams made of wood are heavier, but they can’t tip over as easily and can be loaded with heavier weights. In addition, wood is much more environmentally friendly.

If the doll carriage frame is made of plastic such as polyethylene, it is lighter and therefore more suitable for small children. This is usually the case with doll buggies. Often they can be folded and thus prove to be extremely practical.

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The last variant is the steel frame. It resembles a real stroller and, consequently, appeals visually. Of course, the weight is also higher than that of a plastic doll carriage, but in return it scores with durability.

The Right Size

The size of the doll carriage should be adapted to the height of your child. As a rule, doll’s prams are available from about 40 cm, so that they are already suitable for small children. Here, however, you must be aware that the use is limited to only about 0.5 to 1 year, because children grow quickly at this age.

To increase the duration of use, we recommend height-adjustable doll carriages. Of course, the lying/seating area should not be smaller than the doll.

Types Of Doll Carriage

Doll carriages are divided into wooden doll carriages, doll buggies and realistic models. The taste is thus given free rein. While the first two variants have already been described in more detail above under materials , we now go into more detail on the latter.

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Realistic doll strollers not only look damn similar to strollers, but even have the same functions. These include, on the one hand, the conversion of stroller to buggy (2-in-1 stroller). So your child can always decide which kind he wants to play with. On the other hand, there are more and more often brakes, pushers to go forward and backward, storage space, as well as extras such as cup holders.

Similarly, there is often a choice between pneumatic and hard rubber tires. Seat belts are nowadays included with almost every doll buggy.

From What Age?

What child doesn’t love being able to imitate mom and dad and slip into different roles? A doll’s pram is just right for this and provides lots of fun even for the youngest children.

A wooden doll carriage can be used from the age of 1. Due to its weight, it does not tip over quickly and can therefore be used as a baby walker at the same time. It gives your child stability and is very robust.

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Proper role-playing games come only from about 3 years. From this age, any doll carriage can be chosen. At this point, it makes sense to choose a height-adjustable model that can be adapted to the child’s height and that grows with the child and can be played with for longer.

The doll’s pram is not only fun to play with, but also helps to develop your child’s motor skills, social behavior and creativity.


Of course, a doll’s pram must not be without a doll. If you don’t have one at home, we recommend that you get one when you buy your doll’s pram. In rare cases, the pram and doll are available as a set. A cuddly toy certainly be used equally.

If not already available, accessories such as a mattress, blanket, canopy for rain and sun, as well as storage for drinking, eating and diapers are a great addition.

The best products for you and your baby.

Baby monitor

With a baby monitor, you can use your time flexibly, sleep peacefully at night and still know at all times that your baby is doing well.

Nursing pillow

A good breastfeeding pillow has several advantages, because it helps you not only to breastfeed, but also to fall asleep and is also suitable as a nest.

Diaper bags

A diaper bag offers you a lot of storage space, so that you have everything you need for your baby on the go - from the changing pad to the bottle.


A pucksack gives your baby the feeling of security, like in the womb, and thus supports a peaceful and restful sleep.

Bicycle trailer

Bicycle trailers can be used in combination with a baby seat shortly after birth. They are not only safer than child seats but also more comfortable.


A playpen can be very practical in everyday life! Which model is suitable for your needs, you can read in my guide.

Baby bed

The first bed accompanies your child for years. Fortunately, there are beds that grow with your child. I have made for you on the search for the best baby beds.


A stroller is a worthwhile purchase. But there are the most diverse models on the market. Find out which is the right one.

Radiant heater

Radiant heaters provide your child with the necessary warmth when changing diapers or after bathing.

Extra bed

Side beds are very practical and offer both mother and baby a lot of advantages, because for babies, especially in the first months of life, it is reassuring to be able to sleep next to their parents.

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