Doppler Ultrasound: What Is It?

Doppler ultrasound is also called duplex ultrasonography and is a special examination in which an ultrasound is used. With this ultrasound examination, the flow velocity of the blood in the arteries and veins, i.e. the vessels of the human body, can be measured. This can determine whether there are vascular constrictions or other disorders. Doppler ultrasound examination also takes place during pregnancy when certain factors are present. It is harmless for both baby and mother and can provide information about complications in the baby’s development. Doppler ultrasound is used, among other things, in pregnancy when discrepancies occur during simple ultrasound examinations, about which Doppler ultrasound can provide certainty.

Doppler Ultrasound: How It Works

During a Doppler ultrasound examination, the ultrasound probe emits ultrasound waves. These frequencies hit the blood cells in the vessels and are reflected. If there are vessel changes, the speed and also the flow direction of the blood corpuscles changes. These changes can be represented by different tones or colors on the ultrasound image. As a rule, blood flowing toward the transducer is shown in red and blood flowing away from the head is shown in blue. The procedure does not differ from a simple ultrasound examination. In this case, gel is also applied to the abdominal wall and the ultrasound head is used to throw the abdominal region onto the screen. Doppler ultrasound is used not only in pregnancy, but also in other areas. It provides information about how the blood flows, whether there are vascular constrictions, vascular bulges or calcifications. If, for example, a person has had a kidney implanted, Doppler ultrasound can be used to monitor or observe the success of this procedure.

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Doppler Ultrasound In Pregnancy

Doppler ultrasound can be used during pregnancy to measure the heartbeat of the child. It can also be used to detect valvular heart defects. In addition, the gynecologist can also determine the blood flow in the uterus and the blood flow between the baby and the placenta. This examination can be used to determine whether the baby’s internal organs and tissues are supplied with blood. Doppler ultrasound is used in pregnancy only if it is suspected that there are any disorders in the development of the baby. For example, if the mother has very high blood pressure during pregnancy or if the mother’s blood type is incompatible with that of the baby, the ultrasound may be used. In women who smoke, are over 45 years old or have multiples, a Doppler ultrasound is usually used. If a simple ultrasound examination reveals that the baby is very small or if disorders of the heart can be detected, Doppler ultrasound is used to take a closer look. If there is a disturbance in the placenta, the ultrasound procedure is used to check whether the placenta is supplying the baby with sufficient nutrients and oxygen. The results of the examination are known immediately. On the basis of this, the doctor can immediately tell if there are any disturbances or if everything is fine. In this way, it can also be determined whether it is a high-risk pregnancy and whether the baby may even come too early.

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