Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Early pregnancy signs – Women who want a baby, or fear that they are pregnant, hope for early signs from their body of pregnancy. The pregnancy test itself does not provide a reliable result until the time of the expected period, and after fertilization, that’s about another two to three weeks that a woman waits anxiously until she can take the test. But are there signs of pregnancy at such an early stage? Can a woman clearly feel that she is pregnant and recognize it other than by a pregnancy test?

Early Signs Of Pregnancy

As soon as fertilization of the mature egg occurs, the body promptly starts to initiate everything for pregnancy. However, hormones are rarely released to such an extent that everything goes haywire in a woman immediately after fertilization.

Due to the released hormones, it also comes first to the usual pregnancy signs, such as nausea, constipation, sluggishness and others. In most cases, most mothers do not notice that they are pregnant. Often, they only notice it when their menstrual period is too weak or does not come at all.

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Usually they are then already pregnant in the second month or even later. Women who are planning to have a baby, on the other hand, say that they can even feel the moment of fertilization. This is not proven, because usually fertilization goes unnoticed and early signs of pregnancy appear only after a few weeks.

Early Signs Of Pregnancy In The First Trimester

The release of hormones increases continuously during the first three months. These hormones are important, among other things, to prevent further pregnancy and also to make pregnancy possible at all. The female body reacts to this change with a wide variety of pregnancy signs. Most mothers are affected. How strongly is quite different.

Often it starts in the morning with a slight nausea, which can also increase and lead to vomiting. Women who suffer from the well-known morning sickness should eat something light before getting up. Dried fruit as well as crackers or rusks and still drinks stay in the stomach. Carbonated drinks or coffee and alcohol hit the stomach and should be avoided. Still mineral water and herbal teas, such as chamomile and peppermint tea, are good for soothing the stomach. Especially if you have to throw up a lot, drinking is very important. If you also suffer from nausea and loss of appetite during the day, it can help to eat smaller nutritious snacks several times a day.

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In very many cases, women, due to vomiting even in the first weeks of pregnancy, lose weight instead of gaining it. On average, women gain up to 2.5 kilograms in the first trimester. Nausea is usually accompanied by constipation, listlessness and the typical mood swings. Exercise lifts the mood and stimulates digestion. Other women get regular attacks of ravenous appetite. The body can also change slowly.

The breasts usually start to pull, become very sensitive, and the abdomen may also ache ever so slightly due to the stretching of the uterine ligaments. Usually the discomfort lasts until the third month and then slowly subsides, so that the expectant mother only enters the most beautiful part of her pregnancy with the fourth month and can only really enjoy her pregnancy from then on.

Remember that self-diagnosis in pregnancy is taboo and you should not take any pills without consulting your doctor. Especially in the early stages of pregnancy, uncontrolled use of medication can harm your baby’s development and even lead to miscarriage. In case of severe pregnancy discomfort, you should consult your gynecologist and seek relief naturally.

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