Effective Home Remedies For Herpes: How To Get Rid Of The Annoying Blisters

Home remedies for herpes usually work naturally and are characterized by their partly very beneficial effect. Healthy adults are not affected by herpes. However, if pregnant women and babies have herpes in the mouth or on the lip, this is definitely associated with a certain health risk.

Therefore, you should not treat herpes in the baby exclusively with a home remedy for herpes, but ask the pediatrician for advice as soon as possible.

Herpes – When Lip And Mouth Are Completely Covered With Blisters

According to current statistics, almost every German citizen has already had herpes. Whether lip or mouth – herpes is unpleasant and, depending on the extent, can be extremely painful and also protracted.

If a suitable home remedy against herpes is applied, it is possible that the body will sooner or later form antivirals against herpes on the lip or against herpes in the mouth.

However, this is not always the case. The consequence: lip herpes occurs again and again and can become an annoying “companion” for mother and child.

Herpes In Babies – A Real Danger For The Little Ones

There are basically two types of herpes viruses. On the one hand, the herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV 1) should be mentioned here. On the other hand, the Herpes Simplex Virus 2 also plays a role. The HSV 1 virus is responsible for the development of cold sores. This is called herpes labialis in specialist circles.

The HSV 2 virus is the trigger of genital herpes, also known as genital herpes. The latter mainly affects the anus as well as the genitals of the patient and can be very painful.

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The cold sore caused by HSV 1 causes tiny blisters around the lips, eyes, and ears. Once you have been infected with the virus, you will have to fight herpes from time to time throughout your life. This is because the virus can no longer be eliminated from the body.

If the immune system is weakened – for whatever reason – herpes in the mouth or herpes on the lip could break out again. In women during pregnancy and even weeks after giving birth, the immune system is sometimes very weakened due to hormonal fluctuations, so that the risk of a viral infection with herpes is now particularly high.


There are other herpes viruses in modified form. These are often the triggers of the so-called Pfeiffer’s glandular fever, chickenpox, cytomegalovirus, shingles or three-day fever.

Regardless of whether it is herpes in a baby or in an adult, whether it is herpes on the lip or in the genital area – herpes is highly contagious and can be transmitted through kissing and caressing, among other things.

Even when mother and child drink or eat from the same container, as well as sharing toys, can transmit the virus. Herpes viruses also spread rapidly through coughing as well as through wet pronunciation.

Home Remedies Against Herpes Can Help

Unfortunately, it is not possible for the human immune system to put an end to the viruses 100 percent. Rather, the immune system attacks the herpes viruses, but only puts them into a dormant mode within the nerve nodes. During this inactive phase, they cannot cause any damage.

Nevertheless, they practically “wait” until the immune system is weakened so that they are reactivated again. Therefore, it is not surprising that many pregnant women struggle with herpes on the lip or herpes in the mouth.

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Good To Know

Although herpes is very contagious, you don’t have to worry about transmitting the virus during your resting period. This is because as long as the HSV 1 virus is inactive, it cannot be contagious.

These Are The Classic Herpes Symptoms

  • Painful blisters on the lips, in the mouth and/or in the area around the eyes and ears.
  • Redness
  • Hypersensitive skin that tends to become tense.
  • When the skin is overstressed or overstimulated, blisters form and burst open after a few days.
  • After bursting, the blisters dry out and become yellowish or brownish-purulent crusts.
  • The healing phase lasts about seven to ten days.

In the case of the HSV2 herpes virus type, many flat blisters appear in the intimate area and on the anus. In addition, the lymph nodes are swollen and fevers may occur. Problems with urination are also often the result of this herpes variant.

Herpes In Babies: What You Should Know About It

If the expectant mother becomes infected with the genital herpes virus, it is sometimes necessary to perform a cesarean section immediately in order to avoid exposing the unborn child to the risk of infection. Of course, a cesarean section is only possible if the baby has already developed far enough in the womb.

Herpes virus 2 is a real danger for the still unborn child. If it comes into contact with the virus via the placenta, it is conceivable that developmental disorders will occur in the embryo or that even a miscarriage will be triggered.

Again and again, the child is infected while it is still in the birth canal. In the worst case, this can lead to blindness of the baby. Eye infections, impaired vision, or clouding of the cornea are also possible.

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If the expectant mother is infected with the “more harmless” HSV 1 virus, no further steps usually need to be taken to protect the unborn child.

Can You Prevent Cold Sores?

Basically, it is not possible to prevent an infection with the herpes virus. However, you can help to strengthen your immune system in such a way that it can at least reliably fight possible viral attacks.

  • A healthy diet – if possible even before pregnancy – is a very good prerequisite.
  • Furthermore, a relaxed lifestyle helps to counteract the risk of cold sores or herpes in the mouth.
  • Avoid too frequent sunbathing and be careful not to expose yourself to excessive UV radiation. Depending on your physical constitution, this could weaken your immune system.
  • As soon as you feel a slight tickling or itching, you should apply an anti-herpes cream. The same applies to the first sign of burning or tightening on the skin. Even then, an anti-viral cold sore cream can be very effective and prevent the outbreak.

How To Avoid Infecting Your Child

“Kissing is forbidden” is the motto for new moms when they have contracted cold sores and the disease is in the active phase. However, you can certainly cuddle or caress your little treasure. However, wear a mouth guard – even when feeding.

No matter whether it is washcloths, towels, cutlery or eating utensils: all the things that may have come into contact with cold sores should be kept out of the baby’s reach as far as possible.

When the time comes for your blisters to dry out or burst, you should by no means scrape off the crust. The particles that you touch with your fingers “harbor” the herpes viruses and can thus be easily transferred from A to B.

What’s even worse, if your baby comes in contact with the blister fluid, it’s possible that corneal clouding will occur or that vision will be affected.

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The best remedy for cold sores or herpes in the mouth is in fact a virustatic or antiviral ointment. It helps to literally nip the spread of the viruses in the bud. Moreover, many preparations of this type contain a pain reliever. Thus, the blisters on the skin no longer hurt so much.

The Best Home Remedies For Herpes

Cut a fresh clove of garlic and dab the herpes blisters with it several times a day. Toothpaste is rich in natural herbal essences that have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effects.

This makes the cosmetic product a very promising home remedy for herpes. These properties are also very promising with regard to home remedies for herpes. Apply a tiny dab of toothpaste to the affected areas several times a day.

Honey is an excellent home remedy for herpes. It is more pleasant to apply than toothpaste. Nevertheless, the golden natural juice scores points for its anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effects.

Apply a drop of it to the painful areas at regular intervals and enjoy the pleasant feeling on your skin when the pain subsides.


Home remedies for herpes do work very well in most cases because they primarily relieve skin irritation. In addition, they counteract redness and the unpleasant pain that the blisters cause. Nevertheless, it should be noted that none of the home remedies for herpes has an antiviral effect.

This means that the herpes disease can break out again and again. In addition to your favorite home remedy for herpes, you should always have an antiviral ointment ready. It is best to apply it at the first itching or tingling sensation. This will help reduce the risk of a new outbreak.

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