Emily’s Pictures & Sounds: The Learning App For Kids

Emily’s Pictures & Sounds is an ad-free educational game app for toddlers from about 4 years old. Here, children have the opportunity to learn about the world of animals and their sounds through play. Are you wondering whether an educational app is also suitable for your child? Here you will find all the information you need to know.

“Everything that children see, hear or explore with their hands becomes play. It’s their way of understanding the environment and everything that happens in it. We want to gently help our kids do that, so we created a mobile playground for them.”

-Emily’s World.

With Emily’s Pictures & Sounds, you can bring your child closer to animals and their sounds. Here, particular attention is paid to an age-appropriate presentation of content. In addition, there is no advertising. So you don’t have to worry about ads that are not suitable for children.

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Can My Child Use The App Safely?

You may have concerns about using an app to create a learning effect. However, there are many positive reasons why your child can learn through play with an app. Digital learning methods have already become indispensable and will certainly accompany your child in school School expect and accompany.

So you can now prepare your child in the best possible way. The developers of Emily’s Bilder & Töne rely on a learning method that should not lead to excessive demands. Everything is explained and taught to your child in an age-appropriate way.

Emily’s Bilder & Töne: These Functions Await You

As you already know, you can use Emily’s Pictures & Sounds to teach your child about the interesting world of animals and their different sounds. But what functions does the app offer exactly, and what content is taught?

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Here you can find an overview:


With the learning game app, you have a digital picture book with animal photos. Through the assignment of animal sounds and the matching photos with animal names, the cognitive skills and memory, and the Concentration Of your child is trained in an optimal and age-appropriate way.


Children enjoy hearing and imitating funny sounds. This promotes not only auditory perception but also child development. Only those who can distinguish sounds have the advantage of being able to speak and write later on.


There are many different animals grouped in albums according to habitat or animal species. Two full albums are included for free in the basic educational game app package. Additional albums with new animals can be unlocked in the app with talers, the in-app currency.


All the creative elements have been chosen by the operators with love and great care. With creativity and a sense of responsibility, they work on ideas that children love and parents can trust.

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The games encourage children to try them out with cheerful colors, motivating sounds, and cute animations. The clear structure is immediately understandable, intuitive to use, and geared to the age of the children.


Through the play experience, our children naturally acquire knowledge in a fun and enjoyable way. The main focus is on ensuring that children enjoy learning and do not feel overwhelmed.


The children encounter many animals in the games. In addition to matching pictures and sounds, there are also simple sliding puzzles, scratch pictures, and a classic memo game, among others.

Where Can I Find Emily’s Pictures & Sounds?

You can easily download the app from the app store. Regardless of whether Google Play Store for Android devices or in the Apple Store.

Note: The settings and purchase area have a parental lock. Your child will have to solve math problems to get from game mode to parent mode.

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Emily’s Pictures & Sounds: A Conclusion

With the educational game app Emily’s Bilder & Töne, you have the opportunity to leave the learning to your child. Age-appropriate content is conveyed playfully and there are no advertisements. You don’t have to worry that your child will feel overwhelmed.

Tip: Simply download the app and try it out for yourself. That way you can get your impression.

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