Encourage Your Child’s Development With Clapping Games – This Is How It Works

Popular gossip games like “Bei Müllers hats gebrannt” and 123 games like “Ich und Du, Müllers Kuh” have been passed down to children for generations. They’re fun, they arouse curiosity, and all you need for them are your hands and mouths: gossip games like Bei Müllers hats gebrannt. For generations, these games have been an integral part of kindergarten and school.

No wonder: clapping games promote language, concentration, memory and motor skills. That’s why this guide lists the best gossip games.

Gossip Games In Early Childhood

Babies are inquisitive and discover their environment with curiosity and joy. They love to learn and are all the happier when mom and dad are intensively engaged with him. There are numerous ways to support your child’s development at this stage.

Whether baby songs, 123 games or clapping games like Bei Müllers hats gebrannt – you can discover music and games for children on the Internet or in the library, for example. Clapping is fun with and without music and promotes language development, concentration, memory and motor skills in a playful way.

Take your baby’s hands in yours and clap together. Repeat this exercise several times and soon your child will learn to hold his hands together and clap on his own.

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If parents regularly play with their baby’s hands, the maturation of the speech center accelerates by about two months, as studies have shown. You can also sit down opposite your baby and clap rhythmically to one of the baby songs.

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This gives your little one the opportunity to see your lip movements and listen to the melody at the same time. The rhythmic clapping also encourages participation.

Popular Clapping Games

There is a wide range of clapping games for kindergarteners and elementary school students. Especially popular is “Bei Müllers hats gebrannt” or “die Kastanien hängen am Baum”. While chanting is learned quickly, clapping requires concentration, attention and motor skills.

The great thing is that clapping games only require your own hands and mouth.

Clapping Games: There Was A Fire At Müllers

“There was a fire at Müllers’, a fire, a fire,
I ran, ran, ran
, a

policeman came, a policeman, a policeman, a policeman, a policeman,
he wrote me down on the ruse, r

use, ruse,

the ruse fell in the mud, mud, mud,
my name

was gone, gone, gone,

I ran quickly to the house, house, house,
and the story was over, over, over!”

Müllers hats gebrannt can be played in different variations. So you have the possibility to increase the difficulty more and more. In the simple version of the game, first sit opposite your child.

To the text you clap alternately in your own hands and then on both sides in the palms of your child. You clap along with each word syllable. When your child is ready, you can increase the difficulty a bit and take turns clapping your own hands.

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Then clap your right hand in your child’s left hand, then again in your own, then with your left hand in your child’s right hand, again in your own, and so on and so forth. By the way, the two variations can be combined and repeated in alternation. Another way to increase the difficulty is to recite the text faster and faster.

Clapping Games: We Clap Our Hands

Another great clapping game for children 5 years and older is “We clap our hands”. In this game, children face each other in pairs and recite the following saying:

“We clap our hands,
we clap our butts,
we clap our shoulders

, we clap

just like that.”

After the chant is well rehearsed, the children clap to the tempo and rhythm of the chant, performing various movements. For example, in “we”, the little ones have to clap their thighs.

At “klat” they have to clap, at “schen” likewise, at “in” and “die” again they have to clap on the thighs and at “Hän” and “de” again they have to clap. At “butt” clap on the butt and at “shoulders” clap on the shoulder.

At “simple” clap again on the thighs. It gets exciting at the very last word “so”. This requires the children to clap their hands together in front of their chests.

Clapping Games: Clapping Numbers

Numbers can also be learned through play with the help of clapping. Numbers from 1 to 10 can be practiced with “number clapping”. All you need are cards with the numbers from 1 to 10 (e.g. from a UNO game).

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Now the fun can begin. First, the number cards are spread out on the floor so that they are clearly visible. The children turn their backs to you. Finally, think of a number between one and ten and clap the number with your hands.

For the number four, clap your hands four times. Now it’s the children’s turn: they should try to pick up the matching number card from the floor as quickly as possible.

Other Games For Children: Swing Games, 123 Games And Much More

Besides clapping games, there are many other ways to encourage your child with fun games. Whether it’s petting games, swing games, or 123 games, there’s a great selection to choose from.

Petting Game: This Is The Belly

“That’s the belly!
Let’s touch it,
want`n see if you can stroke it: stroke,
stroke, stroke the belly, stroke, stroke , stroke the belly


The word “tummy” is eventually replaced with other body parts such as head, leg, etc. To this text, stroke your baby or toddler all over the body. You will see how petting soothes your baby. Also, this petting game loosens muscles, stimulates blood circulation and strengthens your baby’s immune system.

Rocking Game: Hop, Hop, Hop, Little Horse Run Gallop!

Rocking games can be played from the age of 3 months. They promote balance, neck muscles, change of perspective, sense of rhythm and language acquisition. To do this, simply sit your little button on your lap and let it rock and bounce to the following song:

“Hop, hop, hop, hop, hop,

little horse run gallop!
Over sticks and over stones,
but don’t break your legs!
Hop, hop, hop, hop,
little horse run gallop!
Hopp hoppe Reiter
Hoppe hoppe Reiter, when he falls, he screams

If he falls into the hedges, the snails eat him.
If he falls into the green grass, he wets his pants.
If he falls in the swamp, the rider plops!”

With very young babies, however, you should be careful not to hold the child in this position too long or too often.

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Finger game: Ten little fidgeters

“Ten little fidgets fidget back and forth Ten little fidgets don’t
find it hard at all
Ten little fidgets fidget

up and down

Ten little fidgets

do this


over again Ten

little fidgets fidget

all around

Ten little fidgets

, they’re not silly at all

Ten little fidgets

play hide

and seek

Ten little fidgets are gone all at once!
Ten little fidgeters shouting “Hooray!” loudly!
Ten little fidget spinners are back again”

In this game, all ten fingers take on the role of funny fidgets. They disappear, reappear in another place and play around. Your baby will gurgle with joy and besides you train the language and intelligence of your child.

123 Games

Besides clapping games, finger games, and rocking games, children love counting rhymes, also known as 123 games. The popular 123 games train motor skills, hand-eye coordination, pronunciation, and counting. Surely you also know the following counting rhymes from your childhood:

“Me and you
miller’s cow
miller’s donkey that’s you!”



, minie, moe
What rattles in the box
Eenie, meenie, mo


And you’re gone.”

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