England Now Also Charges A Fee For Plastic Bags

For a few years, it is normal in Germany that you have to pay for a plastic bag in the supermarket. In England, it is now also so far and everyone who wants to have a plastic bag for his purchase must pay for it. The reason for this is that plastic bags are very harmful to the environment and with this fee, one wants to prevent that even more plastic bags end up in the garbage.

Bringing Your Own Bags Is Cheaper

If you go shopping, you should simply bring your own cloth bag. You can use them again and again, and they won’t harm the environment. In England, one sees it now also in such a way and took up the fight against the many plastic bags. Anyone who buys a plastic bag there now has to pay five Pence for it. That’s about seven cents. This measure is intended to do something about the constantly growing mountain of garbage.

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Plastic Is A Danger To The Environment

Plastic is dangerous to the environment because plastic is not a natural substance. That is one reason why plastic is also called plastic because it is man-made in an artificial way. Most of these plastics are made from petroleum. Especially dangerous are these plastic bags. Again and again, these also end up in the seas of this world and unfortunately many animals die from it. The animals believe that a plastic bag is something to eat and then have to die from it when they swallow a plastic bag or even empty plastic bottles floating in the water.

Explanation Of The Difficult Words:

Pence is the plural of penny and this is a currency in England. The currency there is called pounds, but the smaller amounts are called pennies. It’s like us with the Euro. There, the smaller amounts are also called cents.

Photo: Rich Carey / bigstockphoto.com

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