Everything About The Children’s Birthday: Invitation Cards, Games And Gift Ideas

Birthdays are something very special for children. They are usually very proud of turning a year older because it means being able and allowed to do more, to have come one step closer to the adult world. In addition, almost all children love to be the center of attention – and, of course, to receive presents. The nicest thing for children is when they can also celebrate their birthday with their friends.

Number Of Guests

The number of guests at the birthday party depends, of course, first of all on how many playmates the child wants to invite. However, a young child is overwhelmed with too many guests, so the maximum number of guests should correspond to the age of the child. That is, a child turning four should invite a maximum of four friends, even if he would prefer to have the whole kindergarten group on his birthday. Celebrating a child’s birthday also means taking responsibility, after all, it should be a successful child’s birthday.

Design Invitation

There are a few simple tricks to develop suitable design approaches. For example, it is always good to involve the birthday child in the development of ideas. After all, it is the child’s birthday party and a good opportunity for parents and children to do something together. In addition, the simple principle of “by children for children” applies here, which almost guarantees that the invitation cards will be well received. If the birthday party has a certain theme, it is a good idea to indicate this on the invitation. So, if it is planned to go to the zoo, you can depict the various exotic animals that are there to see. Some colorful cardboard, scissors, a little glue and you’re ready to go.

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Invitation Text

A nice alternative is to choose from a booklet for origami, easy to fold motifs, and distribute them as invitations. After the design of the card is decided, it is still necessary to consider what information should be in it. Important here is the place of the celebration and at what time it begins and ends. It should be pointed out any special features, for example, bathing suits, if you want to go swimming. It is also advisable to specify a date by which the children should confirm or cancel. For this purpose, an extra piece of paper can be included in the invitation, which the children hand in again with their name and the acceptance or cancellation.

If time and money are a little tight, you can also use the invitations from the department store. Then just fill in the blanks and you’re done. With a few nice stickers upgraded, this is also a suitable solution. With all these possibilities, however, it should always be ensured that the birthday child likes it and that the crafting and designing is fun for everyone involved.

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Excursions And Activities

If you are not lucky enough to live in a big house, you won’t be able to invite a whole school class over anyway. In that case, you can either set a limit or alternatively go on a field trip. Field trips are a lot of fun for most kids and there are different options. With younger children, for example, you can go to the park, preferably with a large playground. It doesn’t cost anything, or at least not much, the kids can let off steam and you could maybe have a picnic.

Games, Miniature Golf And Bowling

Other, quite affordable, options would be, for example, miniature golf or bowling. Older children can also have fun with this and at least bowling is not dependent on the weather. Other alternatives would be a cinema, zoo or swimming pool, but especially with larger groups, such an excursion would, of course, be a bit more expensive. With excursions, one should also generally remember that it can be necessary or in any case meaningful, if more than one supervisor is present. For this purpose, for example, the parents of one or more of the other children can come along. Even with small children, it can be useful to invite the parents along.

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Children’s Games

Pot Banging

A classic among the children’s birthday games is “pot banging”. One child is blindfolded and given a wooden spoon. The other children hide a pot in the room, under which a surprise is hidden. The “blind” child now has the task of feeling the pot on all fours using the cooking spoon. The others navigate the searching child with cues such as “hot”, “warm” and “cold”. The parents must make sure that there are no objects in the room that could cause injury.

Little Hans Beep Once

Another well-known children’s game is called “Little Hans beep once”.
Once again, one child is blindfolded. The others sit in a circle around the “blind” child. The child now chooses a person and tries to guess who he or she is by touching the person. If the guessing is unsuccessful, the child who is guessing gives the prompt “Hansen beep once”. A “beep” from the other child is then supposed to be another clue to the identity.

Monday Coloring

Somewhat older children have fun with the “Monday painters”.
Various terms are written on small pieces of paper. The “Monday Painter” must then paint this term on a chalkboard or large sheet of paper. The child who guesses what it is first getting a small reward.

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Choosing The Gift

It should be something that the child will enjoy, but that is also pedagogically justifiable according to the parents’ assessment. From a certain age, the call for a computer or console game is loud among the kids, which many parents view with skepticism. The choice of gift also depends on the age of the child. An innocuous stroll through the city with the offspring can be helpful, as children are usually vocal about their enthusiasm for a toy.

While adults sometimes give each other something to wear, this is usually not so popular with children. They want something they can use immediately, something they can enjoy. Most children don’t care about clothes as long as they have enough of them.

Gifts That Connect Children And Parents

A great gift for kids is always one that parents can explore with their children. For boys, it is often the electric train that they build and play with together with their father. But also for girls, there are gift ideas that can be explored together with the parents. For example, a house for dolls that they can build themselves is popular.

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