Experience Report On Hartan Racer GTS Stroller


In this article, you will find a real testimonial from a young mother who put the Hartan Racer GTS through its paces.

Design / External Appearance And Workmanship Of The Hartan Racer GTS

The stroller Racer GTS in design 624 with the soft bag was tested.
The fabric color of the chosen design was gray with an elephant print on the inside, the frame color is silver.

The chosen design is very beautifully designed. A baby lying in the stroller with a soft bag can look at the elephants on the inside and it will not get bored.

There are several reflectors on the sides of the stroller (handle, mesh basket, canopy), which makes it more visible in the dark. The reflectors are actually hardly noticeable, but if you photograph the stroller once from the side with flash, you can see how the reflectors live up to their name.

The stroller is very well made throughout. Even at first glance, it is noticeable that the frame is sturdily built. The use of aluminum as a material makes the frame corrosion-resistant and relatively light for the implemented rigidity.

All elements that interlock (e.g. attachment of the baby basket to the frame) can be mounted and connected to each other without much effort.

All elements that engage (e.g. hinges of the base frame, mounting the upper part in the lower part) can also be snapped into each other without much effort and fit together perfectly. All zippers and hinges work smoothly and relatively quietly so that even a sleeping child is not directly awakened or disturbed.

One hears again and again of strollers that are already for babies with an age of about 4-5 months slowly too small. The baby is then simply already too long. Here, Hartan has thought and designed the car so that the baby has enough space in it for a long time.

If the place becomes then later nevertheless scarce, one could remove the baby basket if necessary and put the baby in a padded warming bag (inside e.g. with sheepskin) in the car. Thus, this gives even more space to accommodate the baby lying in the stroller.

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Tip: If the child is older, you can also convert the stroller into a buggy.

Function Of The Hartan Racer GTS

The stroller Racer GTS is a combination stroller. Thus, both a newborn child with a baby carrier / a baby basket or a soft bag, as well as with a separate adapter in the infant carrier can be moved with it. In addition, the stroller can be converted into a buggy, so that later the older child can sit in it “normally”. The seat unit can even be reversed so that the child can ride in the direction of walking and in the opposite direction.

Depending on whether the child in the seated position would rather see the surroundings or the pushing parent, it can enjoy the ride. The flexible usability is very positive, as several functions are combined and, for example, no separate buggy is required. The backrest of the seat unit can be adjusted in five steps up to the horizontal reclining position.

This means that a comfortable position can always be found for the child who will later be sitting. The carrycot/bassinet or soft carrycot can be removed separately from the upper part of the stroller. Through the side loops of the stretcher/bag, the sleeping child can thus be easily removed from the stroller.

The child can then be placed with the stretcher/bag at the desired location at home and sleep in the best case still a while in peace. The upper part of the stroller, in which the carrier/bag is located, can also be removed. A baby car seat can also be placed on the base frame of the stroller with a separate adapter.

At the bottom of the base frame of the stroller is a flexible mesh basket made of fabric. The basket offers a relatively large amount of space, so that you can, for example, easily make a smaller purchase in the supermarket with the stroller. Alternatively, you could put in the basket a diaper bag or more of the many necessary things for a baby/child.

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The wheels are sufficiently large to make not only on properly asphalted path walks, but also, for example, on uneven forest/field paths with rolled grit and smaller pebbles. In many comparable models from other manufacturers, the wheels are significantly smaller.

The smaller wheels have the disadvantage that even with small differences in height (e.g. curbs, rolling gravel, small pebbles, branches, fallen fruit, etc.) the wheels lock or twist, and thus the comfort when pushing the stroller is relatively low.

Also, it is therefore not really fun to run with smaller wheels on paths that are just not almost perfectly asphalted. This is not a problem with the Racer GTS thanks to the larger wheels.

Only on higher curbs, deeper potholes, or larger stones, the stroller must be lifted slightly, otherwise, the wheels would lock or he would get stuck on it. Presumably, the larger wheels will also be an advantage in winter when the paths become uneven on their own due to snow or slush.

Another positive aspect is the design of the wheels themselves. They are plastic wheels, but they are not made of pure hard plastic, but presumably of a rubber or elastomer with trapped air.

Thus, one does not get a flat tire with these wheels even with a shard or a nail/screw on the way. On the other hand, the wheels are not stubborn like hard plastic wheels (as, for example, in cheap baby carriages) and even with small obstacles overfed, but almost comfortable as wheels with “normal” rubber jacket and air filling (with an inner tube or a valve in the jacket).

The wheels turn very easily in the bearings. Thus, the stroller would roll once pushed on a straight road for a few more meters.

The two front wheels can be fixed so that they do not rotate. With fixed wheels, the stroller can be driven better off-road or on rough surfaces. The stroller then holds the track much better and thus keeps the direction much easier than with freely rotating front wheels.

The fixation is quite simple via an adjustable rotary wheel directly above each of the two front wheels. Thus, theoretically, only one of the two front wheels could be fixed.

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The two front wheels have a single suspension and the rear axle is also sprung. When the suspension is set softly, the large stroke absorbs shocks very well. Thus, even a ride over a curb for the baby in the stroller is compensated relatively soft.

The suspension of the rear axle can be adjusted over three levels (hard, medium, soft). Thus, the suspension can be adjusted on the one hand to the weight of the child and on the other hand, if necessary, carried luggage in the existing basket under the baby carrier/bassinet.

The Racer GTS has a parking brake. The parking brake is located on the rear axle and is easily activated and released with the foot. Thanks to the parking brake, the stroller can be parked safely even on steep paths and does not roll away. Only the position of the parking brake in the middle of the rear axle is perhaps somewhat inconveniently chosen.

If, for example, the matching diaper bag from Hartan is hung on the handle of the stroller, you can reach the parking brake only very poorly with your foot. You have to virtually “blindly” feel the parking brake with your foot under the diaper bag. In this respect, the lever for activating and releasing the parking brake would probably be better off on the side of the rear axle (if technically or economically feasible).

The adjustment of the stroller to the size of the pushing parent is done with a handle that can be moved from the “down” position to the “up” position via a rotating hinge with several engagement steps. An adjustment of over 180° between “down” and “up” is possible.

Unfortunately, the adjustment is only possible with two hands, since the fixation must be released on the left and right of the handle in each case.

Although the handle can also be adjusted for taller people, it becomes a bit awkward from a height of approx. 1.85-1.90m. In the highest grip position, you already walk with your feet so close to the rear axle or the parking brake on a level path without a slope that you can either step on the rear axle or the parking brake actuation if you’re not careful.

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On a path uphill, the handle can be adjusted well even for tall people, as here the angle and distance ratios tend to adjust in the direction away from the rear axle. When folding the stroller base frame, the handle must be sensibly placed in the lowest position to achieve the best solution in terms of space in the car trunk.

Due to the structure of the frame and the whole stroller, it can be disassembled and folded very easily. To disassemble the stroller, only the upper part including the carrier/bag must be removed. Then the basic frame can be folded after operating two rotary releases (left and right on the hinge of the push handle).

If the base frame has to be made even more compact, e.g., for reasons of space, the two front wheels can be easily removed from the base frame by pressing a button in the middle of the rotating wheel for fixing the front wheels.

The stroller is not exactly small even when disassembled and folded. However, this results from the previously mentioned advantage that it offers plenty of space even for larger babies.

Furthermore, it is very sturdily built, which also explains the weight and size of the stroller. Due to the size of the stroller, it becomes difficult with a smaller car, for example, if you want to go on vacation with additional luggage. However, if a rear seat is folded down in a smaller car, there should be enough space for the driver, the baby, and the stroller.

Conclusion On The Hartan Racer GTS

The Racer GTS is a high-priced stroller, but for its purchase price, it offers many useful features and decent workmanship. During development and manufacturing, some aspects were taken into account that is certainly not implemented in such quality and attention to detail in inexpensive strollers.

Test report by Vanessa Schäfer.

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