Family Therapy: Helpful Support For Relationship Or Family Problems

There are many reasons to seek family therapy. If the everyday family life is more and more characterized by conflicts and disputes, a family therapy could be a reasonable first step.

This could resolve tensions between the parties involved. A calmer atmosphere is created. The loss of a relative is also a common reason for bereaved families to make use of family counseling. The separation of parents is a common reason for family therapy.

A Systemic Therapy – Helpful And Well Thought Out

Even when a parent’s new partner comes into the picture, it can affect family peace. Especially if the children do not get along with this. Tensions arise.

The affected parent is conflicted between new love and children. On the other hand, the offspring claim the father or mother for themselves. All this can also be an aspect for the use of family counseling.

Definition Of Family – Often The Basis Of Family Therapy

Addictive disorders of one or more family members can lead to uncertainties within the family constellation. The definition of family is put to the test. Under certain circumstances, family therapy can also help to improve the overall situation.

The adoption of a child is another common reason for seeking family therapy. Regardless of whether it is an infant or a larger child, the basic family needs to reorganize and find itself. Family counseling can help.

Family Therapy Can Help

No matter whether the whole family, the parents or parent-child constellations are to be counseled and supported: Family therapy is always conducted by professional and experienced counselors.

They work with a lot of empathy, well-founded know-how and a well thought-out approach. Smoldering problems can thus be tackled directly and in a goal-oriented manner.

Of course, intensive personal discussions with the counselor are necessary in the run-up to family therapy. Only in this way is it possible for the experts consulted to get a picture of the family situation. Only then will it actually be possible to provide help.

What Is Systemic Therapy?

In general, a family constellation in itself cannot be held responsible for the development of conflicts. In most cases, unfavorable events or interactions in the family environment are to blame for the overall situation.

External influences, but also events that happened long ago, often have a negative effect. As well as illnesses or deaths: Strokes of fate of this kind are, moreover, frequent reasons for a family to seek professional help “from outside”.

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Rely On Professional Help

In many cases, objective counseling is more effective than would be possible in personal discussions between affected parties. Experience shows that professional counseling in the context of family therapy usually carries more “weight” and thus has a greater influence. Thus, you can achieve much more in this way than merely by influencing private contacts from the family environment.

Systemic therapy is a part of family therapy. In a way, it forms the basis for success-oriented family counseling. It often happens that unfavorable or negative relationship patterns arise within a family.

For example, through a separation, through a new partner or even the adoption of a child. The psychological symptoms that sometimes result can be severe. Whether with one or several family members – well-founded support is needed here. Depending on the previous history as well as with a view to the overall situation, family counseling can take a lot of time.

Through systemic therapy it is possible to elicit these psychological problems. It is thus possible to understand them and, as a consequence, to treat them in a more targeted way. An essential prerequisite for this is that the relationships of the entire family are included in the systemic therapy. On the basis of the information generated in this way, an individual consideration of all aspects is necessary.

Systemic Therapy With Professional Support

The point of view of an independent person, a family therapist, is always neutral and objective. Thus, it is fundamentally easier for this “third person” to have a better overview of the family’s entire situation. It is then easier to address family problems in a more targeted way. In addition, systemic therapy can also help individuals directly.

Good results can be achieved through sound psychological know-how as well as in professional in-depth communication with the people concerned. Thus, systemic therapy often succeeds in setting a new course for the family.

Changes in relationships with each other and especially with regard to existing behavior patterns can be demonstrated and stimulated. A solid basis of trust between therapist and family is important here.

Systemic Therapy: The Essential Elements

In family therapy or with regard to systemic therapy, the therapist proceeds individually. There are parallels in both areas.

  • Establishment of a trusting relationship between family therapist and family members.
  • Intensive conversations or communication with the help of conversation and questioning techniques.
  • Individual approach to the specific needs of the participants.
  • Definition of the family.
  • Changing the existing communicative level between the family members.
  • Improvement of the relationship between the parties.
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The Cost Of Family Therapy

In most cases, family counseling is free of charge. However, if more comprehensive and long-term family counseling is needed, costs will be incurred. The amount of the cost always depends on the expert who conducts the family therapy. For example, qualified independent psychotherapists charge between 90 and 250 euros per hour or session.

Experience has shown that often between three and five sessions are sufficient: A comparatively small number of sessions to clarify the definition of the family and to resolve existing conflict situations in the long term.

Nevertheless, it is possible that a systemic therapy takes considerably more time. Sometimes family therapy even drags on for several years.

Family Therapy Is Often Free Of Charge

Systemic therapy is free of charge if you go to a family counseling center, which generally offers free consultations. Depending on which coach conducts the family therapy, the costs incurred may be covered by the social welfare office. If children or adopted children are supported in family therapy, the parents can receive financial support from the responsible youth welfare office.

In some cases, even the health insurance companies cover the financial expenses. In order to achieve this, however, the condition must be fulfilled that it is a psychological or psychological family therapy.

Therefore, family counseling must be conducted in a psychosomatic department. Consultation with an experienced psychotherapist in a medical facility or in a psychotherapeutic practice is also possible as an alternative.

What Family Therapy Does

Family therapy is basically a psychological procedure. In most cases, all affected family members are included in the family counseling. In this regard, it is not always exclusively about parent-child relationships.

Grandparents and distant relatives also play an important role in family counseling. If the problem at hand is related to them, the definition of family must first be determined. If one or more members of the family have psychological problems, such family counseling is helpful.

Provide Targeted Assistance

Insofar as it is a matter of addressing and discussing disorders in an individual family member, family therapy may be advisable. This is because the very definition of the family often reveals where the underlying conflicts are rooted and which family members may be exacerbating these difficulties. The family definition is therefore useful. However, it takes a relatively long time in the context of family therapy.

The History Of Family Therapy

Family therapy as it is practiced today has its roots in the 1950s. At the time, U.S. psychotherapists and social workers were intensively studying the cause of specific family problems.

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It was recognized that a large part of the problems had to be looked at and considered against the background of the overall family situation. In the course of time, it became clear what a decisive influence the social environment and, in particular, one’s own family can have on a person.

In this regard, the targeted family definition shows that health problems can often be triggered by stress or pressure. In addition, psychological developmental disorders can occur if there are problems within the social environment or within the family.

Since the 1950s until today, systemic therapy has emerged from family therapy as an independent therapeutic direction. Nevertheless, family therapy as well as systemic therapy are very closely related to each other.

This means that professional family counselors usually have systemic therapist training or a similar qualification. Last but not least, behavioral therapists as well as depth psychological coaches and therapists also have solid knowledge in this regard.

The History Of Family Therapy

At the beginning of the 19th century, it was Sigmund Freud who, with his psychoanalysis, laid a valuable foundation stone with regard to the therapy of various types of mental illness. His goal was always to try to delve deep into the soul of a person.

In this way, he wanted to bring to light what had been “lost” or “buried” in the soul life of his patients. In this regard, Freud’s focus was primarily on the incidents from the childhood of those affected. These can be re-evaluated from an adult’s point of view in connection with the added experiential values.

The Family Definition On The Basis Of Historical Knowledge

From Freud’s psychoanalysis, extremely complex depth psychological methods have been established. They are primarily aimed at addressing past experiences and working through them. As a result, it can be easier to cope with existing psychological problems. Systemic therapy in the context of family therapy is based in particular on the fact that an existing problem or certain conflict situations are interrelated.

The uncovering of systemic entanglements is a valuable help in many cases. Systemic therapy makes it easier to gain insights that the family therapist can use. As a result, it is sometimes possible to set a completely new course for positive change.

Family Therapy For Children And Adolescents

Children and adolescents who are experiencing problems or difficulties often benefit from family counseling. Especially with young people, it is important that the entire family is involved. For example, long-term studies have found that the family environment has a very profound influence on the development of children.

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Accordingly, it is obvious that mental illnesses or disorders in children and adolescents often have their causes in a disturbed family constellation. Another aspect that makes clear the importance of the family definition.


In today’s world, many children and adolescents suffer from eating disorders. Experts often see a direct connection with the lifestyle habits of the parents. Often mother and / or father themselves have a disturbed relationship with food intake. Thus, many were bullied or teased in their own childhood.

Also, some sufferers placed an increased emphasis on not gaining weight in the long term. Accordingly, systemic therapy in this context reveals that the respective parents have high performance expectations of themselves.

Or it is conceivable that they were subject to extreme pressure to perform. Through systemic therapy, it often becomes clear that young people’s eating disorders have a very extensive history.

Family Therapy: Group Therapy vs. Individual Therapy

By its very nature, family therapy is conducted as a group therapy. Depending on the constellation, there is usually focused communication with selected members of the family. For example, if there are difficulties between a child and the father’s or mother’s new partner, the family therapist will first involve these three people during family therapy.

Only later are possible siblings and the former partner involved. The better the basis of trust between the discussion parties, the sooner the first successes will become apparent. Gaining trust and maintaining it in the long term involves a great deal of effort on the part of the therapist.


The goal of family therapy is always to improve communication between those involved and to resolve existing conflicts. If this does not succeed, family therapists at least try to alleviate the conflicts.

In some cases, the family therapist may recommend the use of medical measures. This is especially beneficial when the psychological problems of the affected family members are severe. For example, due to trauma, grief or stress disorders. This aspect may justify the administration of medication – at least temporarily.

Animation to participate in recreational activities or encouragement to engage in sports activities can also be beneficial to affected individuals as part of family therapy. In principle, family therapy is extremely valuable for everyone involved. It doesn’t matter whether it is short-term or long-term: The positive impulses that the therapist can give in family counseling are usually of lasting success.

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