FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions About Nursing Pillows

Is A Nursing Pillow Useful?

The main purpose of a breastfeeding pillow is to provide a comfortable breastfeeding time for a breastfeeding mom, but at the same time it is also useful for the baby to relax and linger. The baby has a comfortable place to sit/lie and does not need to be held by its mother all the time. The latter has her hands free to do other things while being watched by her baby.

Above all, a nursing pillow can also be used to allow the baby to lie on its stomach or to sit upright. This helps the baby to get strength in the upper body and develop muscles to soon be able to sit independently.

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What Are The Advantages Of Nursing Pillows?

The main purpose of a nursing pillow is to allow the nursing mother to maintain an upright position while breastfeeding. A comfortable breastfeeding position not only helps prevent pain in the back, shoulder, neck and arm area, but also prevents sore nipples, which are often the result of an incorrect breastfeeding position.

What Kind Of Filling Do Nursing Pillows Have?

This varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The most commonly used filling material is probably EPS beads, which offer the great advantage of being particularly adaptable, but at the same time do not immediately give way under pressure and provide support for all parts of the body. Another frequently used filling material is hollow polyester fiber.

Can A Nursing Pillow Be Refilled?

Especially the higher quality nursing pillows have an inner cover that is equipped with a zipper, allowing easy access to the filling material. This makes it easy to refill the pillow, although of course you don’t necessarily have to rely on the products offered by the respective manufacturer when it comes to the filling material.

Which Size Is The Right One For My Nursing Pillow?

While many mothers opt for an elongated, slightly malleable nursing pillow that can also be used as a positioning pillow and roughly corresponds to the body size of a normally grown person, some mothers prefer nursing pillows that have a firm shape and return to their original state after use. In the former case, it makes little sense to choose a nursing pillow shorter than 160 – 180 cm.

What Should Be Considered?

The baby should never be positioned face down on the pillow, let alone look for such a thing in the crib or playpen. Although babies are usually big fans of breastfeeding pillows, you should always keep an eye on them and make sure that they do not fall asleep with one.

Difference Between Breastfeeding And Side Sleeper Pillows?

The biggest universal difference is that nursing pillows simply have a lower fill level than side sleeper pillows. While side sleeper pillows, also known as positioning pillows, are filled between 60-80%, nursing pillows are sometimes only half filled, making them much more pliable than common side sleeper pillows.

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So if a nursing pillow is too soft and offers too little support, you will be well served with a proper side sleeper pillow. However, breastfeeding pillows also usually offer a firm hold and high comfort during sleep.

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