Farmers Expect Poor Harvest This Year

Very many Farmers are not satisfied this year, because it is becoming apparent that the Harvest harvest will be much worse this year. This is due to the summer with the great drought in recent weeks.

Heat Harms The Harvest

The periods of heat and the long periods without rain will ensure this year that the harvest in most German fields will be significantly worse than the years before. Joachim is the president of the German Farmers’ Association and he has now said in an interview on television that losses are to be expected, especially in cereals. A total of 46 million tons of grain and five million tons of rapeseed are expected. That is significantly less than in previous years.

Not All Of Germany Affected

However, the harvest losses do not occur throughout Germany. It varies from region to region. In the south of Baden-Württemberg, in Bavaria, and in Schleswig-Holstein, very good harvest results are expected. In other areas, however, there is only half as much in the fields as there usually is.

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Fruit Harvest Also Not Looking Good

However, this year’s problems are not limited to the cereal harvest. The fruit harvest will also be significantly worse. Fewer apples, fewer cherries, and that means that this fruit will probably be more expensive this year. Without rising prices, that would otherwise mean many fruit growers might even lose their businesses.

Explanation Of The Difficult Words:

Farmer or farmers are people who produce animal or plant products that are primarily used to feed people. Anyone who wants to become a farmer must complete three years of vocational training to do so.

At Harvest is understood to mean all the work necessary for harvesting agricultural crops and fruits. The harvest has always been the most important period of an agricultural year in the time of mankind.

An Interview is an interview with the aim of ascertaining personal information or facts. Interviews are familiar mainly from radio or television when reporters stand in front of people with microphones and ask them about certain topics.

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