Fatigue During Pregnancy: What Helps?

Many pregnant women suffer from fatigue during pregnancy. This is not a cause for concern and is perfectly normal. Your body works for two during pregnancy and performs at its best. This makes you feel listless, tired, and often exhausted. Especially in the first months of pregnancy, your body must first get used to the pregnancy and reacts with fatigue. Most early pregnancy signs subside by the fourth month of pregnancy. However, expectant moms who work full time and may even already have children can still suffer from fatigue then. Towards the end of pregnancy, fatigue may increase again. The reason for this is the increasing weight and other pregnancy complaints, which often put a lot of strain on you. In addition, if your baby moves a lot and also at night, you might get little sleep and thus suffer from constant fatigue.

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What To Do In Case Of Fatigue During Pregnancy?

With fatigue in early pregnancy, it is important that you eat as nutritiously as possible and meet your needs for important nutrients with fruits, vegetables, and proteins. Also, remember to drink enough fluids. Lack of water and essential nutrients can cause fatigue. Hypoglycemia can also be a reason for fatigue. Therefore, always take a small snack with you on the road. A muesli bar, glucose, or even a piece of chocolate will get you going again. Take time out and get out into the fresh air often. A long walk, even with your children or partner, can get you going again and banish fatigue. Also, accept help from your family and divide the housework between you and your partner. And whatever doesn’t absolutely need to get done, just leave it and put your feet up. The dishes won’t run away and you can vacuum later. Pick up a book or take a nap in between. Avoid overtiredness and stress, otherwise, the discomfort may even increase.

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Home Remedies For Fatigue During Pregnancy

Taking a relaxing full bath in combination with three drops of lavender, grapefruit, or bergamot oil can help you relax a bit and calm down and relax better. Use lavender oil minimally and not every day. If you suffer more from fatigue in the last third of your pregnancy and your baby keeps you on your toes with its baby movements, you can try to talk to it soothingly and stroke its belly. Unfortunately, the little baby’s waking and sleeping rhythms are not coordinated with yours, as it usually sleeps when you are awake and is lulled to sleep by your movements. When you come to rest, it wakes up and moves more. Even though the movements may not come as frequently towards the end of pregnancy, the little one’s movements are very energetic and sometimes even very painful. Some expectant mothers usually can’t sleep lying down at all and switch to a comfortable chair to sleep sitting up for a few hours. Sometimes a good tea to calm you down can also help you sleep better at night. Seek advice from your midwife and she may even offer acupuncture to help with fatigue. Some women resort to massage, aromatherapy, and also shiatsu as an alternative healing method.

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