FC Bayern Faces Elimination In The Champions League- Messi Scores 2 Times Against Neuer

FC Bayern Munich has lost the Champions League Semifinal against FC Barcelona with 0-3 clearly lost and stands with it before the exit in the king class of the soccer. The Bavarians knew from the beginning that Lionel Messi must not be left out of sight in Barcelona. Once he gets his hands on the ball, it is very difficult to separate him from it. But as so often in soccer, it came as feared and Messi scored 2 goals against Manuel Neuer in the Munich goal.

Long Stood The Zero, Then Came Messi’s Appearance

For long stretches, FC Bayern did everything right. They didn’t let Lionel Messi have the ball, kept interfering, and set their own forward accents. The Munich team knew that the First leg only had to hold on for a draw in order to win in the Second leg Munich then to make everything clear with a victory for the grand final in Berlin against Juventus Turin or Real Madrid. Everything went according to plan until Messi scored two goals in the last quarter of an hour, more precisely in the 77th minute and the 80th minute. Thus it was clear that Bayern must do more and so they tried everything to make at least one more goal, but it did not pay off in the end – even worse: Neymar made in the Overtime (90.+4) even the 3rd goal for Barcelona.

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An Almost Impossible Task For The Second Leg

This means that Bayern is facing elimination in the Champions League. To make up the 0-3 from Barcelona is probably almost impossible. But maybe a miracle will happen in Munich in the second leg and Bayern will still make it to the final. After the exit in the DFB Cup last week it would be the second knockout and the Record champion only the championship would remain.

Explanation Of The Difficult Words

The Champions League (pronounced “Tschämpiens Liig”) is the highest European competition in soccer. It pits the best teams in Europe against each other. The predecessor of the Champions League is the “European Cup of National Champions”, where only the national champions played against each other, in the Champions League also play the runners-up and from many countries also the third and fourth place.

In the Champions League, except in the final, there are always two matches against each other, so there is one First leg and a second leg. The first game is played away at the opponent’s home and the second at home in your own stadium.

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The Match time is the time after the normal playing time. The referee often allows a few minutes of extra time, because there are many interruptions in the normal time of 90 minutes.

FC Bayern is the Record champion of the German Bundesliga because the club could win the championship 24 times – more often than any other club.

Photo: PatrykCosmider/bigstockphoto.com

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