Fennel Tea For Baby: Safe Or Dangerous?

When the baby suffers from abdominal pain or flatulence, many parents resort to fennel tea. But what effects are said to the tea and much because fennel tea for baby is okay? Answer these questions and more you will find in this article.

What Are The Effects Of Fennel Tea?

Fennel tea is considered a supposed miracle cure when it comes to relieving a wide variety of ailments. Fennel seeds contain essential oils that have a calming, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, and digestive stimulating effect.

Due to the positive effect of the tea, it is also often used for children or babies. Cramps in the abdomen – among other things, the 3 months colic can be solved. In addition, fennel tea is known for its calming effect, which can help with sleep problems. Because of its expectorant effect, it is also often used for colds, especially coughs.

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Did you know? For nursing mothers, taking fennel tea is said to stimulate milk production. However, there are no scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of fennel tea from a medical point of view.

Therefore, the question of whether and how much fennel tea a baby should drink is controversial. However, many parents and midwives report positively about the effects of the tea.

Fennel Tea For Your Baby: What Are The Side Effects?

In principle, it is safe to give your baby fennel tea to drink. However, it depends on the quantity. Most midwives recommend an amount of about 30-50 ml per day. However, fennel tea should not be taken over a long period of time.

Excessive intake of fennel tea can cause abdominal pain or bloat. So, in large quantities, it does exactly what it was supposed to relieve – it causes unpleasant discomfort.

Since fennel tea is not only suitable for your baby, but also for you, it is best to talk to your midwife about the quantities in which it optimally stimulates your milk production.

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Fennel Tea For Your Baby: What You Should Consider

As you already know, fennel tea is completely safe for your baby – however, it depends on the amount. In addition to the amount of tea, you should also consider these things:

Do Not Sweeten Tea

Even if sweetened tea tastes better, you should refrain from doing so. Fennel tea for your baby should be sweetened with sugar, not honey. Sugar is not good for growing baby teeth. In addition, the baby can quickly get used to the sweet drink.

The Right Temperature

To avoid bad burns, you can check beforehand that the fennel tea is not too hot for your baby. To do this, you can simply test a few drops of the tea on your arm or wrist.

Do Not Use A Tea Bottle

Are you still breastfeeding? Then you should not use a tea bottle. Otherwise, there is a risk that your baby may suffer from suction confusion. Sucking on the bottle requires less strength from your baby than sucking on the breast. This can lead to problems with breastfeeding.

Tip: For baby can also drink fennel tea from a cup or spoon.

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Relieve Three-Month Colic

Fennel tea can work wonders in combination with herbs, such as anise or caraway. So you have a real miracle cure for three-month colic or digestive problems.

Make Your Own Fennel Tea: This Is How It Works

You can buy fennel tea at the pharmacy or drugstore. Alternatively, you can also make it yourself. Only a few steps are necessary to make a cup of fennel tea:

  • Crush fennel seeds, so the oils they contain can escape.
  • Pour 1-2 teaspoons of the seeds with about 250 ml of hot water – done.

When Can I Start Giving My Baby Fennel Tea?

That depends on whether you are still breastfeeding your baby or not. In principle, breast milk contains all the nutrients your baby needs.

In principle, you can give your baby fennel tea shortly after birth. Most parents give their baby fennel tea at 3 weeks, as this is usually the time when your baby is affected by three-month colic.

Watch out: You should not let the fennel tea steep too long for your baby. Then there is a risk that it will develop a flatulent effect

Additional Liquid Only After The Introduction Of Complementary Food?

You’ve probably heard that some experts recommend starting to give your baby fluids in addition to breast milk only from the beginning of complementary feeding. What’s behind this?

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Tea has a naturally sweet taste. As you already know, this can cause your baby to get used to the taste. In large quantities, it can even reduce the feeling of hunger and upset the breastfeeding rhythm.

For these reasons, there is often an assumption that fennel tea should only be fed to your baby from the beginning of complementary feeding. However, since there is no scientific evidence for this, you are completely free to give your baby fennel tea during or outside of the breastfeeding period.

Is Fennel Tea Dangerous For My Baby Or Not?

As you learned in this article, fennel tea is often used to relieve discomfort such as bloating or tummy aches. Some parents swear by the miracle remedy, while others prefer to stay away from it.

Basically, it is your decision if and when you give your baby fennel tea. However, you should keep an eye on the amount of tea.




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