Fit Thanks To Baby: Sports After Pregnancy

Cuddling, breastfeeding, sleeping: After three months of baby care, many women start to long for a bit of activity again. But how, when the baby has to be looked after around the clock? In fact, sports are not only possible with babysitters. On the contrary: there is even the possibility that you stay fit thanks to baby. Special offers and courses keep you and your baby in motion. Find out here how, when and where this is possible:

Get Fit Instead Of Losing Weight

You should not see baby sports as a weight loss cure, but as a way to slowly get moving again. Shortly after the postpartum period, you need to slowly get used to physical activity again. Even the baby is not yet able to do exercise-intensive sports.

It is very important for your health and your physical well-being to start doing sports again, because: Exercise is good for you! In addition, sporting activity offers a change from the stressful everyday life of a baby. How to get your body going again right after giving birth, you can find out here!

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Promote The Mobility Of The Baby

Your child wants to discover the world and to do this, it must first of all learn to walk. The mobility of the baby can already be promoted by gentle movements. Through light gymnastics, such as grasping exercises, the little one develops muscles that will later be of great importance.

However, you should keep in mind that newborns still have to learn all movements anew. Baby sports are therefore not to be compared with normal sports. Little ones first need to be gently and carefully introduced to various movements. And this is where you come in! By doing exercises together with your baby, you give him or her the impetus to move. At the same time, you yourself will slowly start to get fit again thanks to your baby.

Courses Under Expert Guidance

You are unsure which movements are the right ones for you and your baby? Don’t worry, this is how most pregnant women feel. If before pregnancy you were the fastest jogger among your friends, now getting out of bed hurts. To get off to the right start, there are extra courses for baby sports. Under professional guidance, you have the opportunity to practice gymnastics, swimming or yoga with your baby. The trainers will show you how to integrate your baby into the sporting activities.

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Make Social Contacts

An additional advantage of the courses is that you get to know many other women in a similar situation and can exchange ideas with them. Maybe your little one can also make her first friends of the same age.

Fit Thanks To Baby – When Is The Right Time?

For The Mom

You can start with sports after your postnatal check. This usually takes place about 6-10 weeks after the birth at the gynecologist. Baby sports are often done in parallel with postnatal gymnastics. High-impact programs, such as running or jumping, can only be started after the postnatal exercises.

Of course, you should also make it dependent on your own feelings. Don’t put pressure on yourself to get back to your old figure in the next few months after giving birth. This is what many celebrities make us believe, but behind it there is a lot of stress and no time for the baby. Look at sports as a chance to get out of the house and as the first hobby you and your child have together.

For The Baby

It is best to talk to your child’s doctor. He or she can decide individually which type of sport is suitable for your baby and when he or she is ready for it. In general, mother-baby sports courses are offered for babies as young as a few months.

Different Sports For Mother And Baby


This fitness workout is currently the most popular mother-baby sports program. Simply strap the baby into the sling and off you go! During the exercises your child acts as an additional weight and can sit relaxed in the baby sling.

Training Sequence

The training is similar to an aerobics class. Only now you have your child very close to you. The training begins with a short warm-up phase on the floor. Here your child will be involved in the exercises.

Then it’s time for the actual work-out: to rhythmic music you practice step sequences and small strength exercises. This now takes place in a standing position, so it’s time for the little one: Off into the sling! Now you are the center of attention. Your child can relax to the music and possibly even sleep. For you, as the weight, it becomes an additional challenge.

What Is Being Trained?

First and foremost, your endurance will be strengthened, and with it the function of your heart and circulation. In addition, muscle groups in the buttocks, pelvis and back are addressed.

Suitable If…

your child is willing to get involved in the sport. Does your child like to lie in a sling and sleep well to dynamic aerobic music? Then this is the perfect sport for you. You should also have a baby carrier that holds your child properly. If you are not sure, you can always ask the instructor about it.

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If you don’t want to attend a class, you can also imitate the exercises from internet videos or DVDs at home.

Fit Thanks To Baby – Mother-Baby Yoga

Yoga is the “it” sport par excellence. No wonder there are now courses for mothers and their offspring. Since most of the exercises take place on the floor, the baby can have a lot of part here. In addition to exercise, the yoga session naturally serves to relax.

Exercise Sequence

While lying or sitting, you will perform various exercises that train your pelvic floor and uterus. Back and shoulder movements balance the weight-bearing stress of everyday life. During all movements, close physical contact with the baby is very important.

Special baby exercises stimulate your child’s hip development and digestive system. Under guidance, you carefully support your child in finding the right position.

At the end there is a relaxation session for both of you together.

What Is Trained?

Your child gets to know his or her body, develops mobility and activates the first muscle groups. In addition, by discovering the movements together, he or she builds a closer connection to you.

You also stabilize your body and various muscle groups. In addition, yoga supports the release of muscular tension and leads you to relaxation in return.

Suitable If…

…you get involved in relaxation. You should take the exercises seriously and try to calm down despite the crying baby. During the exercises it is important that you show your own limits and do not overstrain yourself. The rule here is: less is more. You should also not make too high demands on your newborn, but simply get involved together with him/her.

The advantage is that babies can go to yoga as early as six weeks. Here, however, you may still have to hold his/her head if he/she can’t hold it on his/her own yet.

Mutter-Baby-Yoga: Entspannung und Sport für euch beide
Mother-baby yoga: relaxation and sport for both of you.


Aquafitness/Baby Swimming

In a mix of aqua fitness and baby swimming, your child will gain his or her first exciting swimming experiences. In any case, you should attend a class and not go to the pool on your own. This way you will learn how to take care of your baby properly in the water.

Exercise Routine

Jumping and jogging are no longer possible outdoors, but they are in the water. Together with your baby, you will discover the water during gymnastics and, at the same time, promote regression and body toning. Again, your child, which you hold in your hands, is an additional athletic challenge as a weight. You stay fit thanks to your baby.

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As a fun factor, there are short play sessions for your child in between. Of course, he won’t learn how to swim, but he will learn how to find his way in the water. The closeness and support you give your child strengthens the emotional bond between you.

What Is Trained?

The water stimulates blood circulation in the skin, muscles and connective tissue. In general, it is a very gentle sport, but it exercises muscle groups in the abdomen, legs, back and pelvis.

Suitable If…

…you both feel comfortable in the water. If you notice that your baby shies away from the water or feels unsafe, find another sport. Your exercise together should not involve stress or anxiety. Also, your baby must be at least three months old for aqua fitness.

Fit Thanks To Baby – Buggy Sport

Lonely stroll through the neighborhood? False alarm. Buggy sports require a group, a trainer and have nothing to do with monotonous stroller rides.

Training Procedure

Equipped with an occupied stroller, you head off to the park. There you will meet lots of mothers with strollers. After a short walk together, you will do training exercises on the stroller guided by a coach.

What Is Being Trained?

On the one hand, the running muscles are stimulated. But the most important thing is the exercises on the stroller, which activate your muscles. Especially legs, pelvis, buttocks and abdomen are stretched here.

However, the baby is left out. You can do this sport when your child is taking a nap anyway.

Suitable If…

…you want to combine some time in the fresh air with exercise. This sport can also be done in addition to another exercise program in which the child can also actively participate.

Gym With Child Care

If you do need a moment to yourself, the gym is the perfect solution. Childcare offers your baby the opportunity to meet other peers. However, you should check out which gyms offer good childcare beforehand and find out if your child is old enough for it.

It can be great for you to meet people other than young moms who want to stay fit thanks to baby.

Workout Routine

At the gym, the trainers can advise you on which exercises are best for you. You will probably receive an individual training plan. Be careful not to put yourself under pressure, though. You’re just starting to exercise again, so if you can’t stick to your goals, that’s perfectly okay. It’s more important that you don’t overwork your body.

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What Do You Train?

That also depends on your training advice. However, it makes sense to slowly get the important muscle groups, such as legs, abdomen and buttocks, going again.

Suitable If…

…the baby is not afraid of strangers and children. Spend the first hour in care with your child, so it can slowly get used to the new environment. If the baby does not feel comfortable at all, you should not force it and find another sport.

The prerequisite is, of course, that the baby is already a little older and you are already reasonably mobile. Walks and light stretching exercises at home can be a good preparation for a visit to the gym. However, it’s best to talk to your trainer or gynecologist beforehand. They’ll know how much and when you can start exercising and how.

Home Sport With Video Course

Of course, you can also do sports at home and if your baby has the right distraction, there is no need for a babysitter.

Exercise Routine

Set up a little play area for your child next to the TV and then you’re ready to go. With the help of a DVD or an online course specifically for young moms, you can turn your living room into a gym in no time. If your child is still very small, you can also carefully try to involve them in the exercises. Many babies are quick to laugh at mommy’s funny stretches and contortions.

What Is Being Trained?

Again, it’s best to talk to your doctor or gynecologist beforehand. Both know best which muscles you should train at the moment. In most cases, these are easy beginner exercises that get your pelvis, legs, arms and back going again.

Suitable If…

…you don’t need motivation from a trainer and fixed times. Of course, this activity lacks the exchange with other mothers, but it can be the right thing to do. This way you have your peace, and your child has fun watching.

Of course, home sports won’t work if your baby is very restless and bored during them. Then the relaxed sports afternoon can quickly turn into an ordeal tinged with crying.

Homesport: Das Baby spielerisch in die Übungen einbinden
Homesport: involve the baby in the exercises in a playful way.


Fit Thanks To Baby: Course Costs

Besides diapers, onesies, play arches and cuddly toys, there is often little budget left for more. However, a sports course should not fail because of money. Many health insurance companies cover the costs as a preventive measure. So it’s worth asking! And if not: Often there are self-organized groups for mothers, in which sport is practiced together without a trainer. Especially women with a second child have enough experience to organize the training themselves.

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