Free Choice Of Elementary School Poses A Problem

Here in Germany, you are free to choose the elementary school you want to go to. But this has unfortunately become a problem.

Decision For Elementary School Is Free

Can you remember when it was time for you to go to school? Who made the decision about which elementary school you would attend? Your parents? Were you there for the registration? And did you have the opportunity to look at several schools? As you can see, many things are possible when you can choose your own elementary school. But as great as some people think this is, it has become a big problem. Unfortunately, children from different backgrounds are now distributed too unequally among the schools.

Free Choice Has Not Existed For So Long

Until 2008, one, or the parents, could not freely choose the elementary school. At that time, you had to go to the school that was in the area where you lived. But now it is different and there are Statistics that say that every fourth child also makes use of the free choice of school. But that’s where the problem starts. Children from rich families are now more and more separated from children from poorer families. Parents take a close look beforehand at which children go to school where, and then they decide whether this is good or bad for their children. Unfortunately, this is not so good, because it should not matter how much money someone has.

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Explanation Of Difficult Words:

At Statistics is the aggregation of certain methods for analyzing data. An old term for statistics was collective research. Statistics are a representation of collected data. Depending on the method of data collection, the content of the information corresponds to a useful result.

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