Why You Should Also Do Pregnancy Gymnastics

Pregnancy Gymnastics

Whether you’ve done pregnancy gymnastics before or don’t start until week 28, they are definitely helpful. However, you should not overexert yourself with them. As soon as you get out of breath or feel discomfort, you should stop doing the exercises.

Swimming is especially good for you now. It is healthy and beneficial for you, especially during pregnancy. The water gives you a feeling of refreshment and weightlessness.

Besides, walking and yoga are very relaxing for you and help the baby to get into the right birth position.

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Pelvic Floor Gymnastics During Pregnancy

The tissue of the pelvic floor becomes soft due to the progestrone. This makes it harder for you to control your muscles. The uterus presses on the pelvic floor, which can cause some urine to leak. Do these exercises every day and start doing them again as soon as possible after the birth. This will quickly improve your muscles.

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When doing this, you need to tense the pelvic floor muscles as if you were trying to hold back urine. You should hold the tension as long as you can and then slowly relax. Repeat this 10 times.

Good Posture

Stand up straight with a straight back. Pull your bottom in so that the baby is supported by your thigh, abdominal and pom muscles. Repeat this exercise often. This posture also promotes digestion.

Pregnancy And Gymnastics With The Pelvic Oblique Position

The pelvic tilt is a particularly good preparation for childbirth. It especially strengthens the abdominal area and makes the back and pelvis flexible. To do this, you need to kneel down on all fours, keep your back straight and keep your shoulders still. Pull in your belly and buttocks and breathe in and out so that your back lifts.

Hold the position for a few seconds. You should breathe evenly while doing this. Inhale and relax and repeat the same several times.

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Pregnancy Gymnastics Classes

Pregnancy gymnastics courses are offered in various cities near your home, where the exercises for pregnancy gymnastics are demonstrated. However, before you start gymnastics in pregnancy , you should consult a doctor.

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