Birth Preparation Course Online – Impersonal Or Convenient? We Test!

Pregnancy represents a wonderful experience. To avoid uncertainties and fears, expectant parents should definitely inform themselves comprehensively. In doing so, we advise you not to visit various websites and forums. They often only fuel the fears of expectant mothers with negative experiences and half-truths. With a childbirth preparation course, you will receive tips and tricks from experts. With sound information about pregnancy and birth, you can plan the birth in a relaxed manner and enjoy the time of pregnancy.

We have looked around a bit on the Internet and have become aware of a pair of courses. Especially the course of Mrs. Beermann caught our eye. Therefore, we thought, we buy the course and test it for you!

We wanted to know what the online course offers and whether it can replace a “normal” preparation course. Let’s go!

The Leader Of The Online Course – Nadine Beermann

Ms. Beermann has been giving childbirth preparation courses in her own practice for over 15 years. As a midwife, she has already accompanied hundreds of mothers during pregnancy and has thus been able to gain some experience. With her online childbirth preparation course, she complements the offer of her practice. This way, parents-to-be who have little time also have the opportunity to prepare for the birth with a course. In her online course, Ms. Beermann convinces us with extensive knowledge, sympathy, and empathy. Through her many years of experience, she directly addresses the needs of the course participants and frequently asked questions.

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The Advantages Of An Online Childbirth Preparation Course

Free scheduling, no need to find a parking space or travel time – sounds pretty tempting, right? With online prenatal classes, you have the option to “attend” your prenatal class anytime, anywhere. Another bonus: The course can be used via PC, tablet, or with your smartphone. In doing so, you can set the pace and make yourself comfortable on the couch. The short duration of each topic also makes the course wonderful to fit into your busy calendar. However, it is recommended that you purchase a gymnastics mat and possibly a gymnastics ball, primarily for the fitness sequences.

For Whom Is The Online Childbirth Preparation Course Suitable?

In general, it is recommended for every pregnant woman to attend a childbirth preparation course. If you are uncertain, such a course can help you to look forward to the birth without any worries. But also women who have already become mothers can refresh their knowledge here for the next birth.

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Ms. Beermann’s childbirth preparation course benefits both pregnant women with little time flexibility, but also those who simply prefer to make themselves comfortable at home in a private atmosphere. The online course is particularly suitable for high-risk pregnancies with prescribed bed rest.

The course is also recommended for partners, as they are an important source of support for expectant mothers. They should therefore be equally informed about the physical processes during pregnancy and birth.

The Offer Of The Childbirth Preparation Course

The course consists of 17 episodes, supplemented by three videos on fitness during pregnancy and tips on proper nutrition for mother and child. The total running time of all units is 4 hours and 40 minutes. However, even the longest video, at just under 23 minutes, can be fit into a busy day.

The selected topics guarantee comprehensive information about everything you need to know during pregnancy. This includes tips on how to facilitate the birth, info about labor, the initial equipment of the nursery, as well as birthing exercises.

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Online – Isn’t That A Bit Impersonal?

Can the online course really cater to me? What if there are still unanswered questions? These are just two questions of many that women are sure to ask themselves when it comes to an online childbirth preparation course.

We have also asked ourselves these questions and can answer them quite clearly: Ms. Beermann manages to respond precisely to her course participants with her experience, calmness, and empathy. In her videos, she conveys all the important information and a comprehensive overview of the topic of pregnancy and birth. If you have any questions, you can always contact Ms. Beermann by e-mail.

Our Conclusion

Birth preparation is as easy and convenient as never before. We are thrilled with the comprehensive offer that Ms. Beermann provides course participants with her childbirth preparation course. She offers expert knowledge combined with flexible scheduling. Whether from the sofa or during a long commute, course participants are given the greatest possible flexibility thanks to possible use via tablets and smartphones.

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A particular advantage for us is the possibility to watch the videos several times. This allows uncertainties to be eliminated and knowledge to be consolidated.

The fear that an online course is too impersonal has not been confirmed. With her engaging manner, Ms. Beermann imparts all the knowledge she has gathered over the past 15 years while working as a midwife. She is also available to her course participants at any time via e-mail. With this online childbirth preparation course, participants can put aside their insecurities and calmly look forward to the miracle of the upcoming birth.

Read the interview with Ms. Beermann about the online childbirth preparation course here.

Here you can get to Ms. Beermann’s birth preparation course.

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