Getting Pregnant During Period – Is It Possible?

Getting pregnant during your period – is it possible? There are many misconceptions about sex and pregnancy that sometimes lead to a woman getting pregnant unplanned. One of the old wives’ tales that is often told is that a woman cannot get pregnant during her period. Women who want to have children may hear that they can get pregnant during their period. But what is true now? This question cannot be answered in the same way for all women in general. Because every woman is individual and has her own rhythm.

Can You Get Pregnant During Your Period?

Every month your body goes through a fixed rhythm. Your period starts, then the uterine lining builds up and a mature egg makes its way to the uterus. It is now ready to be fertilized. If it is fertilized, it tries to anchor itself into the uterine lining to grow. If it is not fertilized, it is flushed out at the next menstrual period. Women are fertile for about six days. Depending on how long or short her cycle is, the fertile days can also fall on the days when she gets her period. At the same time, the mature egg is viable for only 12 to 24 hours and sperm live for about 2 to 5 days. Therefore, it is not impossible to get pregnant during your period. It is just very unlikely.

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Getting Pregnant During Your Period: How To Prevent It

Even though it is rather unlikely that you will get pregnant during your period, you should not leave anything to chance. Especially not if you don’t know your cycle and can’t determine your fertile days. Contraceptives, such as condoms, not only prevent pregnancy, but also STDs. There are also other reliable contraceptives, such as the pill. It is probably the most commonly used and provides 99 percent protection against pregnancy. But it also has its risks.

If a woman forgets to take it, drinks too much alcohol and affects the effect differently, it can no longer reliably protect against pregnancy. Provided you don’t want to take any risks, it can’t hurt if you also use a condom for contraception despite everything. Other contraceptives such as the three-month injection, contraceptive ring or hormone implant are considered very safe and can provide security for women who do not wish to have children in the near future.

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Women Who Want To Have Children: Getting Pregnant Despite Your Period

Whether you can get pregnant during your period depends on a few factors. It is important that you first determine your fertile days and your monthly cycle. Based on this data, you can calculate whether you can get pregnant despite your period. To determine your menstrual cycle, you should carefully note the days of your period over a long period of time. When was the first day of your last period, how long did it last and when will it start again in the next month?

Here you can calculate how long your cycle lasts. In most cases, women have a cycle of 28 days. So you are very fertile 13 to 15 days after the first day of your period. Feel free to use a calculator that can show you exactly when you are fertile and when you are not. This way you increase the chance of pregnancy.

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